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Your poems: A Good Soldier by Huw Gwyllt, of Tywyn,Gwynedd.

HER lips hint of this,and her eyes half-promise that, she will wiggle her bott' `til you'reitching, But,Beware! my young friend,for you will in the end, finish up washing up in the kitchen:She'llkeep picking things up, that she'llkeep dropping down,it's A ploy! -a slick trick to ensnare,and, if you're too shy tolook, she'll coyly unhook a hook,just to make sure you'vepartook of a sly glance at her pert derriere. When your senses are reeling, she'll have you painting the ceiling, you'll help with the washing and ironing too. The stars will twinkle so bright, that you'llbe busy all night,and by dawn She'llbe sure she's got YOU!Then she'lldraw back the curtain,and (of this you'llbe certain) she'll march around with a purposeful tread, She'llhave you Hoover the carpet, whilst SHE pops down to the market...

instead of a cuddle in bed.

As the days and the weeks and the months skitter by, That Nymph will metamorphose to... Your chum: She'llbuy talcum and nappies,and What a strange thing!

She'llcommencechewing coal! And quit Chewing gum. Next thing you'rea Dad,and you'remad but you're glad,and Happy Mum,(witha bit bigger bum), sings Tra-la-la- la all the day; It can rain it can snow,if It does she won't know,for The whole god dam world's turned to rose. How it all happened, you Won't comprehend; How you came to kiss boyhood Goodbye; How did it lick-et-ty-spit from Whatwas to whatsit? whilst Grim Reaper grins and Whets his scythe...

in the sky...

Like a lamb to the slaughter, you now have a daughter,and You'llcarefully swank her around in her pram; At two she'llamaze,for SHE'LLcoolly appraise the Dumbells who gaze,and burble baby talk, gobble-de-gook... And flim-flam.

And so it goes on,as it does,did and will, It's aDog's Life,being a Man,but You soldier on `cos you must,for it's YOU she will trust,and like a Good Soldier, you'll snatch forty winks, when you can.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 22, 2003
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