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Your plants die as water is still used for fracking; VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email:

MILLIONS face a hosepipe ban and sigh over their gardens and allotments facing drought; not everybody can run up and down for hours with a watering can.

But meanwhile it's reported that United Utilities, the monopoly holder of our mains water, is supplying Cuadrilla with tens of thousands of litres for fracking at its Preston New Road site.

Of course it's not in UU's interests and doesn't help them that they are second only to Thames Water for losses through leaks, but this is simply bad PR.

Most of us can't turn to their own bore-hole, spring or river to free themselves from United Utilities' provision and Mancunian houses aren't built to harvest rain as in developing countries. We just have to cut our use.

Meanwhile United Utilities' household customers' vegetables are failing while money buys power for frackers.

Ieuan Ap-Don Salford Spice addicts beggar belief WELL done Judge Cross for telling it like it is regarding giving people money to feed drug habits. Well done also the council for starting to separate the street begging issue from homelessness.

We live in the city centre and it is obvious that many of the panhandlers are heroin and spice addicts preying on the perception that they are homeless.

They work two distinct shifts per day to capture workers during the week and visitors on the weekend.

Friends and relatives who visit us all comment on our 'homelessness' issue and we are tired of explaining what is really going on.

When we first moved to the city, street begging was actively addressed by the police - it seems priorities have changed.

I see drug litter everywhere and deals are done on the streets that actually look like someone stopping to help / give.

This sort of thing can easily be cleaned up like it was in New York. Time for zero tolerance on street begging.

Give money only to charity or big issue sellers.

Chris Cooper, Manchester I think it's correct not to give cash to beggars in Manchester (M.E.N Thursday , July 19) while we have a huge spice problem the huge majority of people begging are 'professionals' and with drug dealers found with cash in the form of loose change it's obvious begging income is being used for drugs and is making areas of the city a disgrace.

Phil Meakin Salford Healthy mind, healthy body WE are all aware now that the best way of living a longer healthier life is to look after our bodies by diet and exercise and other health-style choices.

However equally important is that we look after our minds as well. Sir David Attenborough and Desmond Morris are both in their nineties but they still have their faculties about them.

Both have an insatiable enthusiasm for life. Both of them are passionate in the way they speak.

They never stop wanting to keep learning. Our minds are so important in our quest for a longer life.

Often being negative and pessimistic causes illnesses.

Similarly people who have the zest for life and a constant curiosity have a greater chance of living to a much greater age.

Sir David and Desmond maybe getting old in years but their minds keep them looking and feeling like much younger people.

Harry Singleton Ashton Under Lyne


Suspected spice user in city centre

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
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Date:Jul 21, 2018
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