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Your rip.

Thank you for opening my letter and taking the effort of read it. I do not write A to complain about something regarding your mag or some controversial ad. I am a loving reader of your magnificent magazine for three years to this date. I am 18 years old but I find myself to be the oldest skateboarder whenever I go to the skatepark. I have been living in this beautiful country called the United States of America since November 2004. I originally come from Germany. Sadly I am going back in just a couple of days, even though I can stay; the reason being skateboarding. Here I have a bunch of really cool friends, I can drive cool cars around, always eat good food, and also drink good beer. I am leaving all this stuff behind because I really miss going to my local skatepark in Munich, not being caged in, not paying a fee to skate, not wearing a dumb bucket on my head, and not always being surrounded by people not wear any cool brands. Also, I can't go out in the streets because spots suck in the Greenville area and people suck at dealing with the skaters around here. Don't get me wrong though please; I love the USA unlike every German. That's why I hate them. Anyway, thank you for all of your support over these years. You guys keep me going, Thrasher.

Konstanin Belminger

Greenville, SC

Germany, isn't that in Russia?--Ted
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Title Annotation:MAIL DROP
Author:Belminger, Konstantin
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Oct 1, 2005
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