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Your no-choke summer-guy guide: he's hot? Here's how to act cool.

You see a cute boy, wink, and he comes over and asks you to be his new summer girlfriend. If you believe that's how it happens, roll this magazine up and hit yourself in the forehead five times.

Hello, summer! The weather is blazing hot and so is the boy scene. Look around, and you'll see tons of fresh, never-seen-him-before cuties doing their thing at the pool, the park, the mall-- just about anywhere!

The only prob? How to break the ice and (gulp!) talk to a totally random hot guy in the hopes of getting to know him better. Of course, saying "hi" is a great start. But then what?

Without a firm plan in place, those first moments can turn uncomfortable fast, making your hot summer romance opportunity the most embarrassing story in the next issue's And How Was Your Day? column.

Well, girlfriend, pull up that beach towel because GL has the sizzling secrets to breaking the ice with your summer crush. Whether the guy's alone or with buds, we show you how to be a summer boy magnet! Ready?

A Simple Gesture

The best ice-breakers are the ones with which you can get him to come to you. Something as simple as a little twist of the wrist to wave him over or a flash of a smile as bright as the July sun can work wonders.

Shelley, 14, of Michigan insists a mellow, no-teeth smile is better than a pearly flash. Maybe, but we say do whatever feels most natural to you.


The Five-Second Rule

This is all about eye contact. Everyone does the quick-glance, notice-him/he-sees-you-back dance, but holding eye contact--for five sees--is the ticket. Granted, this can be scary, even for bold girls. But nothing says "come hither" louder than a silent (but not creepy) stare.

The idea is to communicate an "I dig you" message through your eyes. It takes practice, it really does, but once you've got it, the Five Second Rule has a stunning success rate.

The Princess Parade Maneuver

The Princess Parade Maneuver has been around since people rode goats into villages to marry their cousins, and it goes like this:

You see a cute boy, so you smile and wave. The wave should be natural, not actually with a pageant-style cupped palm. That would be dorky and, besides, he might think you've mistaken him for the waiter.

The Conversation Starter

Once you've grabbed his attention with the Five-Second Rule or Princess Parade Maneuver, get the convo rolling by asking him the same kind of stuff you'd ask a girl you just met: "So, are you having fun at the (beach, park, mall) today?" Or, "Do you live near here?" Or, "What school do you go to?"

If it's on, it's on, and you two will be chatting in no time. If not, exit the scene, dignity intact, and use the Five-Second Rule to attract the attention of someone more worthy! Here are some more advanced ice-breakers for future endeavors....

A Clever Bet

This ice-breaker comes from Lorie, 16, who lives just outside Denver. The Clever Bet works in one of two ways: 1) If he's solo, you bet the guy you can do something faster/better/whatever than he can. 2) You ask a guy--with his BFF or group of friends--to settle a bet between you and your friends.

Depending on where you are when you spot the guy, you might have to come up with your own bet, but read on for some examples.


The Real World Challenge

Challenge him to a game of Around the World on the basketball court. If you don't know how to play, here's the scoop: Eight spots on the court are designated from which to shoot the ball. The first player stands on one of the spots and shoots. If the shot goes in, the player moves to the next spot and so on.

If you miss a shot, the next player is up, and you have to start from the beginning when it's your shot again. The first player to go "around the world," making eight consecutive baskets, is the winner of the game. Either way, you've scored time with a cute boy. Now, that's what we call hoop dreams!

The Race is On

Have a race. See who can swim the length of the pool and back, under water without a breath. Or race each other on your skateboards from the fence to that bench--where you two can park it, next to each other after you've crossed the finish line. Oh, and whoever loses buys the other a Slush Puppy.


The Case of Mistaken Identity

You and your buds spot a crew of dudes you want to befriend. Pick one guy from the group to approach. Make up a name, say "Brian," who will be a fictional boy your friend danced with two summers ago at Camp Whatchamacallit. Go up to the guy you decided to approach, and ask him to settle a bet: "Some of us think you're this guy Brian, some think not. Are you Brian or not?"

Obviously, he's not (unless his name happens to be Brian). But by now, your girls should have moseyed on over to your side, making it a his friends/your friends afternoon. A word of caution: Never let them know you invented "Brian." No one likes to feel duped.

A Way to play

Paddleball, football, volleyball. Why not get a boy to knock around a piece of air-filled rubber? Even if you're athletically challenged, remember that this is just for I'm--you're not training for a triathlon. And anyway, this approach also works great for video games, playing cards, whatever your deal is.


The "I'm in the Mood" Move

Some cute babe is hanging around on the beach by himself Walk up to him and tell him you're really in the mood to play volleyball, but your friends aren't. They're too busy lulling in the UV rays, so would he like to play? It's a great way to sneak in a few sincere words of praise: "Great move, dude," or, "You're good--how long have you been playing?"

The Frisbee Free-throw

If directly approaching a guy to play is still too scary for you, you could "accidentally" throw the Frisbee near him. Oh, oops. Apologize for almost hitting him, and then see if he wants to toss the Frisbee around a little bit--and maybe even give you some pointers.


The Bored Game

You walk up to the guys and tell them you and your friends are bored, and they look a little bored, too. So who's up for touch football?!

The Memory Lapse

You and your friends forgot to bring along your volleyball. If you can use their ball, you'll play a match of girls against the boys--for sodas. Hey, sure sounds like fair game to us.

A No-pressure Invite

This can be as simple as inviting a boy to sit with you or as involved as straight-up asking him out on a date. The key to success with this strategy is confidence. A boy is far more likely to respond if he feels comfortable talking to you. If you're nervous, he'll be nervous. On the other hand--you're cool, so he's cool. Got it?


The Soft Cell Sell

Boldly walk up to the guy who has your eye, and explain that your cell phone isn't working and you need to leave your friend a message. If he doesn't have a cell phone, that's OK. You've broken the ice, so you can just start talking to him.


The Seat Meet

You're in the food court at the mall. Ask if you and your group of girls can sit next to them. Then, if they don't jumpstart the convo, tell them you have to buy a birthday present for a guy friend but you're just stumped! Can these guys tell you what would be a coot gift?

The Great Escape

The waterslides scene is all dried up, so maybe the guys would like to go check out the bumper boats with you and your girls. Try something along the lines of, "The bumper boats are really firn, and we can just come back if it's lame." So now you're in, and you have your out if they turn out to be lame. Game over.

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"My goof-proof line is, 'So, what's the funniest thing that happened to you today?"'--Paula

"When you see a cute guy, go up to him and ask him where he got that nice jersey he's wearing."--Maria

"If I want to let a boy know I like him, I go up to him and say, 'If good looks were minutes, you'd be a loooooooong day!"'--Angela

"If you don't approach that hottie, you might regret it. So even though I'm pretty shy, I still try. I introduce myself and just ask questions like, 'How old are you?' or, 'So, hey, what school do you go to?' Just think of stuff to ask and talk about."--Pattie

"There is no reason to be nervous. Just walk up and ask if he wants to eat lunch or something with you and your friends."--Janae
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