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Your guide to the 39th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference and 2nd International Conference on Separations Science and Technology.

YOUR GUIDE TO THE 39th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference and 2nd International Conference on Separations Science and Technology

VOTRE GUIDE POUR 39(e) Conference canadienne de genie chimique et 2(e) Conference internationale sur la science et la technologie des separations

Conference Committees                            p-4
Acknowledgements                                 p-5
Messages of Welcome                              p-5
General Information                              p-8
Social Program and Special Events               p-10
Student Program                                 p-12
Companions' Program                             p-13
Industrial Tours                                p-13
Professional Development Courses                p-14
General Interest Calendar                       p-15
Business Meetings Calendar                      p-16
Program-at-a-Glance                             p-17
1989 Award Winners                              p-18
Invited Plenary Speakers                        p-21
Technical Program Information                   p-22
Technical Program                               p-25
Index -- Session Chairmen                       p-46
Index -- Authors                                p-46

Comites organisateurs                            p-4
Remerciements                                    p-5
Mots de bienvenue                                p-5
Renseignements generaux                          p-8
Activites sociales et speciales                 p-10
Programme etudiant                              p-12
Programme des conjoints                         p-13
Visites industrielles                           p-13
Cours de perfectionnement professionnel         p-14
Calendrier des activites d'interet general      p-15
Calendrier des reunions                         p-16
Apercu du programme                             p-17
Laureats des prix de 1989                       p-18
Conferenciers invites                           p-21
Renseignements sur le programme technique       p-22
Programme technique                             p-25
Index des presidents de sessions                p-46
Index des auteurs                               p-46

Event                              Convention Centre
Registration                            Foyer,
                                        3rd Floor
Technical Sessions                      2nd & 3rd
Professional Development Courses        2nd & 3rd
Student Program                         Webster A
Press Room                              Room 205
Conference Headquarters                 Room 201
Information and Message Centre          Foyer,
                                        3rd Floor

Activite                           Centre des conventions
Bureau d'inscription                    Foyer et
                                        3(e) etage
Sessions techniques                     2(e) et 3(e)
Cours de perfectionnement               2(e) et 3(e)
  professionnel                         etages
Programme etudiant                      Webster A
Salle de presse                         Salle 205
Quartier general de la conference       Salle 201
Centre de renseignements et de          Foyer et
  messages                              3(e) etage


General Conference      Dr. L.W. Shemilt    McMaster
Chairman/President                          University

general de conference
Vice-Chairmen/          Mr. G.M. Ritcey     CANMET
Vice-presidents         Dr. A.A. Benedek    Zenon
Program Chairmen/       Dr. M.H.I. Baird    McMaster
Presidents des                              University
programmes              Dr. C.W. Robinson   University of
Treasurer/Tresorier     Mr. R.C. Miller     M&T Chemicals
Assistant Treasurer/    Mr. Andrew Connor   Dofasco

Tresorier adjoint
Secretary/Secretaire    Dr. J.M. Dickson    McMaster
Hotel and Facilities/   Ms. Leslie          Pillsbury

Hotel et Installations Eubank
Professional            Dr. D.R. Woods      McMaster
Development/                                University

Perfectionnement professionnel
Student Program/        Dr. Peter Douglas   University of
Programme etudiant                          Waterloo
                        Dr. P.E. Wood       McMaster
Registration/           Mr. T.L. Sutton     Mohawk College

Publicity/Publicite     Dr. J. Hakim        Ortech Intl.
                        Mr. G. Murray       Consultant
Industrial Tours/       Mr. E.B. Glover     IWT-Himsley-Intl.

Visites industrielles

Companions' Mrs. Mae Hamielec

Program/Programme des conjoints
Social/Special          Mr. Steve Siverns   Zenon
Events/Activites                            Environmental

sociales et speciales
Members-at-large        Mr. E.B. Cross      University of
(Exhibits)/Membres                          Waterloo
(Exposition)            Dr. K. Dymock       Petro Canada


Co-Chairmen/            Mr. G.M. Ritcey     CANMET
Copresidents            Dr. V.I.            Ortech Intl.
Technical Program/      Dr. M.H.I. Baird    McMaster
Programme                                   University
technique               Dr. S. Vijayan      AECL
Secretary/Secretaire    Mr. Nairn McQueen   Carbovan
Member-at-large/        Dr. K. Dymock       Petro Canada



SOCIETES COMMANDITAIRES Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) Hydrometallurgy Section, the Metallurgical Society of CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy) Separations Science Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Societe canadienne du genie chimique (SCGCh) Section d'hydrometallurgie, Societe de metallurgie (Institut canadien des mines et de la metallurgie)

JOINT CONFERENCES CONFERENCES CONJOINTES The 39th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference and ICSST '89 will take place concurrently under one overall conference operation, and all delegates are welcome to attend any session of either conference. La 39(e) Conference canadienne de genie chimique et la CISTS de 1989 se tiendront concurremment en un endroit unique et tous les delegues sont invites a assister a l'une ou l'autre des conferences.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS/REMERCIEMENTS The Conference Committee for the 39th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference and the 2nd International Conference on Separations Science and Technology gratefully acknowledge the generous financial support of the following donors (to press time): Akzo Chemicals Ltd. Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. BASF Canada Inc. Cyanamid Canada Inc. Dofasco Inc. Dow Chemical Canada Inc. Falconbridge Ltd. Fiberglas Canada Inc. Johnson & Johnson Inc. Kilborn Engineering Ltd. Lubrizol Canada Ltd. Le Comite du 39(e) conference canadien de genie chimique et du 2(e) conference internationale sur la science et la technologie des separations tient a remercier les donateurs suivantes pour les contributions financieres (au moment de la mise sous presse): M & T Chemicals Ltd. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Novacor Chemicals Ltd. Petro-Canada Products Polysar Ltd. Rohm and Haas Canada Inc. Sherritt Gordon Ltd. Sunoco Inc. Union Carbide Canada Ltd. Xerox Canada Inc.


THE PREMIER OF ONTARIO On behalf of the people and the Government of Ontario, it is my pleasure to extend warmest greetings to all those gathered in Hamilton for the 39th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference being held in conjunction with the 2nd International Conference on Separations Science and Technology.

Our era, perhaps more than any other, has been characterized by rapid change and development in the sciences and technology. These two conferences on separations science and chemical engineering will allow participants to keep abreast of the latest innovations and discoveries in their fields of specialization. Both the theory and practice which will be discussed at this event are closely linked to the processing of metals and minerals, waste management and biotechnology, as well as environmental and safety concerns. It is my hope that the sessions and other activities planned will be informative and rewarding for all in attendance.

Special recognition must go to the sponsors, planners and organizers of this event. May I also extend a warm welcome to our visitors from outside our provincial and national boundaries. I trust that your stay in Ontario will be most memorable.

Every good wish for the outstanding success of the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference and the International Conference on Separations Science and Technology.

David Peterson

Premier of Ontario

LE PREMIER MINISTRE D'ONTARIO Au nom de tous les Ontariens et Ontariennes ainsi que du Gouvernement de l'Ontario, il me fait plaisir d'adresser mes salutations a toutes les personnes qui sont rassemblees a Hamilton a l'occasion de la 39(e) Conference canadienne de genie chimique et de la 2(e) Conference internationale sur la science et la technologie des separations.

Notre siecle se distingue plus que tout autre sans doute par des changements et des progres rapides dans le domaine des sciences et des techniques. Ces deux conferences sur la science des separations et le genie chimique permettront aux participants d'etre informes des plus recentes innovations et decouvertes dans leur domaine respectif. Comme on le verra, tant la theorie que la pratique sont etroitement liees au traitement des metaux et des minerais, a la gestion des dechets et aux questions de securite. Je souhaite que les sessions et autres activites prevues au programme soient sources de renseignements et de satisfaction pour tous les participants.

Je desire rendre un hommage particulier aux commanditaires, planificateurs et organisateurs de cet evenement. Permettez-moi egalement de souhaiter une cordiale bienvenue a tous les visiteurs de l'exterieur de la province et du pays. J'espere que votre sejour en Ontario sera des plus memorables.

Tous mes voeux de succes a la Conference canadienne de genie chimique et a la Conference internationale sur la science et la technologie des separations.

Le premier ministre de l'Ontario,

David Peterson

THE MAYOR OF HAMILTON I am delighted to welcome to Hamilton all those attending the 39th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference and the 2nd International Conference on Separations Science and Technology taking place October 1 to October 4, 1989. Hamilton is honoured to host such a prestigious event in our great city.

We have many beautiful spots for you to explore as well as the Hamilton Place Theatre, the Hamilton Art Gallery, Canadian Football Hall of Fame, Farmers' Market Complex, historic Dundurn Castle and Whitehern. There are also many excellent stores and restaurants. I hope you will have an opportunity to visit our outstanding Copps Coliseum and have an enjoyable stay in one of our fine hotels.

We wish you a successful Conference, an enjoyable stay and hope to welcome you back in the near future.

Robert M. Morrow

Mayor, City of Hamilton

LE MAIRE DE LA VILLE DE HAMILTON Il me fait un immense plaisir de souhaiter la bienvenue a Hamilton a tous ceux et celles qui assisteront a la 39(e) Conference canadienne de genie chimique et a la 2(e) Conference internationale sur la science et la technologie des separations, conferences qui se tiendront du 1(er) au 4 octobre prochain. La ville de Hamilton est honoree d'etre l'hote de cet evenement de prestige.

Nous vous offrons des endroits magnifiques a decouvrir, sans compter le Hamilton Place Theatre, la Galerie d'art de Hamilton, le Temple de la renommee du football canadien, le marche public, le chateau historique de Dundurn et la maison Whitehern. Vous trouverez egalement de superbes magasins et d'excellents restaurants a Hamilton. Enfin, j'espere que vous aurez l'occasion de visiter le remarquable Copps Coliseum et que votre sejour dans un de nos hotels de premiere classe vous plaira.

Nous vous souhaitons une conference reussie ainsi qu'un excellent sejour et nous esperons vous accueillir a nouveau dans un avenir rapproche.

Avec toute ma consideration,

Le maire de la ville de Hamilton,

Robert M. Morrow

CSChE PRESIDENT'S INVITATION Here's an invitation to attend the 39th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference organized by a most enthusiastic team of chemical engineers led by our illustrious conference chairman, Les Shemilt, FCIC. Annual conferences of this kind provide all of us with an opportunity to display our latest achievements to each other and to the outside world. In these days when our profession and industries are continually under public scrutiny and accusations for causing pollution, health and safety problems we need, more than ever, to learn how to get the message out to the world that chemical engineers contribute greatly to the total quality of life. We must emphasize that chemical engineers are professionally dedicated to sound research and development for the general good of mankind. This conference, where so many excellent technical papers are delivered, is just one way of showing that we are fulfilling these responsibilities in our chosen fields of endeavour.

This year we are extremely pleased that the ICSST has organized parallel sessions on separations science. If there is one thing chemical engineers can do better than all others, it is to separate out one molecular species from another. The significance of that is certainly not understood by most non-chemical engineers. If we could only convince the general public that separations science represents a major part of the solution to our environmental problems, would we not then have a significant breakthrough?

On behalf of the CSChE, I look forward to our meeting together in that great industrial and university city of Hamilton.

Edward Rhodes, FCIC

CSChE President

INVITATION DU PRESIDENT DE LA SCGCh Je vous invite a assister a la 39(e) Conference canadienne de genie chimique organisee par une equipe des plus enthousiastes d'ingenieurs chimistes dirigee par notre illustre president de conference, Les Shemilt, FCIC. Des conferences annuelles de cette nature nous procurent a tous l'occasion de faire connaitre a nos collegues et au monde exterieur nos plus recentes realisations. En cette periode ou notre profession et nos industries sont constamment l'object de critiques et d'accusations de la part du public, qu'il s'agisse de pollution ou de problemes de sante et de securite, il nous faut plus que jamais apprendre a transmettre le message suivant au reste du monde : les ingenieurs chimistes contribuent pour beaucoup a la qualite de vie globale. Nous devons attirer l'attention sur le fait que les ingenieurs chimistes sont des professionnels qui se consacrent serieusement a la recherche et au developpement pour assurer le bien-etre general de l'etre humain. Le si grand nombre d'excellentes communications techniques qui seront presentees a cette conference n'est qu'une facon seulement d'illustrer comment nous unissons tous nos efforts pour nous acquitter de nos responsabilites dans nos domaines respectifs.

Cette annee, nous sommes extremement heureux que la CISTS ait organise une conference parallele sur la science des separations. S'il y a quelque chose que les ingenieurs chimistes peuvent faire mieux que quiconque, c'est bien de distinguer une espece de molecules d'une autre. L'importance de ce constat n'est surement pas comprise par la plupart des personnes exterieures a la profession. Si nous pouvions seulement convaincre le grand public que la science des separations joue un role important dans la solution de nos problemes environnementaux, n'aurions-nous pas alors fait une percee importante?

Au nom de la SCGCh, je suis impatient de vous rencontrer a cette conference qui se tiendra dans cette grande ville industrielle et universitaire qu'est Hamilton.

President de la SCGCh

Edward Rhodes, FCIC

GENERAL CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN The members of the organizing committee for the 39th Annual Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference are delighted to invite you and welcome you to this national CSChE event. On their behalf I wish to assure you that it will be your presence and your participation which will make this a memorable time for all. It is with the greatest pleasure that we also welcome the registrants for the 2nd International Conference on Separations Science and Technology (ICSST '89). This happy conjunction of our conferences allows the presentation of a composite array of technical papers which reflect the achievements of chemical engineering and its promise for the future. Our joint program is built on certain themes including process control and simulation, biotechnology, environment and safety, process technology and a wide range of separation technologies such as membranes and solvent extraction. Further, special symposia on macromolecular science and engineering and on catalysis have been arranged. To complement these themes, both the professional development courses and industrial tours have been specially selected. We commend these courses and tours to you. We ask you also to note the outstanding special lectures that are highlights of a program with over 300 scientific and engineering presentations. Not least, the program for students, designed with them, will provide for the several hundred senior students from across the country some challenging looks at their chosen profession.

Please join with us at Hamilton for an outstanding conference experience that will blend an exciting technical program with a number of special events, a fine program for companions, and great social times for all.

L.W. Shemilt, FCIC

General Conference Chairman

PRESIDENT DE CONFERENCE Les membres du comite organisateur de la 39(e) Conference annuelle canadienne de genie chimique sont heureux de vous souhaiter la bienvenue a cette activite de la SCGCh d'envergure nationale. En leur nom, je desire vous assurer que votre presence et votre participation feront de cet evenement une experience memorable pour tous.

Il me fait egalement extremement plaisir de souhaiter la bienvenue aux delegues de la 2(e) Conference internationale sur la science et la technologie des separations (CISTS 89). Cette heureuse reunion de nos conferences permet de presenter une gamme variee de communications techniques, communications qui refletent d'ailleurs les apports du genie chimique et ses promesses pour l'avenir. Notre programme conjoint s'appuie sur certains themes dont le controle et la simulation de procedes, la biotechnologie, la protection environnementale, la technologie des procedes et une vaste gamme de techniques de separation faisant appel aux membranes et a l'extraction par solvant. De plus, des symposia speciaux portant sur la science et le genie macromoleculaires ainsi que sur la catalyse sont au programme. Pour couronner le tout, des cours de perfectionnement professionnel et des visites industrielles ont ete soigneusement choisis et nous vous les recommandons chaleureusement. Vous etes egalement prie de prendre note des conferences speciales qui constituent le point culminant de ce programme qui comprend plus de 300 communications scientifiques et techniques. Enfin, specialement concu a leur intention, et non le moindre, est le programme etudiant qui offrira aux centaines d'etudiants du cycle superieur de partout au pays, un apercu de cette profession remplie de defis qui'ils ont choisi d'exercer.

Joignez-vous a nous a Hamilton pour une experience inoubliable. A un programme technique des plus stimulant viendront s'ajouter un certain nombre d'evenements speciaux, un interessant programme pour les conjoints et d'excellentes activites sociales pour tous.

Le president de la Conference,

L.W. Shemilt, FCIC

ICSST '89 CO-CHAIRMEN Welcome to Hamilton and the Second International Conference on Separations Science and Technology. This conference, being held in conjunction with the 39th Chemical Engineering Conference and the 19th Annual Hydrometallurgist's Meeting, will bring together the many disciplines involved in separations. The 1st conference, held in 1986 in New York, was very successful and we anticipate the 2nd conference to be equally as rewarding for those attending. The conference is truly international with authors from a score of countries, and in its composition has a very comprehensive technical program covering many areas in separations science. The sessions, together with the plenary addresses, panel discussion session, professional development courses and technical tours should provide the stimulation always necessary for ideas for new research and for technology transfer.

We wish you a good conference and an enjoyable time in the Hamilton-Toronto-Niagara Falls area.


COPRESIDENTS DE LA CISTS DE 89 Bienvenue a la 2(e) Conference internationale sur la science et la technologie des separations qui se tient cette annee a Hamilton. Organisee conjointement a la 39(e) Conference canadienne de genie chimique et a la 19(e) Reunion annuelle des hydrometallurgistes, cette conference reunira de nombreuses disciplines ou l'on s'interesse aux separations. La 1(re) Conference, qui s'est tenue a New York en 1986, a remporte un enorme succes et nous prevoyons que cette deuxieme conference sera tout autant enrichissante pour tous ceux qui y assiteront. Comme cette conference est d'envergure internationale, des auteurs d'une vingtaine de pays seront presents. De plus, par sa composition, le programme technique, qui est des plus complets, couvre de nombreux aspects de la science des separations. De plus, les sessions, conferences plenieres, groupes de discussion avec des experts, cours de perfectionnement professionnel et visites industrielles devraient offrir la stimulation qui est toujours necessaire a l'emergence d'idees nouvelles pour la recherche et le transfert de technologie.

Nous vous souhaitons a tous une bonne conference et un agreable sejour dans la region de Hamilton-Toronto-Niagara Falls.




Travel to Hamilton All major airlines provide service to Pearson International Airport (Toronto) located 70 km from Hamilton. Air Canada is the official carrier for the Conference; for special Conference discount, quote event #89-0845. Reservations can be made directly by calling, toll free, 1-800-361-7585 and referring to event #0845. If you wish to use Hamilton Airport, which has some limited service including from Ottawa and Montreal, check with your travel agent.

We have arranged a door-to-door service from the Toronto Airport by Airways Transit. This must be booked IN ADVANCE using the form located in the centre of this program booklet. The one-way cost is $17 per person payable in cash to the driver.

Transport a Hamilton Situe a 70 km de Hamilton, l'Aeroport international Pearson de Toronto est desservi par les principales lignes aeriennes. Air Canada est le transporteur officiel de la conference; pour beneficier de tarifs speciaux, mentionnez l'activite 89-0845. Vous pouvez reserver directement sans frais au 1-800-361-7585 (priere de mentionner le n(o) du congres 0845). Si vous desirez utiliser l'aeroport de Hamilton dont les services sont limites, mais qui assure des liaisons en provenance d'Ottawa et de Montreal, consultez votre agent de voyages.

Airways Transit offrira un service porte a porte a partir de l'aeroport de Toronto. Vous devez reserver A L'AVANCE en utilisant la formule inseree au centre de ce programme. Il en coute 17 $ aller par personne payable comptant au chauffeur.

Climate Early October in Hamilton has a good probability of sunny cool weather with the average daytime high of about 17|C (low 60sF) and the average night temperature minimum of about 9|C (about 50|F).

Climat Debut octobre, il y a de fortes chances pour que le temps a Hamilton soit ensoleille mais frais avec en moyenne des temperatures se maintenant aux environs de 17|C le jour et de 9|C la nuit.

Registration Registration forms for the Conference are located at the centre of this program booklet. The registration package for pre-registrants can be obtained from the Conference Registration desk located in the Foyer - 3rd floor of the Convention Centre. The registration desk will be open from 14:00 to 18:00 on Sunday (October 1), from 08:00 to 15:00 on Monday, and Tuesday (October 2 and 3), and from 08:00 to 12:00 (noon) on Wednesday (October 4).

Full CSChE Conference registration includes tickets to the Sunday evening reception, luncheon on Monday and the Awards Banquet on Tuesday. ICSST registrants receive tickets for the Sunday reception, Tuesday Banquet and the ICSST luncheon on Wednesday. All Tuesday banquet tickets are optional. These and additional tickets may be ordered using the registration form. All registrants will receive the Book of Abstracts, but ICSST registrants (through a higher fee) receive the Proceedings for the ICSST Conference. All attendees must register.

Any company that wishes to send a different person each day may use the group registration category.

All registrants are entitled to a significant reduction in the fees for the Professional Development Courses.

Non-member registrants are entitled to apply the differential of the registration fee ($40) toward the cost of membership in the CSChE for 1990.

Name badges should be worn for admission to meeting activities, technical sessions and special events.

Inscription Vous trouverez au centre de ce programme la formule d'inscription a la conference. Les personnes deja inscrites pourront se procurer leur trousse d'inscription au Bureau d'inscription de la conference situe au foyer du 3(e) etage du Centre des conventions. Le Bureau sera ouvert de 14 h a 18 h le dimanche 1(er) octobre, de 8 h a 15 h les lundi et mardi et de 8 h a 12 h le mercredi.

La pleine inscription a la conference de la SCGCh comprend les billets pour la reception du dimanche soir, le dejeuner du lundi et le banquet des laureats le mardi. Les personnes inscrites a la CISTS recoivent des billets pour la reception du dimanche, le banquet du mardi et le dejeuner du mercredi de la CISTS. Les billets pour le dejeuner du mardi sont facultatifs. Vous pouvez commander ces derniers ainsi que tout billet supplementaire au moyen de la formule d'inscription. Tous les delegues recevront les Actes de la conference; toutefois, les delegues de la CISTS pourront recevoir les resumes de leur conference moyennant un leger supplement. L'inscription est obligatoire pour tous les participants.

Toute enterprise qui desire deleguer une personne differente pour chaque journee est priee de s'inscrire a la categorie groupe.

Tous les delegues ont droit a un rabais appreciable s'ils s'inscrivent aux cours de perfectionnement professionnel.

Les delegues qui ne sont pas membres de la SCGCh ont droit, moyennant 40 $, de combler la difference de leur inscription et devenir ainsi membre de la Societe pour l'annee 1990.

L'insigne est obligatoire pour avoir droit d'assister aux reunions, seances techniques et evenements speciaux.

Messages Messages will be received at the Conference Headquarters in the Convention Centre from September 30 through October 4 by telephone or fax. If interested, please request information on these numbers when submitting your registration form.

Messages Les messages achemines par telephone ou telecopieur seront acceptes au quartier general de la conference, au Convention Centre, du 30 septembre au 4 octobre. Si vous etes interesse a connaitre ces numerous, priere de l'indiquer sur la formule d'inscription.

Accommodation Rooms in these hotels have been booked for your stay in Hamilton. The Sheraton is connected to the Convention Centre. The Royal Connaught Hotel and the Holiday Inn are approximately a five-minute walk from the Centre. It is advisable to book early to get your choice. Please contact the hotels directly and mention the conference to obtain the special rates listed below. A card is attached to the registration form if you wish to mail in your hotel request.

Hebergement Des chambres ont ete reservees dans les hotels suivants de Hamilton. Le Sheraton est relie au Convention Centre tandis que le Royal Connaught Hotel et le Holiday Inn sont situes a environ 5 minutes de marche du Convention Centre. Il est conseille de reserver tot pour obtenir son premier choix. Pour obtenir les tarifs speciaux mentionnes plus bas, veuillez communiquer directement avec les hotels et mentionner le nom de la conference a laquelle vous assisterez. Vous pouvez egalement poster a l'hotel de votre choix la fiche de reservation accompagnant la formule d'inscription.
                                                      Room Rate per Night/Tarif
                        Hotel                  d'une chambre pour une nuit
                                     Single/Indiv.     Double      Triple     Qu
Sheraton Hamilton                       $ 80 Cdn       $ 89       $ 99         $

116 King Street W. Hamilton, L8P 4V3 Tel: 416-529-5515 Fax: 416-529-8266
Royal Connaught                           76             86         NA
112 King Street E.                                                  SO

Hamilton, L8N 1A8 Tel: 800-263-8558 Fax: 416-527-2751

Holiday Inn 73 83 93


150 King Street E. Hamilton, L8N 1B2 Tel: 416-528-3451 Fax: 416-522-2281


ACTIVITES SOCIALES ET SPECIALES Hamilton boasts a large selection of activities and interesting sites for our visitor: from Flamboro Downs, to the Museum of Steam and Technology, to Lloyd D. Jackson Square Shopping Centre. We are also just an hour or so away from the internationally known Stratford Festival (in Stratford, Ont.) and the Shaw Theatre (at Niagara-on-the-Lake). Information on all events and special points of interest will be available at the information booth near the registration desk. Enjoy your visit to Hamilton to the full! Un vaste choix d'activites et d'interessants endroits attendent les visiteurs a Hamilton, du Flamboro Downs, en passant par le Museum of Steam and Technology, au centre commercial D. Jackson. Nous sommes egalement situes a environ une heure du festival de Stratford, festival de reputation internationale, et du theatre Shaw a Niagara-on-the-Lake. Vous pourrez vous informer sur tous les evenements speciaux et attraits touristiques au kiosque d'information situe pres du bureau d'inscription. Profitez a plein de votre visite a Hamilton! Event SP-1 Royal Botanical Gardens
(RBG)                                  Sunday, October 1
                                           13:30 - 17:00

The Royal Botanical Gardens is 2,500 acres of natural areas, colourful displays and famous plant collections. The Rock Garden features a tea house where we will stop for refreshments. A bus will leave from in front of the Sheraton Hotel at 13:30 and return by 17:00. Tickets are $15 per person and include refreshments. A minimum registration is required. Activite SP-1 Jardins botaniques royaux
(JBR)                      dimanche 1(er) octobre
                                13 h 30 a 17 h

Les Jardins botaniques royaux comprennent 2,500 acres de reserves botaniques, d'arrangements colores et de remarquables collections de plantes. Un arret est prevu au pavillon de the des Jardins royaux ou vous pourrez prendre un rafraichissement. Un autobus quittera l'entree principale de l'hotel Sheraton a 13 h 30 et sera de retour a 17 h. Les billets, au prix de 15 $ par personne, comprennent les rafraichissements. Un nombre minimum d'inscriptions est requis. Event SP-2
Reception                              Sunday, October 1
                                           18:30 - 22:00

The opening reception for our conference will be held both in the Art Gallery of Hamilton, connected to the Convention Centre, and in the Webster Lounge area of the Convention Centre. All registrants will receive appropriate tickets and are encouraged to visit both areas and enjoy drinks and snacks. The Art Gallery houses an outstanding collection of Canadian, American, British and European art. All galleries will be open for your viewing. Activite SP-2
Reception                  dimanche 1(er) octobre
                                18 h 30 a 22 h

Le cocktail de bienvenue se tiendra a la Galerie d'art de Hamilton, contigu au Centre des conventions, et dans le salon Webster du Centre des conventions. Tous les delegues recevront des billets speciaux et sont invites a visiter ces deux endroits ou ils pourront boire et grignoter. La galerie d'art renferme une impressionnante collection d'oeuvres d'art canadien, americain, britannique et europeen. Vous pourrez admirer les oeuvres de toutes les galeries. Event SP-3
Theatre Aquarius                       Monday, October 2

"The Night of the Iguana" by Tennessee Williams will be presented in the Studio Theatre at Hamilton Place (adjoining Convention Centre). The hot tropical tension and ribald humour show Tennessee Williams at his best. Tickets are $18 per person (limited number of seats available). Activite SP-3
Theatre Aquarius               lundi 2 octobre
                                          22 h

La piece "La nuit de l'iguane" de Tennessee Williams sera presentee dans le studio-theatre du Hamilton Place Theatre qui est attenant au Centre des conventions. Cette piece a suspense, qui se passe dans les Tropiques et qui est d'un humour grossier, nous fait connaitre un Tennessee Williams a son meilleur. Les billets coutent 18 $ par personne et le nombre de places est limite. Event SP-4
Niagara Falls Tour                     Tuesday, October 3
                                            09:00 - 17:00

A full day motor coach tour to Niagara Falls including lunch at Niagara-on-the-Lake and a winery visit (see Companions' Program). A limited number of tickets at $40 are available. Activite SP-4
Visite des chutes Niagara      mardi 3 octobre
                                    9 h a 17 h

Rendez-vous par autocar aux chutes Niagara. Le forfait comprend un repas a Niagara-on-the-Lake et la visite d'une vinerie (voir Programme des conjoints). Le nombre de billets est limite. Prix: 40 $. Event SP-5 University Alumni Reunion
Luncheon                               Tuesday, October 3
                                            12:00 - 13:30

An informal buffet luncheon with cash bar will be set in Chedoke B with special tables flagged for each Canadian university (and others as requested). Opportunities will abound for special groups to gather according to their interests. Make arrangements to have lunch with old friends, other graduates from your university or to talk with new acquaintances. Luncheon tickets at $15 can be ordered through your registration form in advance or at the registration desk until 16:00 Monday, October 2nd. Each luncheon ticket will include one free bar ticket. Activite SP-5
Buffet-reunion des anciens     mardi 3 octobre
                                          19 h

Un buffet-lunch sans ceremonie avec bar payant se tiendra a la salle Chedoke B ou des tables auront ete assignees pour chaque universite canadienne ou toute autre sur demande. Il s'agira egalement d'une excellente occasion qui permettra a des groupes speciaux de se reunir selon leurs interets. Prenez des dispositions afin de dejeuner avec des amis de longue date, d'autres diplomes de votre universite ou encore pour nouer la conversation avec de nouvelles personnes. Vous pouvez vous procurer des billets pour ce dejeuner au prix de 15 $ grace a la formule de pre-inscription ou encore en vous presentant au bureau d'inscription au plus tard le lundi 2 octobre 16 heures. Chaque billet vous donne droit a un coupon pour une consommation gratuite. Event SP-6
Awards Banquet                         Tuesday, October 3

The Conference Awards Banquet will be the occasion for the presentation of the CSChE National Awards. The sumptuous dinner will include a choice of fine wines. The evening will be rounded out with very special entertainment. The banquet will be held in Chedoke B and C in the Convention Centre. Ticket price of $40 has been included in registration fee for full conference registrants. A limited number of extra tickets are expected to be available. Activite SP-6
Banquet des laureats           mardi 3 octobre
                                          19 h

Les prix nationaux de la SCGCh seront remis a l'occasion du Banquet des laureats. Ce somptueux repas comprendra un vaste choix de vins de qualite et se poursuivra en soiree avec des activites tres speciales. Le banquet aura lieu a la salle Chedoke B et C au Centre des conventions. Le prix du billet (40 $) est compris dans la pleine inscription. Toutefois, il est prevu qu'un nombre limite de billets supplementaires sera probablement disponible. Event SP-7 Hamilton Philharmonic
Orchestra                            Wednesday, October 4

The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra will be playing Wednesday night in the Great Hall of Hamilton Place (adjoining the Convention Centre). Boris Brott, OC, will be conducting the orchestra and the guest pianist will be Valerie Tryon. Tickets are $18 per person for orchestra seating which is a special conference rate. Come and enjoy a great musical evening. Activite SP-7 Hamilton Philharmonic
Orchestra                    mercredi 4 octobre
                                           20 h

Le Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra s'executera le mercredi en soiree dans le Grand Hall de la place Hamilton qui est contigue au Centre des conventions. Boris Brott, OC, dirigera l'orchestre et le pianiste invite sera Valerie Tryon. Les billets sont de 18 $ par personne pour un place a l'orchestre, ce qui constitue un tarif privilegie pour les delegues. Venez passer une excellente soiree musicale.

STUDENT PROGRAM Several sessions of special interest to students have been planned. Students are most welcome to attend any of the technical sessions at the Conference. The Plenary lectures each morning from 08:30 to 09:30 provide a great opportunity for student registrants to hear outstanding engineers address a major topic in chemical engineering. At the beginning of the student session a brief overview of the technical sessions will be given to help students choose sessions appropriate to their interest and understanding.

PROGRAMME ETUDIANT On a prevu au programme de nombreuses seances d'un interet particulier pour les etudiants. Les conferences plenieres en matinee, de 8 h 30 a 9 h 30, donnent aux delegues etudiants une occasion privilegiee d'assister a des conferences remarquables d'ingenieurs qui portent sur un aspect important du genie chimique. Au debut de chaque session etudiante, un bref apercu des sessions techniques sera donne aux etudiants pour leur permettre de choisir celles qui correspondent le mieux a leurs interets et a leur comprehension.

Registration Sunday, October 1 -- 14:00 - 18:00 Foyer, 3rd Flr.,

Hamilton Convention Centre Monday, October 2 -- 08:00 - 17:00 Foyer, 3rd Flr.

Hamilton Convention Centre


Sunday, October 1 Conference Reception -- 18:30 - 22:00 Webster Room and Lounge,

Hamilton Convention Centre Student Mixer - 21:00 - 24:00 Holiday Inn

Monday, October 2 08:30 - 12:30 (Webster A) Orientation to the CSChE and ICSST Conferences "The Future of Chemical Engineering" Senior representatives from large and small employers of chemical engineers, academia and government will give their views on what the chemical engineer of the future will do and need to know. 14:00 - 17:30 (Webster A) "After the Ring" Chemical engineers with a variety of experiences will discuss possible career paths within chemical engineering. Graduate School Recruiting Fair - Representatives from Canadian universities will be available to discuss opportunities for advanced degrees in their departments. 20:00 (Downstairs John) Student Pub Night Shuttle buses will be provided between downtown hotels and the McMaster University campus.

Tuesday, October 3 08:30 - 12:00 (Webster A) Student Workshops - communication skills (Webster A) - job hunting strategies (Webster A) - SNC/FW Undergraduate Plant Design Competition - Poster Session by three winners (Webster Lounge) 13:00 - 17:00 Plant Tours Bright's Wines, Dofasco, Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, and Procter and Gamble. Buses will be provided. Sign up for tours at Student Registration Desk.

PROGRAMME ETUDIANT On a prevu au programme de nombreuses seances d'un interet particulier pour les etudiants. Les conferences plenieres en matinee, de 8 h 30 a 9 h 30, donnent aux delegues etudiants une occasion privilegiee d'assister a des conferences remarquables d'ingenieurs qui portent sur un aspect important du genie chimique. Au debut de chaque session etudiante, un bref apercu des sessions techniques sera donne aux etudiants pour leur permettre de choisir celles qui correspondent le mieux a leurs interets et a leur comprehension.

Inscription Dimanche 1(er) octobre -- 14 h - 18 h Foyer, 3(e) etage,

Centre des conventions Lundi 2 octobre -- 8 h - 17 h Foyer, 3(e) etage,

Centre des conventions


Dimanche 1(er) octobre Reception -- 18 h 30 - 22 h Salle et salon Webster,

Centre des conventions Cocktail etudiant -- 21 h - 24 h Holiday Inn

Lundi 2 octobre 8 h 30 - 12 h 30 (Webster A) Apercu de la conference de la SCGCh et de la CISTS "Perspectives en genie chimique" Des representants d'experience de la petite a la grande entreprise, des universites et du gouvernement donneront leur opinion sur ce que sera demain le travail de l'ingenieur chimiste et ce que ce dernier devra savoir. 14 h - 17 h 30 (Webster A) "Apres l'arene" Des ingenieurs chimistes aux experiences variees parleront des carrieres possibles en genie chimique. Foire de recrutement d'etudiants diplomes Des representants d'universites canadiennes seront sur place et vous entretiendront des possibilites d'entreprendre des etudes avancees dans leur departement. 20 h Downstairs John Soiree dansante pour les etudiants au campus de l'Universite McMaster. Un autobus effectuera la navette entre les hotels du centre-ville et l'universite.

Mardi 3 octobre 8 h 30 - 12 h (Webster A) Ateliers pour etudiants - Aptitudes a la communication (Webster A) - Strategies de recherche d'emploi - Concours de projets industriels SNC/FW - Seance d'affichage des trois projets gagnants (salon Webster) 13 h - 17 h Visites industrielles Bright's Wines, Dofasco, Centrale nucleaire de Darlington et Procter et Gamble. Des autobus seront sur place. Inscrivez-vous pour les visites au bureau d'inscription des etudiants.



Monday, October 2 Morning coffee and muffins in the Hospitality Room, (Sheraton Hamilton -- connected to the Convention Centre) from 08:30. A city tour will begin at 09:30 and will include several interesting sites in and around the City of Hamilton. Special visits will be made to Dundurn Castle (the house of Sir Allan MacNab, Prime Minister of the United Province of Canada, 1854-6) and the world famous Royal Botanical Gardens and its Mediterranean Garden under glass. Lunch will be provided and a return to the Sheraton Hamilton by 17:00.

Lundi 2 octobre A partir de 8 h 30, cafe et moufflets (muffins) seront servis dans la salle d'accueil (Salle du Sheraton Hamilton -- contigue au Centre des conventions). Un tour de ville debutera a 9 h 30 et comprendra la visite d'endroits interessants dans toute la ville. Des visites speciales auront lieu au chateau Dundurn, residence de Sir Allan MacNab qui fut premier ministre des Provinces unies du Canada entre 1854 et 1856. Une visite des magnifiques Jardins botaniques royaux et du jardin mediterraneen sous serre vitree. Un dejeuner sera servi et le retour au Sheraton Hamilton est prevu pour 17 h.

Tuesday, October 3 After morning coffee at 08:30 in the Hospitality Room at the Sheraton Hamilton, a motor coach will depart at 09:00 for an all-day Niagara Falls tour. This includes the parks of Niagara Falls, lunch in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake at the Pillar and Post Inn, and a wine tour of one of the many wineries in the area. Return to the Sheraton Hamilton will be by about 17:00. This tour is included in all companion registrations, but additional tickets may be purchased up to the limit of available space.

Mardi 3 octobre Apres le cafe du matin a la salle d'accueil du Sheraton Hamilton, un autocar quittera les lieux a 9 h pour une visite d'une journee aux chutes Niagara. Ce forfait comprend les parcs des chutes Niagara, le dejeuner dans le village historique de Niagara-on-the-Lake au Pillar and Post Inn et la visite d'une des nombreuses vineries de la region. Le retour au Sheraton Hamilton est prevu aux environs de 17 h. Cette visite est comprise dans l'inscription de tous les conjoints, mais il sera possible de se procurer des billets supplementaires jusqu'a ce que le nombre de places disponibles ait ete atteint.

Wednesday, October 4 Morning coffee and muffins from 09:30 in the Hospitality Room at the Sheraton Hamilton. A guest speaker will entertain us during coffee and this will be followed by a visit to Whitehern, a beautifully furnished elegant Georgian townhouse just a few minutes walk away. Return by noon, with the afternoon free for shopping, possibly in the many attractive boutiques and stores of Lloyd D. Jackson Square, of which the Sheraton Hamilton is part.

Mercredi 4 octobre Cafe et moufflets a partir de 9 h 30 a la salle d'accueil du Sheraton Hamilton. Un conferencier invite prendra parole au cours du cafe. Le tout sera suivi d'une visite de la demeure Whitehern, elegante maison en rangee de style georgien a quelques minutes a pied du Sheraton. Retour vers midi et apres-midi libre pour faire des emplettes, entre autres dans les nombreuses boutiques du carre Lloyd D. Jackson, dont le Sheraton Hamilton fait partie.



General Information A group of technical tours is being planned. While these may be of special interest to ICSST delegates, they are designed for any conference registrant. Buses or vans will leave from and return to the main entrance of the Convention Centre. There will be a limited number allowed for each tour and these will be based on ticket purchase. Costs (for transportation only) and full details are available on request to:

Industrial Tours

39th Chemical Engineering Conference/ICSST

Box 318

McMaster University

Hamilton, ON L8S 1C0

Tickets may also be obtained at the time of registration. Tours will be scheduled for either Monday or Tuesday afternoon.

Renseignements generaux Un certain nombre de visites techniques sont prevues. Si elles peuvent interesser plus particulierement les delegues de la CISTS, elles s'adressent tout autant aux delegues de la conference de la SCGCh. Les departs et arrivees par autobus s'effectueront a la porte principale du Centre des conventions. Le nombre de places sera limite pour chaque visite et celles-ci sont condition du nombre de billets achetes. Vous pouvez vous procurer tous les details relatifs aux frais de transport a l'adresse suivante:

Visites industrielles

39(e) Chemical Engineering Conference/CISTS

C.P. 318

Universite McMaster

Hamilton, ON L8S 1C0

Vous pourrez egalement acheter vos billets au moment de l'inscription. Les visites auront lieu, soit lundi ou mardi apres-midi.

Industrial Tour Policy On any of the tours, participants are asked to conform to safety rules and regulations and to stay with their group during the tour.

Politique relative aux visites industrielles Pour toutes les visites, les participants sont pries de respecter les reglements et normes de securite et de ne pas quitter leur groupe durant la visite.

Tours Available The following tours are expected to be available, and additional ones should be known at the time of receipt of this program. T1. Mineral Resources Facility, Ortech International,

Sheridan Park (formerly Ontario Research Foundation),

includes pilot plant area and laboratories, and

demonstration of crossflow filtration utilizing ceramic

membranes. (Monday, October 2) T2. Wastewater Technology Centre, National Water

Research Institute, Burlington, Ont. (Tuesday,

October 3) T3. Steel Fabrication Plant - Waste Treatment Facility,

Hamilton. (Monday, October 2) T4. Zenon Environmental Inc., Burlington, Ont.

Analytical laboratory, membrane manufacturing area,

equipment assembly area, and demonstration. (Tuesday,

October 3)

Visites Les visites suivantes sont prevues et d'autres devraient etre connues au moment ou vous recevrez ce programme. T1. Mineral Resources Facility, Ortech International,

parc Sheridan (autrefois Fondation de recherches de

l'Ontario). Visite des installations pilotes et des

laboratoires ainsi que demonstration de filtration par

ecoulement transversal a l'aide de membranes en

ceramique. (lundi 2 octobre) T2. Centre technique des eaux usees, National Water

Research Institute, Burlington, Ont. (mardi

3 octobre) T3. Acierie - Usine de traitement des eaux usees,

Hamilton. (lundi 2 octobre) T4. Zenon Environmental Inc., Burlington, Ont.

Laboratoire d'analyses, fabrication de membranes,

assemblage d'equipements et demonstration. (mardi

3 octobre)


"Helping Chemical Engineers and their Professional Colleagues Keep Up-to-Date" Pre-registration is required for all courses. A $25 pre-registration fee per course, payable in Canadian funds, must be received by August 10, 1989. This is applied to the total cost of each course and is refundable if the course is cancelled. (It is not refundable if the pre-registrant does not attend the course.)
Fees:                              2 days     1-1/2 days
Members of CSChE, CIM or ACS       $500       450

if registering for the
  ICSST/CSChE Conference            425       375
Non-Members                         550       500

if registering for the

ICSST/CSChE Conference 475 425

Fee includes course notes, two lunches and refreshment breaks. Preregistration form at centre of conference program booklet. Full details of each course available on request.

Professional Development Courses: 1. Membrane Processing: T. Matsuura & S. Sourirajan.

"Fundamentals for RO/UF and membranes for gas

separation, and pervaporation. Applications to practical

selection, characterization, design and control of fouling.

State-of-the-art review". Course notes provided.

September 30, October 1 (2 days). 2. Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment: E. Alp, W.P.

Crocker, D.H. Napier, C.W. Pilger, R.V. Portelli & J.W.

Smith. "Methods of assessment and estimation of the

risk". Course notes provided. September 30, October 1

(2 days). 3. F*A*C*T* - Computerized Facility to Analyze

Chemical Thermodynamics: W.T. Thompson, A.D.

Pelton & C.W. Bale. "Introduction to a unique interactive

computer system to perform thermochemical

calculations. Its data base includes over 4,000 inorganic

stoichiometric compounds and numerous organics".

Course notes, F*A*C*T* manual, FACTPACK diskette

for IBM-PC provided. September 30, October 1 (2 days). 4. Basic Biotechnology: M. Moo-Young, C.W. Robinson,

J.M. Scharer, R.L. Legge, B.E. Glick, O. Ward & M.

Sefton. "Introduction to biological and engineering

fundamentals and how they apply to industrial applications

for the production of industrial enzymes, food

and fuel products, and monoclonal antibodies and for

bioleaching and biosorption. Review of innovative

trends". Text by Bu'lock and Kristiansen included.

September 30, October 1 (1-1/2 days). 5. Cross-linking Kinetics in Free-radical

Copolymerization: A.E. Hamielec & H. Tobita. "New kinetic

theory and calculations to control gelation onset, and

to predict sol fraction and cross-link density distribution".

September 30, October 1 (1-1/2 days). 6. Management of Technology: I. Duncan, W.F. Petryschuk

& R.R. Marshall. "Managing resource allocation

to get innovation to flourish". September 30, October 1

(1-1/2 days). 7. Ladle Steelmaking: R.I.L. Guthrie, G.A. Irons,

D.A.R. Kay & J.D. Young. "Fundamentals and recent

developments with applications to practical problems".

Videotape of in-plant applications. October 1 and 2

(2 days). 8. Fluidized Bed Reactors: M.A. Bergougnou, C.

Briens & J.R. Grace. "Fundamentals and practical

experience about powders, fluidization, pneumatic transport,

heat and mass transfer and reactors; and the

application to design. Ultra rapid fluidized bed reactors

and demonstration of computer design". Extensive

course notes provided. October 5 and 6 (2 days).


Sunday October 1/Dimanche 1er octobre 18:30 - Reception - All Welcome! Webster Room and
22:00    Reception pour tous!     Lounge,
                                  Convention Centre,
                                  and the Hamilton
                                  Art Gallery

Monday October 2/Lundi 2 octobre
08:30 -  Plenary Lecture/         Chedoke A
09:20    Conference pleniere      Convention Centre
         (Dr. A.A. Benedek)
09:30 -  Special Session on       Albion A
12:00    Multiphase Flow          Convention Centre
         Honouring Donald S.
         Scott/Session speciale sur
         l'ecoulement polyphase en
         hommage a D. Scott
12:00 -  Opening Luncheon/        Chedoke B
13:30    Dejeuner d'ouverture     Convention Centre

13:30 - R.S. Jane Award Lecture/ Chedoke A
14:20    Prix de conference R.S.  Convention Centre
         Jane (Dr. N. Epstein)
20:00 -  Theatre Aquarius         Studio Theatre
22:00    (Piece de Tennessee      Convention Centre
         Williams Play)

Tuesday October 3/Mardi 3 octobre
08:30 -  Plenary Lecture/         Chedoke A
09:20    Conference pleniere      Convention Centre
         (Dr. J.K. Brimacombe)
09:30 -  Polysar Award Lecture    Room 203
12:00    Session/Session et prix  Convention Centre
         de conference Polysar
         (Dr. A. Rudin)
09:30 -  Student Design Contest   Webster Lounge
12:00    Winners Poster Session/  Convention Centre
         Seance d'affichage
         - Gagnants du Concours
         de projets industriels
12:00 -  Your University Alumni   Chedoke B
13:30    Reunion Luncheon/        Convention Centre
         Dejeuner des anciens
13:30 -  Albright and Wilson      Chedoke A
14:20    Americas Award Lecture   Convention Centre
         Prix des Ameriques
         Albright et Wilson
         (Dr. S.L. Shah)
19:00 -  Conference Awards        Chedoke B & C
22:00    Banquet/Banquet des      Convention Centre

Wednesday October 4/Mercredi 4 octobre
08:30 -  Plenary Lecture/         Chedoke A
09:20    Conference pleniere      Convention Centre
         (Dr. C. Judson King)
12:00 -  ICSST and                Chedoke B
13:30    Hydrometallurgy Section  Convention Centre
         (CIM) Award Luncheon/
         Dejeuner des laureats
         - CISTS et Section
         d'hydrometallurgie (ICM)
20:00 -  Hamilton Philharmonic    Hamilton Place
22:00    Orchestra                Convention Centre


Sunday October 1/Dimanche 1(er) octobre
09:00 -  CSChE Board of           Albion C
17:00    Directors/C.A. de la     Convention Centre
09:00 -  CIM Hydrometallurgy      Webster C
17:00    Meeting/Reunion de la    Convention Centre
         Section d'hydrometallurgie
         de l'ICM

Monday October 2/Lundi 2 octobre
07:00 -  Breakfast Meeting -      Room 314
08:30    CSChE Membership and     Convention Centre
         Local Sections/Petit
         dejeuner - Adhesion et
         Sections locales SCGCh

07:00 - Speakers' Breakfast for Chedoke B
08:00    Monday Speakers/Petit    Convention Centre
         dejeuner - Conferenciers
         du lundi
18:30 -  CSChE Past Presidents'   Room 203
21:30    Dinner/Diner des anciens Convention Centre
         presidents de la SCGCh

Tuesday October 3/Mardi 3 octobre
07:00 -  Breakfast Meeting -      Room 314
08:30    CSChE Faculty Advisors/  Convention Centre
         Petit dejeuner - Conseillers
         de facultes

07:00 - Speakers' Breakfast for Chedoke B
08:00    Tuesday Speakers/Petit   Convention Centre
         dejeuner - Conferenciers
         du mardi
10:00 -  CSChE Publications       Sheraton Hamilton
04:00    Committee/Comite des
         publications SCGCh

Wednesday October 4/Mercredi 4 octobre
07:00 -  Breakfast Meeting -      Room 314
08:30    University Chemical Eng. Convention Centre
         Department Heads/Petit
         dejeuner - Directeurs des
         dep. univ. gen. chim.

07:00 - Speakers' Breakfast for Chedoke B
08:00    Wednesday Speakers/      Convention Centre
         Petit dejeuner
         conferenciers du mercredi
13:30 -  CSChE Annual General     Albion A
14:30    Meeting/A.G.A. SCGCh     Convention Centre
14:30 -  CSChE Continuing         Room 206
15:30    Conference Committee/    Convention Centre
         Reunion du prochain
         comite de conference
15:30 -  Conference Committee     Room 206
17:00    Debriefing/Compte rendu  Convention Centre
         de conference du Comite

Chemical solutions for the third millennium

Solutions chimiques pour le troisieme millenaire

July 15-20 juillet 1990

Dalhousie University, Halifax All CIC members will find something of interest in the activities and programming for this conference. It will combine the 40th CSChE Conference and the 73rd CSC Conference. For more information contact the chairmen listed below. Tout membre de l'ICC trouvera un interet assure dans les activites et dans le programme des divisions specialisees a cette conference. Elle se tiendra conjointement au 40(e) Congres de la Societe canadienne du genie chimique et au 73(e) Congres de la Societe canadienne de chimie. Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez contacter les presidents nommes plus bas. W.E. Jones, FCIC Vice-chairman/Vice-president CSC Programme de la SCC Dalhousie University 902-424-3321 K.T. Leffek, FCIC Chairman/President Dalhousie University 902-424-2319 A.M. Al Taweel, FCIC Vice-chairman/Vice-president CSChE Programme de la SCGCh Technical University of Nova Scotia 902-429-8300

Monday:      A.A. Benedek, "Separations Technology
             in  Environmental Control"
Tuesday:     J.K. Brimacombe, "The Challege of
             Materials Process Engineering and the
             Role of Chemical Engineering
Wednesday:   C.J. King, "Separation and Purification:
             Critical Needs and Opportunities"

ICSST PANEL DISCUSSION Wednesday, 13:30, Chedoke A

Monday:    R.S. Jane Memorial Award Address
Tuesday:   Albright and Wilson Americas Award

POLYSAR AWARD LECTURE Tuesday, 09:30, Room 203

CSChE ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING Wednesday, 13:30, Albion A

Date &   Chedoke   Webster    Webster   Webster   Albion   Albion
time     A         A          B         C         A        B
Mon.     S3-2      Student    A3        S1-1      C1       D4
Oct 2    Ex-       Program    Simuln.   Mem-      Multi    Energy
09:30-   tractn.                        branes    ph.      I
12:00    Eqt.                           Funds.    I
14:30-   S7        Student    A4        S1-2      C2       C6
17:30    Food      Program    Statist.  Mem-      Multi    Reactor
         Sepns.                         branes    ph.      Eng. I
                                        Applied   II
Tues.    S3-1      Student    A1        S11       D1       C12
Oct. 3   Ex-       Program    Control   Waste     Met.     Under-
09:00-   tractn.              Exptl.    Sepns.    I        grad.
12:00    Funds
14:30-   --        ICSST      A2        C9        D2       C13
17:30              Posters    Control   Mass      Met.     Under-
                   (15:00)    Anal.     Trans. I  II       grad.
Wed.     --        S8         D6        S9-1      C10      CS3
Oct. 4             Bio-       Energy    Metals    Mass     Hydro-
09:30-             sepns.     II        Sepns.    Trans.   proc.

14:30-   --        S12        D7        S9-2      C11      C5
17:30              Industr.   Energy    Metals    Mass     Fluids
                   Sepns.     III       Sepns.    Trans.   (gen.)
Albion    Room       Room       Room        Room
C         202        203        206         314
B2        D5         CS1        B5          S2
Animal    Pilot      "C1"       Bioproc.    Super-
Cell I    Plant      Reactns.   Anal.       crit.
B3        E3         CS4         C8         S10
Animal    Water      Catal.      Heat       Nuclear
Cell II              Char.       Trans.     Sepns.
B1        CS2         M3         D3          S5
Fuels     "C1"        Polysar    Food        Precip.
&         Reactns.    Award      Proc.       Sepns.

C3        E1          M1         B4          C7
Multi     Safety      Emul-      Bio-        Reactor
ph.                   sion       matls.      Eng.
III                   Poln.                  II
E2        B6          M2         C4          S4
Wastes    Biokin.     Comp-      Fluid-      Sorp-
Hand-     &           osites     izn.        tion
ling      Transp.                            Sepns.
B7        CS5         M4         Con-        S6
Bioproc.  Catal.      Poly-      ference     Novel
          (gen.)      mers       Com-        Sepns.
                      (gen.)     mittee



R.S. Jane Memorial Lecture Award Dr. Norman Epstein, FCIC Dept. of Chemical Engineering University of British Columbia Why Spout if You Can Fluidize? (tentative) 13:30, Monday, October 2 Chedoke A Hamilton Convention Centre The R.S. Jane Memorial Lecture Award is the premier prize of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering. It was created in 1960 in memory of the late Dr. Robert Stephen Jane, and honours outstanding contributions to chemical engineering. The Award consists of a $2,000 honorarium and a scroll and will be presented to Dr. Epstein at the Awards Banquet, Tuesday night, October 3. Norman Epstein received his Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees (1945, 1946) at McGill University, where he subsequently lectured for two years. He did his doctorate with John Happel at New York University, where he also taught a course on the interpretation of chemical engineering data.

He joined the University of British Columbia in 1951 and has languished there ever since, except for summer leaves at NRC, Cominco, Shell Oil, CIL and DuPont of Canada (Summer Practice Group, 1964), and long or short leaves at Cambridge (UK), Santiago de Cuba, Berkeley, Havana, Haifa, London (UK), Harwell, Tarragona, Shanghai-Hangzhou-Beijing, Auckland and a few other places.

Dr. Epstein has done his share of committee work both at UBC and in the CSChE (of which he was President in 1979-80), has taught most of the core courses in classical chemical engineering, and has done research with graduate students, postdoctoral students, associates and colleagues in a wide variety of multiphase, particulate and transport phenomena. Most recently these have included studies in the mechanics of spouted beds and the mechanisms of heat exchanger fouling. He was the 1988 Jules Stachiewicz Medal winner for his work on spouted beds and the fouling of heat exchangers.

Dr. Epstein played a key role in introducing and developing the course in Technology and Society at UBC. He is presently completing his five-year term as Editor of the Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering and has just been converted from "professor" to "honorary professor", which means that he can now continue to languish at UBC without going to classes and marking exams, a condition which he says he finds idyllic.

Prix commemoratif de conference R.S. Jane Norman Epstein, FCIC Departement de genie chimique Universite de la Colombie-Britannique Why Spout if You Can Fluidize? (A titre d'essai) Lundi 2 octobre, 13 h 30 Chedoke A Centre des conventions de Hamilton Le prix commemoratif de conference R.S. Jane est la plus haute distinction accordee par la Societe canadienne du genie chimique. Cree en 1960 a la memoire de Robert Stephen Jane, ce prix souligne la contribution exceptionnelle d'une personne au genie chimique. Le prix comprend une bourse de 2 000 $ accompagnee d'un certificat et sera presente a M. Epstein a l'occasion du Banquet des laureats qui se tiendra dans la soiree du mardi 3 octobre. Norman Epstein a obtenu son baccalaureat et sa maitrise en genie en 1945 et 1946 a l'Universite McGill ou il a d'ailleurs enseigne pendant deux annees. Il a fait son doctorat sous la supervision de John Happel a la New York University ou il y a donne un cours sur l'interpretation des donnees en genie chimique.

En 1951, il s'est joint a l'Universite de la Colombie-Britannique ou il est toujours depuis. Il a cependant pris des conges estivaux au CNR, a Cominco, Shell Oil, CIL et Du Pont du Canada (groupe de travail a l'ete 1964). Il a egalement effectue de courts et longs sejours a Cambridge et Londres (R.-U.), a Santiago de Cuba, Berkeley, Havane, Haifa, Harwell, Tarragona, Shanghai-Hangshou-Beijing, Auckland et a quelques autres endroits.

M. Epstein a fait sa part de travail en comites tant a l'UCB qu'a la SCGCh. Il a d'ailleurs ete president de cette derniere en 1979-1980. De plus, il a enseigne presque tous les cours obligatoires traditionnels en genie chimique et a effectue de la recherche avec les etudiants des etudes superieures et du postdoctorat ainsi qu'avec des collegues sur une vaste gamme de phenomenes polyphases, de particules et de transport. Plus recemment, ces recherches ont porte sur l'etude de la mecanique des lits fluidises a courant de recirculation et sur les mecanismes d'encrassement des echangeurs thermiques. En 1988, il a recu la medaille Jules Stachiewicz pour son travail dans ces deux domaines.

M. Epstein a joue un role important dans l'implantation et le developpement du cours de Technology and Society a l'UCB. Actuellement, il termine un mandat de cinq ans comme redacteur en chef du Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering et vient d'etre promu "professeur honoraire", ce qui signifie qu'il peut maintenant vaquer a l'UCB sans avoir a enseigner ni a corriger des examens, situation qu'il trouve, dit-il, ideale.

The Albright & Wilson Americas Award (formerly, the ERCO Award) Dr. Sirish L. Shah, FCIC Dept. of Chemical Engineering University of Alberta A Guided Tour of Adaptive Process Control 13:30, Tuesday, October 3 Chedoke A Hamilton Convention Centre The Albright & Wilson Americas Award is presented annually to a resident of Canada who has made a distinguished contribution in chemical engineering before the age of 40. It consists of a $2,000 honorarium and will be presented at the Awards Banquet Tuesday night, October 3. Sirish Shah was born in Nairobi, Kenya. He received his BSc in control engineering from Leeds University in 1971, an MSc in automatic control from University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology in 1971 and a PhD in process control (chemical engineering) from the University of Alberta in 1976. After graduation, he joined Esso Chemicals in Sarnia as a computer applications engineer. Since 1978, he has been with the University of Alberta, where he is currently professor of chemical engineering. During the 1985-86 academic year he held a visiting SERC fellowship at the Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University and he was appointed a visiting fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. His main research interests are in the areas of computer process control, adaptive control and system identification.

Dr. Shah has published extensively and has organized symposia in his area of expertise. He was chosen by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to act as a consultant on computer applications in the chemical industries. He has organized several sessions on process control at national CSChE meetings. He is a highly-regarded teacher and in 1986 he received an "Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award" from the student-staff committee at the University of Alberta.

Prix des Ameriques Albright et Wilson (autrefois prix ERCO) Sirish L. Shah, FCIC Departement de genie chimique Universite de l'Alberta A Guided Tour of Adaptive Process Control Mardi 3 octobre, 13 h 30 Chedoke A Centre des conventions de Hamilton Le prix des Ameriques Albright et Wilson est remis annuellement a un resident du Canada age de moins de 40 ans dont la contribution au genie chimique a ete remarquable. Ce prix comprend une bourse de 2 000 $ et sera presente au Banquet des laureats qui se tiendra dans la soiree du mardi 3 octobre. Originaire de Nairobi au Kenya, Sirish Shah a obtenu un B. Sc. en genie des controles de Leeds University en 1971, une M. Sc. sur les controles automatises de l'University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology en 1971 et un Ph. D. en controle des procedes (genie chimique) de l'Universite de l'Alberta en 1976. Apres ses etudes, il s'est joint a Esso Chemicals a Sarnia a titre d'ingenieur des applications automatisees. A l'Universite de l'Alberta depuis 1978, il est actuellement professeur de genie chimique. Au cours de l'annee scolaire 1985-1986, M. Shah a ete boursier de recherche scientifique SERC au Departement de genie chimique de l'Oxford University et il a ete nomme boursier de recherche scientifique au Balliol College a Oxford. Il s'interesse a la recherche dans les domaines des procedes de fabrication automatises et adaptes ainsi que de l'identification des systemes.

M. Shah a publie abondamment et a organise des symposia dans son domaine d'expertise. L'Organisation des Nations Unies pour le developpement industriel (ONUDI) l'a choisi pour remplir la fonction de consultant en methodes automatisees dans les industries de produits chimiques. Il a organise de nombreuses sessions sur le controle des procedes lors des rencontres nationales de la SCGCh. Tenu en haute estime par ses collegues professeurs, il se voyait decerner en 1986 le prix pour l'enseignement au premier cycle en genie par le comite etudiants-professeurs de l'Universite de l'Alberta.

CSChE Award in Industrial Practice, Sponsored by Imperial Oil Limited Du Pont Canada Inc. Research Centre Kingston, Ontario The CSChE Award in Industrial Practice, sponsored by Imperial Oil Limited, was created in 1975. This award is given annually to a Canadian individual or group who has made a distinguished contribution in the application of chemical engineering or industrial chemistry to the industrial sphere. It consists of a plaque and a $1,500 honorarium, which will be presented to a representative of Du Pont Canada Inc. at the Awards Banquet, Tuesday night, October 3. One of Canada's major success stories in industrial innovation over the past 30 years has been the development and exploitation of polyolefin process and product technology by Du Pont Canada Incorporated.

Building on a chemistry and process technology for making high density polyethylene, Du Pont Canada scientists and engineers at the Research Centre in Kingston, Ont., developed the world's first linear low density polyethylene process in the late 50s. This led to the construction of a plant in Corunna, Ont., to manufacture both linear low and high density resins.

Further developments by research, manufacturing and marketing groups led to large improvements in productivity and energy efficiency of the process, and a very wide range of resin types that were sold around the world under the Sclair(*) name. These products gained an international reputation for quality.

The superiority of these materials over the conventional products for many end-uses was generally recognized, and by the late 70s several other companies had developed processes for linear low density polyethylene. Du Pont decided to capitalize on this by licensing the process globally under the Sclairtech name. To date 11 licenses have been sold, and plants are operating or under construction in such diverse locations as Italy, China and Brazil. (*)Du Pont Canada Inc. registered trademark for its polyolefin resins.

Prix de la pratique industrielle de la SCGCh commandite par Imperial Oil Limited Du Pont Canada Inc. Centre de recherche Kingston (Ontario) Cree en 1975, le prix de la pratique industrielle de la SCGCh est commandite par Imperial Oil Limited. Ce prix est decerne annuellement a une personne ou a un groupe canadiens qui a contribue de facon exceptionnelle a l'innovation industrielle en mettant en valeur le genie chimique ou la chimie industrielle. Il comprend une plaque commemorative et une bourse de 1 500 $ qui seront presentees a la societe Du Pont Canada Inc. a l'occasion du Banquet des laureats qui se tiendra dans la soiree du mardi 3 octobre. L'une des principales histoires a succes canadiennes des 30 dernieres annees, dans l'innovation industrielle, a ete la mise au point et l'exploitation de techniques de transformation et de production des polyolefines par la societe Du Pont Canada Inc.

S'appuyant sur une technologie de chimie et de procedes employee pour la fabrication de polyethylene haute densite, les scientifiques et ingenieurs du Centre de recherche de Du Pont Canada, situe a Kingston en Ontario, ont mis au point, a la fin des annees 50, la premiere technique mondiale de production de polyethylene lineaire basse densite. Cette percee technologique a conduit a la construction d'une usine a Corunna en Ontario destinee a la production de resines lineaires basse et haute densites.

Des etudes plus poussees entreprises par des groupes de recherche, de fabrication et de mise en marche ont conduit a des augmentations marquees de la productivite et du rendement energetique du procede, et une tres large variete de resines ont alors ete commercialisees a travers le monde sous le nom de (*)Sclair. Grace a leur qualite inegalee, ces produits ont eu tot fait d'acquerir une renommee internationale.

Comme la superiorite de ce produit par rapport aux produits traditionnels etait admise par tous pour de nombreuses utilisations, il s'ensuivit donc qu'a la fin des annees 70, un grand nombre d'autres societes avaient mis au point des procedes pour obtenir du polyethylene lineaire basse densite. Du Pont a donc decide de capitaliser sur son procede en le brevetant mondialement sous le nom de Sclairtech. A ce jour, 11 licenses ont ete vendues et des usines sont en exploitation ou en construction dans des endroits aussi differents que l'Italie, la Chine et le Bresil. (*)Marque deposee de Du Pont Canada Inc. pour ses resines polyolefiniques.

The Polysar Lecture Award for Macromolecular Science and Engineering (First Award: 1989) Dr. Alfred Rudin, FCIC Department of Chemistry University of Waterloo Polymer Characterization: The Best is Yet to Come. 09:30, Tuesday, October 3 Room 203 Hamilton Convention Centre The Polysar Lecture Award for Macromolecular Science and Engineering is sponsored by the Vice-President, Technology, Polysar Limited, and will be awarded annually to an individual who has made a distinguished contribution to macromolecular science or engineering. The award, which consists of a $1,500 honorarium and a scroll, will be presented to Dr. Rudin at the Awards Banquet, Tuesday night, October 3. Alfred Rudin is a graduate in chemistry of the University of Alberta (BSc) and Northwestern University (PhD). He spent some time with CIL Inc. in a variety of research and management positions. He has been at the University of Waterloo since 1967 and is currently a professor in the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, as well as associate director of the Institute for Polymer Research at that university. He has published about 175 papers, 15 patents and one widely-read textbook on polymer science and engineering. Dr. Rudin's research group is investigating various aspects of reactive extrusion, polymer blends, impact behaviour of plastics, plastics processing and emulsion polymerization. He received the Protective Coatings Award in 1983 and shared a Roon Award of the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology in 1988. Dr. Rudin was chairman of the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Division of the CIC in 1985-1987. He chaired a Gordon Conference on Coatings in 1984 and has organized a number of Symposia on various topics in MSED programs at annual meetings of the CSC and CSChE. Le prix de conference Polysar en sciences macromoleculaires et en ingenierie (premier prix en 1989) Alfred Rudin, FCIC Department de chimie Universite de Waterloo Polymer Characterization: The Best is Yet to Come. Mardi 3 octobre, 9 h 30 Salle 203 Centre des conventions de Hamilton Le prix de conference Polysar en sciences macromoleculaires et en ingenierie est commandite par le Vice-president, Technologie, chez Polysar Limited, et sera decerne annuellement a une personne qui a apporte une contribution exceptionnelle a la science et au genie macromoleculaires. Ce prix comprend une bourse de 1 500 $ ainsi qu'un certificat qui seront presentes a M. Rudin a l'occasion du Banquet des laureats qui se tiendra dans la soiree du mardi 3 octobre. Alfred Rudin est diplome en chimie de l'Universite de l'Alberta (B.Sc.) et de la Northwestern University (Ph.D.). En debut de carriere, il a occupe pendant un certain temps differents postes en recherche et en gestion a la societe CIL Inc. A l'Universite de Waterloo depuis 1967, il est presentement professeur au departement de chimie et de genie chimique et codirecteur de l'Institut de recherche sur les polymeres de cette meme institution. Il a a son actif quelque 175 communications, 15 brevets et un manuel a succes sur la science des polymeres et ses techniques. Le groupe de recherche de M. Rudin se penche actuellement sur differents aspects de l'extrusion-reaction, sur les melanges de polymeres,

la resistance aux chocs des plastiques, les procedes de transformation des plastiques et la polymerisation par emulsion. En 1983, il a recu le prix sur les revetements protecteurs de l'ICC et, en 1988, a partage le prix Roon qui lui a ete decerne par la Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology. M. Rudin a ete president de la Division des sciences macromoleculaires et de l'ingenierie de l'ICC de 1985 a 1987. Il a preside la conference Gordon de 1984 sur les revetements et a organise un certain nombre de symposia sur divers sujets dans le cadre des programmes de la DSMG lors des conferences annuelles de la SCC et de la SCGCh.

The Sherritt Hydrometallurgy Award The Sherritt Hydrometallurgy Award was established in 1976. It is presented annually by Sherritt-Gordon Limited to recognize significant contributions to the advancement of hydrometallurgy by a Canadian citizen or a resident of Canada who is a member of CIMM and under 50 years of age. The award is given under the authority of the Hydrometallurgy Section of the Metallurgical Society of CIM. For 1989 it will be announced and presented at the Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, October 4, as part of the 19th Annual Meeting of the Hydrometallurgy Section.

Prix Sherritt d'hydrometallurgie Cree en 1976, le prix Sherritt d'hydrometallurgie est remis annuellement par la societe Sherritt-Gordon Limited. Ce prix veut souligner la contribution remarquable d'un Canadien ou d'un resident canadien a l'avancement de l'hydrometallurgie. Cette personne sera agee de moins de 50 ans et membre de l'Institut canadien des mines et de la metallurgie. Le prix est sous la tutelle de la Section d'hydrometallurgie de la Societe de metallurgie de l'ICM. En 1989, il sera connu et presente le mercredi 4 octobre a l'occasion du Dejeuner des laureats qui fera partie de la 19e Reunion annuelle de la Section d'hydrometallurgie.


Dr. Andrew A. Benedek Dr. Andrew A. Benedek is president and chief executive officer of Zenon Environmental, Inc., Burlington, Ont. He is a graduate of McGill University and the University of Washington. In the 1970s he was a faculty member of the Chemical Engineering Department at McMaster University where his research was widely recognized by several awards including the Environmental Division Award of the AIChE. Since Dr. Benedek became president of Zenon Environmental Inc., the company has developed internationally known expertise in trace analysis and water purification systems using membranes. He is a member of the National Research Council and the Canadian Advanced Technology Association and serves on the Board of Governors of the Biotechnology Research Institute.

Dr. Benedek's plenary address, entitled "Separations Technology in Environmental Control", will be given at 08:30 on Monday October 2 in the Chedoke Room. In his address he will review the requirements for environmental separations which must operate at much lower concentrations than are usually considered for separation processes. The roles of chemically driven separations and surface phenomena will be discussed, with particular emphasis on promising new membrane technology.

Dr. J. Keith Brimacombe Dr. J. Keith Brimacombe is Stelco/NSERC professor and director of the Centre for Metallurgical Process Engineering at the University of British Columbia. After undergraduate education at UBC he studied at Imperial College, London, where he received a PhD in 1970. During his tenure at UBC, he and his research group have worked in collaboration with Canadian companies on computer-aided analysis of metallurgical processes. Dr. Brimacombe has lectured and consulted widely in over 20 countries. His research has resulted in 160 publications and nine patents and has been recognized by many awards including the E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship (1979), the Ernest C. Manning Principal Award (1988) and the Isaac Walton Killam Memorial Prize for Engineering (1989).

His address, entitled "The Challenge of Materials Process Engineering and the Role of the Chemical Engineering", will be given at 08:30 on Tuesday October 3 in the Chedoke Room. He will make the point that materials research in the universities has tended to concentrate on characterization of properties, at the expense of materials processing. He will call for a greater emphasis on process research with an interdisciplinary approach in which chemical engineers will play an important part.

Dr. C. Judson King Dr. C. Judson King is professor of chemical engineering and provost, Professional Schools and Colleges, at the University of California, Berkeley. Educated at Yale University and MIT, Dr. King has been active in research on separations processes for 30 years; he has published 200 research papers with particular emphasis on extraction and adsorption of organics from aqueous solution, spray drying and freeze drying. Dr. King is the author of the book "Separation Processes" (1st Ed., 1972, 2nd Ed., 1981). He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and his awards include the George Westinghouse Award of the American Society for Engineering Education. Recently he chaired the Committee on Separations Science and Technology for the US National Research Council.

The findings of the NRC committee form the basis of his address entitled "Separation and Purification: Critical Needs and Opportunities", to be given at 08:30 on Wednesday October 4 in the Chedoke Room. Advances in separation and purification are pervasive needs for world economic and industrial growth. Particular opportunities will be discussed in the creation of more selective agents, improved ways of concentrating dilute solutions, understanding interfacial phenomena, and improving separation rates and energy efficiency.

PROGRAM INFORMATION/RENSEIGNEMENTS SUR LE PROGRAMME The 39th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, with over 200 technical papers, is being held jointly with the 2nd International Conference on Separations Science and Technology (ICSST) with about 100 technical papers. The resulting technical program is very extensive, and delegates are advised to spend some time reading this program carefully so that they can plan attendance to best meet their particular needs.

Each of the three full days of the Joint Conference will begin with a 45 minute plenary address. The topics and speakers have been chosen to reflect the separations theme -and also the importance of the Hamilton area in Canada's metallurgical industry. La 39e Conference canadienne de genie chimique se tiendra conjointement a la 2e Conference internationale sur la science et la technologie des separations (CISTS). Plus de 200 communications techniques seront presentees dans le premier cas et aux environs de 100 dans le second. Comme ce programme technique est des plus complets, nous invitons les delegues a prendre quelques minutes pour lire attentivement ce programme. Ainsi, les delegues pourront planifier leur horaire afin de satisfaire leurs interets particuliers.

Pour chacune des trois journees, les deux conferences debuteront avec une conference pleniere de 45 minutes. Les sujets abordes ainsi que les conferenciers invites ont ete choisis de facon a refleter le theme des separations et d'illustrer l'importance de la region de Hamilton dans l'industrie de la metallurgie au Canada.

Plenary Addresses October 2, 08:30, Chedoke A. "Separations Technology in Environmental Control", A.A. Benedek. October 3, 08:30, Chedoke A. "The Challenge of Materials Process Engineering and the Role of the Chemical Engineering", J.K. Brimacombe. October 4, 08:30, Chedoke A. "Separation and Purification: Critical Needs and Opportunities", C.J. King.

Conferences plenieres Le lundi 2 octobre, 8 h 30, Chedoke A. "Separations Technology in Environmental Control", A.A. Benedek. Le mardi 3 octobre, 8 h 30, Chedoke A. "The Challenge of Materials Process Engineering and the Role of

the Chemical Engineering", J.K. Brimacombe. Le mercredi 4 octobre, 8 h 30, Chedoke A. "Separation and Purification: Critical Needs and Opportunities", C.J. King.

Technical Sessions The sessions will be held from 09:30 to 12:00 and from 14:30 to 17:30 although some afternoon sessions may end before 17:30. Ten sessions will run in parallel, and delegates are referred to the PROGRAM AT A GLANCE chart on pg. p-17 for a quick guide.

Sessions techniques Les sessions se tiendront de 9 h 30 a 12 h et de 14 h 30 a 17 h 30; cependant, certaines sessions sont susceptibles de finir un peu plus tot. Un nombre de dix sessions se derouleront en parallele et les delegues sont pries de se rapporter au tableau APERCU DU PROGRAMME en page 17 pour un coup d'oeil rapide sur le programme.

Poster Presentations Some of the papers from the ICSST sessions will be given as poster presentations, from 15:00 to 16:30 on Tuesday October 3 in the Webster A room. There will be no simultaneous ICSST oral sessions during that time slot.

Seances d'affichage Certaines communications de la CISTS seront presentees sous forme d'affiches dans la salle Webster A, le mardi 3 octobre de 15 h a 16 h 30. Pendant cette periode, il n'y aura aucune presentation orale de la CISTS.

Publications A soft-cover Book of Abstracts of all papers presented at the 39th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference will be provided to each delegate registering in full for that conference.

A hard-cover set of Proceedings containing all papers presented at the 2nd International Conference on Separations Science and Technology will be provided to each delegate registering in full for that Conference.

Extra copies of the Book of Abstracts (39th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference) and the Proceedings (ICSST) may be purchased at the Conference Registration desk.

Publications Les Actes de la 39e Conference canadienne de genie chimique seront offerts, sous couverture souple, a chaque delegue qui s'inscrira pour le programme complet de cette conference.

Le Compte rendu de la 2e Conference internationale sur la science et la technologie des separations sera offert quant a lui, sous couverture rigide, a tout delegue inscrit pour le programme complet de cette conference.

Vous pourrez acheter des exemplaires supplementaires des Actes et du Compte rendu au Bureau d'inscription de la conference.

SESSIONS -- 39th CANADIAN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CONFERENCE The sessions have been organized under five main themes, with two additional special symposia. Session numbering, as given below, reflects this organization. See also the PROGRAM AT A GLANCE chart for guidance. Detailed listings of session chairmen, papers and authors, are given later in this program. Theme A -- Applied Mathematics and Control
Session A1   Process Control -- Experimental                       Oct.3, 09:30,
 Webster B
Session A2   Process Control -- Analysis                           Oct.3, 14:30,
 Webster B
Session A3   Simulation and Expert Systems                         Oct.2, 09:30,
 Webster B
Session A4   Statistical Methods                                   Oct.2, 14:30,
 Webster B

Theme B -- Biotechnology
Session B1   Fermentation Fuels and Solvents                       Oct.3, 09:30,
 Albion C
Session B2   Animal Cell Cultures I                                Oct.2, 09:30,
 Albion C
Session B3   Animal Cell Cultures II                               Oct.2, 14:30,
 Albion C
Session B4   Biomaterials                                          Oct.3, 14:30,
 Room 206
Session B5   Bioprocess Monitoring and Analysis                    Oct.2, 09:30,
 Room 206
Session B6   Biokinetics and Transport                             Oct.4, 09:30,
 Room 202
Session B7   Bioprocesses -- General Papers                        Oct.4, 14:30,
 Albion C

Theme C -- Fundamentals and Education
Session C1   Multiphase Flow I                                     Oct.2, 09:30,
 Albion A
Session C2   Multiphase Flow II                                    Oct.2, 14:30,
 Albion A
Session C3   Multiphase Flow III                                   Oct.3, 14:30,
 Room 202
Session C4   Fluidization                                          Oct.4, 09:30,
 Room 206
Session C5   Fluid Mechanics -- General Papers                     Oct.4, 14:30,
 Albion B
Session C6   Reactor Engineering I                                 Oct.2, 14:30,
 Albion B
Session C7   Reactor Engineering II                                Oct.3, 14:30,
 Room 314
Session C8   Heat Transfer and Fouling                             Oct.2, 14:30,
 Room 206
Session C9   Mass Transfer and Separations I                       Oct.3, 14:30,
 Webster C
Session C10  Mass Transfer and Separations II                      Oct.4, 09:30,
 Albion A
Session C11  Mass Transfer and Separations III                     Oct.4, 14:30,
 Albion A
Session C12  Computers in Undergraduate Education I                Oct.3, 09:30,
 Albion B
Session C13  Computers in Undergraduate Education II               Oct.3, 14:30,
 Albion B

Theme D -- Processes
Session D1   Modern Steel Processing I                             Oct.3, 09:30,
 Albion A
Session D2   Modern Steel Processing II                            Oct.3, 14:30,
 Albion A
Session D3   Food & Beverage Processing                            Oct.3, 09:30,
 Room 206
Session D4   Fuel Processing and Energy I                          Oct.2, 09:30,
 Albion B
Session D5   Pilot Plant and Process Design                        Oct.2, 09:30,
 Room 202
Session D6   Fuel Processing and Energy II                         Oct.4, 09:30,
 Webster B
Session D7   Fuel Processing and Energy III                        Oct.4, 14:30,
 Webster B

Theme E -- Environment and Safety
Session E1   Safety and Risk Assessment                            Oct.3, 14:30,
 Albion C
Session E2   Handling/Disposal of Wastes or Hazardous Chemicals    Oct.4, 09:30,
 Albion C
Session E3   Water Quality and Water Treatment                     Oct.2, 14:30,
 Room 202

Macromolecular Science and Engineering Division Symposium
Session M1   Emulsion and Dispersion Polymers                      Oct.3, 14:30,
 Room 203
Session M2   Advanced Polymers and Composites                      Oct.4, 09:30,
 Room 203
Session M3   Polysar Award session                                 Oct.3, 09:30,
 Room 203
Session M4   General Papers (polymers)                             Oct.4, 14:30,
 Room 203

Catalysis Symposium
Session CS1  C1 Reactions I                                        Oct.2, 09:30,
 Room 203
Session CS2  C1 Reactions II                                       Oct.3, 09:30,
 Room 202
Session CS3  Hydroprocessing Catalysis                             Oct.4, 09:30,
 Albion B
Session CS4  Catalyst Characterization                             Oct.2, 14:30,
 Room 203
Session CS5  Catalysis General Papers                              Oct.4, 14:30,
 Room 202

SESSIONS -- 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SEPARATIONS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The program consists of 15 technical sessions as listed below. Some of the papers listed under these sessions are poster presentations as noted in the detailed program.
Session S1-1 Membrane Separations, Fundamentals                    Oct.2, 09:30,
 Webster C
Session S1-2 Membrane Separations, Applied                         Oct.2, 14:30,
 Webster C
Session S2   Supercritical Extraction Separations                  Oct.2, 09:30,
 Room 314
Session S3-1 Solvent Extraction, Fundamentals                      Oct.3, 09:30,
 Chedoke A
Session S3-2 Solvent Extraction, Equipment                         Oct.2, 09:30,
 Chedoke A
Session S4   Sorption Separations                                  Oct.4, 09:30,
 Room 314
Session S5   Precipitation/Crystallization                         Oct.3, 09:30,
 Room 314
Session S6   Novel Separation Techniques                           Oct.4, 14:30,
 Room 314
Session S7   Food & Beverage Industry Separations                  Oct.2, 14:30,
 Chedoke A
Session S8   Biochemical Separations                               Oct.4, 09:30,
 Webster A
Session S9-1 Metallurgical Separations I                           Oct.4, 09:30,
 Webster C
Session S9-2 Metallurgical Separations II                          Oct.4, 14:30,
 Webster C
Session S10  Nuclear Separations                                   Oct.2, 14:30,
 Room 314
Session S11  Environmental/Waste Separations                       Oct.3, 09:30,
 Webster C
Session S12  Chemical & Allied Industry Separations                Oct.4, 14:30,
 Webster A
All ICSST Poster Presentations                                     Oct.3, 15:00,
 Webster A

In addition there will be a Plenary Panel Discussion on separations research opportunities and challenges, chaired by G.M. Ritcey, at 13:30 on Oct. 4 in the Chedoke A Room.Details of the panelists and topics will be available at the Conference.



THEME A -- APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND CONTROL Theme Coordinator: T.J. Harris (Queen's University)

Session A1 Oct.3, 09:30, Webster B

Process Control -- Experimental Co-Chairmen: P.A. Taylor (McMaster University)

and A. Jutan (University of Western

Ontario) 09:30 PAPER A1a

Experimental Control of Crystal Size

Distribution in a Continuous Cooling Crystallizer

using the KC1-Water System. S. Rohani and K.

Paine (University of Saskatchewan). 10:00 PAPER A1b

Process Control of a Continuous Bench-Scale

Hydrocracking Plant. T.J.W. de Bruijn (CANMET),

J. Patel and P. Carr (Atlantis Scientific

Systems Group). 10:30 PAPER A1c

Simulation and Distributed Control of a Catalytic

Reactor. P. Tessier (University of British

Columbia) and N. Therien (Universite de

Sherbrooke). 11:00 PAPER A1d

Control of a Circulating Fluidized Bed

Combustor. S. Venugopal, Y.P. Gupta (Technical

University of Nova Scotia) and P. Basu (Technical

University of Nova Scotia). 11:30 PAPER A1e

Dynamic Simulation and Control of Process

Units and Plants. D.D. Anweiler, G.A. Hill and

S. Rohani (University of Saskatchewan).

Session A2 Oct.3, 14:30, Webster B

Process Control -- Analysis and Theory Co-chairmen: A. Jutan (University of Western

Ontario) and P.A. Taylor (McMaster

University) 14:30 PAPER A2a

Long Range Predictive Control of a

Polymerization Reactor. M. Inglis, W.R. Cluett

(University of Toronto) and A. Penlidis

(University of Waterloo). 15:00 PAPER A2b

The Nonlinear Inversion Problem in Process

Control. J. McLellan, T.J. Harris and D.W.

Bacon (Queen's University). 15:30 PAPER A2c

Predictive Controller Design for

Non-Symmetric Cost Functions. M.W. Foley and

T.J. Harris (Queen's University). 16:00 PAPER A2d

Sensitivity of the Relative Gain Array. C.W.

Koung (McMaster University) and T.J. Harris

(Queen's University). 16:30 PAPER A2e

Monitoring the Performance of Control Strategies.

N. Stanfelj, J.F. MacGregor and T.E.

Marlin (McMaster University).

Session A3 Oct.2, 09:30, Webster B

Simulation and Expert Systems Co-Chairmen: P. Tanguy (Universite Laval) and

R. Hayes (University of Alberta) 09:30 PAPER A3a

The Use of Non-Archimedean Field Theory in

the Analysis of Rate Processes Exhibiting

Heterochronicity. P.J. Crickmore and W.K. Nader

(University of Alberta). 10:00 PAPER A3b

Mathematical Modelling of Animal Cell

Growth in Microcapsules. P.K. Yuet, T.J. Harris

and T. Goosen (Queen's University). 10:30 PAPER A3c

Numerical Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in

a Tee Branch. R.E. Hayes and K. Nandakumar

(University of Alberta). 11:00 PAPER A3d

An Expert System for Identifying Separation

Technologies. M.K. Garg (University of

Guelph), P.L. Douglas (University of Waterloo)

and J.G. Linders (University of Guelph). 11:30 PAPER A3e

Knowledge Representation for Model Based

Reasoning about Chemical Processes. R.H.

Wylie (NRC).

Session A4 Oct.2, 14:30, Webster B

Statistical Methods Co-Chairmen: P.M. Reilly (University of Waterloo)

and G.E. Blau (Dow Chemical Co.) 14:30 PAPER A4a

Evaluation of Parameter Design Methodologies

for the Design of Chemical Processing

Units. S. Boudriga and D. McLean (University

of Ottawa). 15:00 PAPER A4b

Design of Experiments When There is Error in

the Variables. S.E. Keeler and P.M. Reilly

(University of Waterloo). 15:30 PAPER A4c

Selection of Perturbation Signals for

Identification of Dynamic Behaviour. R.W. Shirt, T.J.

Harris and D.W. Bacon (Queen's University). 16:00 PAPER A4d

Multiresponse Parameter Estimation in

Systems of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential

Equations. M. Guay, N. Lozej and D. McLean

(University of Ottawa). 16:30 PAPER A4e

Application of Factor Analysis to Industrial

Processes. A. Penlidis, A. Phatak and P.M.

Reilly (University of Waterloo). 17:00 PAPER A4f

Multivariable Statistical Monitoring of

Process Operating Performance. J. Kresta, T.E.

Marlin and J.F. MacGregor (McMaster



Session B1 Oct.3, 09:30, Albion C

Fermentation Fuels and Solvents Co-Chairmen: A.J. Daugulis (Queen's University)

and P.P. Matteau (National Research

Council) 09:30 PAPER B1a

Modified Ghose Model for Ethanol Production

by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. G.A. Hill

(University of Saskatchewan) and C.W. Robinson

(University of Waterloo). 10:00 PAPER B1b

The Use of Coimmobilized Cells of S.

oliviochromogenes and C. tropicalis for the

Continuous Production of Ethanol from D-Xylose.

A. Margaritis and W.M.C. Knowles (University

of Western Ontario). 10:30 PAPER B1c

Extractive Fermentation -- Operation of a Process

Demonstration Unit. A.J. Daugulis and

D.B. Axford (Queen's University). 11:00 PAPER B1d

Liquid-to-Gas Mass Transfer in Methanogenic

Reactor. A. Pauss, S. Guiot and M. Perrier

(Biotechnology Research Institute). 11:30 PAPER B1e

A Hydrogen Sensor for Anaerobic Digesters.

G.L. Hayward (University of Guelph).

Session B2 Oct.2, 09:30, Albion C

Animal Cell Cultures I Co-Chairmen: S.S. Seaver (Hygeia Sciences Inc.) and

J.M. Scharer (University of Waterloo) 09:30 PAPER B2a

Design and Optimization of an Immobilized

Cell System for the Large-Scale Production of

Monoclonal Antibodies. S. Overgaard, J.M.

Scharer, N.C. Bols and M. Moo-Young

(University of Waterloo). 10:00 PAPER B2b

Fed-Batch Culture of Hybridoma Cells:

Optimal Feeding Strategies. M. de Tremblay, C.

Chavarie (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal),

M. Perrier and J. Archambault (Biotechnology

Research Institute). 10:30 PAPER B2c

Optimization of the Microenvironment for

Mammalian Cell Culture in Flexible Collagen

Microspheres in a Fluidized-Bed Bioreactor.

J.N. Vournakis, N. Ray, A. Tung, M. Worden,

E. Hayman and P.W. Runstadler (Verax

Corporation). 11:00 PAPER B2d

Large Scale Cultivation of Hydridoma Cells:

Effect of Adaptation to Lower Serum or Serum

Free Media. S.S. Ozturk and B.O. Palsson

(University of Michigan).
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11:30 PAPER B2e

Cultivation of Insect Cells in Suspension

Culture. J. Wu, G. King, A. Daugulis, D. Bone, P.

Faulkner and T. Goosen (Queen's University).

Session B3 Oct. 2, 14:30, Albion C

Animal Cell Cultures II Co-Chairmen: J.M. Scharer (University of Waterloo)

and S.S. Seaver (Hygeia Sciences Inc.) 14:30 PAPER B3a

Affects of Glutamine and Ammonia on

Hybridoma Cell Proliferation and Antibody Production.

M. Negrotti, T.J. Reidy, K. Krok and S.S.

Seaver (Hygeia Sciences Inc.). 15:00 PAPER B3b

Kinetics of Hybridoma Cell Growth and Monoclonal

Antibody Production. A. Margaritis,

T. Pham and B. Atkinson (University of

Western Ontario). 15:30 PAPER B3c

Comparison of Growth and Productivity of

Hybridoma Cells in Serum Supplemented and

Serum-Free Media. S. Mercille, M-F. Pepin, J.

Ramsay and C. Chavarie (Ecole Polytechnique

de Montreal) and J. Archambault (Biotechnology

Research Institute). 16:00 PAPER B3d

Hydrodynamic and Mass Transfer Studies in

an External Loop Air-Lift Bioreactor for

Animal Cell Culture. N. Smith, T. Goosen and

A. Daugulis (Queen's University). 16:30 PAPER B3e

Modelling of Nutrient Metabolism and Antibody

Productivity in Hybridoma Culture.

H.A. Phillips, J.M. Scharer, N.C. Bols and M.

Moo-Young (University of Waterloo). 17:00 PAPER B3f

Evaluation of the Scale-Up Potential of

Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells and Spodoptera

frugiperda -- Baculovirus Expression Systems for

the Production of Recombinant Proteins. A.D.

Graham, M.G. Stewart, H.A. Boux, and M.

Klein (Connaught Laboratories Ltd.).

Session B4 Oct. 3, 14:30, Room 206

Biomaterials Co-Chairmen: J.L. Brash (McMaster University) and

M.V. Sefton (University of Toronto) 14:30 PAPER B4a

Real Time Analysis of Plasma Protein

Adsorption. R.M. Cornelius and J.L. Brash

(McMaster University). 15:00 PAPER B4b

Diffusion of Water-Soluble Macromolecules

From Poly (D,L-Lactide) Pellets. N. Marcotte

(Du Pont Canada), A. Polk and T. Goosen

(Queen's University). 15:30 PAPER B4c

Biodegradable Polymers in Drug Delivery.

Yu-Ling Cheng (University of Toronto). 16:00 PAPER B4d

Attachment and Growth of Endothelial Cells

on Modified Surfaces of Polystyrene and

Poly (Tetrafluoroethylene) by Anhydrous

Ammonia Gaseous Plasma Technique. R. Sipehia

(McGill University). 16:30 PAPER B4e

Role of Thrombin Adsorption in the

Thrombogenicity of a Heparin-Polyvinyl Alcohol

Hydrogel. B.A.H. Smith and M.V. Sefton (University

of Toronto). 17:00 PAPER B4f

Production of Skin Equivalent for the

Treatment of Burn Wound. P. Rompre, J. Thibault,

A. LeDuy (Universite Laval), V. Bouvard, C.A.

Lopez Valle and F.A. Auger (Hospital St-Sacrement).

Session B5 Oct. 2, 09:30, Room 206

Bioprocess Monitoring and Analysis Co-Chairmen: A. Margaritis (University of Western

Ontario) and G. Andre (Biotechnology

Research Institute) 09:30 PAPER B5a

An Inexpensive System for On-Line Monitoring

of Key Fermentation Variables. L.

Gauthier, J. Thibault, A. LeDuy, A. Denis and

J. Desgagnes (Universite Laval). 10:00 PAPER B5b

The Effect of Pumping on the Morphology of

Filamentous Microorganisms Cultivated in a

Cyclone Bioreactor. E. Kamilakis, D.G. Allen

(University of Toronto) and D. Gardner (WHE

Process Systems). 10:30 PAPER B5c

Development and Application of a New ELISA

(Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay)

Method to Measure the Concentration of the

Bioinsecticidal Protein Delta-Endotoxin in B.

thuringiensis Fermentations. A. Margaritis

and J. Kosir (University of Western Ontario). 11:00 PAPER B5d

Realities of Auto-OPA HPLC Amino Acid

Analysis. K. Krok and S.S. Seaver (Hygeia

Sciences Inc.). 11:30 PAPER B5e

Applications of Fast, High Performance

Affinity Chromatography. T.S. Reid and D.J.

Gisch (Supelco Inc.).

Session B6 Oct. 4, 09:30, Room 202

Biokinetics and Transport Co-Chairmen: A. LeDuy (Universite Laval) and

N. Kosaric (University of Western

Ontario) 09:30 PAPER B6a

Lipid Accumulation by T. bombiloca ATCC

22214 on Honey Sugars. R. Velayudhan and

N. Kosaric (University of Western Ontario). 10:00 PAPER B6b

Development of a Model to Describe the

Heat-Denaturation Kinetics of Lignin Peroxidases

from Phanerochaete chrysosporium. C.D. Barclay,

D.M. Moore and R.L. Legge (University of

Waterloo). 10:30 PAPER B6c

The Effect of Process Variables on the Stability

of Protein Macromolecules. R.W. Lencki, A.

Tecante and L. Choplin (Universite Laval). 11:00 PAPER B6d

Enhancement of Oxygen Transfer in Newtonian

and Non-Newtonian Media in an Airlift

Bioreactor Using Static Mixers. Y. Chisti, M.

Kasper and M. Moo-Young (University of

Waterloo). 11:30 PAPER B6e

Methods for the Determination of the Oxygen

Transfer Coefficient. A. Denis, J. Thibault and

A. LeDuy (Universite Laval).

Session B7 Oct. 4, 14:30, Albion C

Bioprocesses -- General Papers Co-Chairmen: C.C. Hsu (Queen's University) and

E. Chornet (Universite de Sherbrooke) 14:30 PAPER B7a

Xylan Solubilization and Depolymerization

via Hydrolysis and Enzymatic Saccharification

of the Soluble Oligomers. K. Belkacemi, E.

Chornet, N. Abatzoglou, M. Beerli (Universite

de Sherbrooke) and R.P. Overend (NRC). 15:00 PAPER B7b

Organosolv Delignification of Untreated and

Steam/Aqueous Pretreated Hardwood:

Fractionation of Extracted Lignin and

Depolymerization of its Fractions. R.W. Thring,

E. Chornet and R.P. Overend (Universite de

Sherbrooke). 15:30 PAPER B7c

Hollow-Fiber, Cross-Flow Microfiltration of

Escherichia coli Suspensions. D.W. Lee, C.W.

Robinson and M. Moo-Young (University of

Waterloo). 16:00 PAPER B7d

Production Technologies for Inactivated Polio

Vaccine. D.F. Gerson (Connaught Laboratories

Ltd.). 16:30 PAPER B7e

Production of Alkaloid Secondary Metabolites

by Plant Cell Culture. N.J. Smart (Allelix). 17:00 PAPER B7f

Development of Chitosan/Alginate Microcapsules

as an Oral Delivery System for Aquaculture.

A. Polk, C. McKnight, E. Dunn, T.

Goosen (Queen's University) and D. Scarratt

(Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans).


Session C1 Oct. 2, 09:30, Albion A

Multiphase Flow I -- Donald S. Scott Special Session Co-Chairmen: E.T. Rhodes (Polysar Ltd.) and M.E.

Charles (University of Toronto) 09:30 PAPER C1a

Heat and Mass Transfer in Packed Beds: A

Review. N. Wakao (Yokohama National

University, Japan). 10:00 PAPER C1b

A Two-Fluid Model for Non-Equilibrium

Two-Phase Critical Discharge. C.F. Schwellnus and

M. Shoukri (McMaster University). 10:30 PAPER C1c

Kinematic Characterization of the Coalesced-Dispersed

Bubble Flow Pattern Transition. A.

Soria-Lopez, S.L.P. Lee and H.I. de Lasa

(University of Western Ontario). 11:00 PAPER C1d

Bubble Dynamics in a Three-Phase Hydro-processing

Slurry Reactor. T.L.K. Lee, R.

Hawkins (Alberta Research Council) and H.

Narita (Gov. Ind. Dev. Lab., Japan). 11:30 PAPER C1e

Erosion -- Corrosion Under Separated Flow

Conditions in a Dilute Sand Slurry. J. Postlethwaite

(University of Saskatchewan) and U.

Lotz (Shell Research B.V., The Netherlands).

Session C2 Oct.2, 14:30, Albion A

Multiphase Flow II Co-Chairmen: M.E. Charles (University of Toronto)

and E.T. Rhodes (Polysar Ltd.) 14:30 PAPER C2a

Flow of Highly Loaded Emulsions in Pipes and

Fittings. M.A. Busaiffi, F. Hamdullahpur and

A.M. Al Taweel (Technical University of Nova

Scotia). 15:00 PAPER C2b

The Effect of a Pulsed Electric Field on Droplet

Formation and Motion in a Viscous Liquid. W.

He, M.H.I. Baird and J.S. Chang (McMaster

University). 15:30 PAPER C2c

Solids Concentration in an Agitated Vessel.

R.S. MacTaggart (Syncrude Canada Ltd.),

H. Nasr-El-Din (Petroleum Recovery Institute)

and J.H. Masliyah (University of

Alberta). 16:00 PAPER C2d

Efficiency of Energy Utilization in the Dispersion

of Bubbles and Drops. A.M. Al Taweel,

G.D.M. MacKay (Technical University of Nova

Scotia), L. Walker (Mirmachi Pulp and Paper

Co.), R. Divakarla (Polusolv Intern; Brisbane,

Australia) and C. Voigt (Petroleum Recovery

Institute). 16:30 PAPER C2e

Dimensionless Correlations for the Entrainment

of Air Liquid Coating Processes. M.N.

Esmail (University of Saskatchewan). 17:00 PAPER C2f

Effects of Bundle Geometry on Void Fraction

and Frictional Pressure Drop in Two-Phase

Flow Across a Horizontal Tube Bundle. R.

Dowlati, M. Kawaji (University of Toronto)

and A.M.C. Chan (Ontario Hydro).

Session C3 Oct.3, 14:30, Room 202

Multiphase Flow III Co-Chairmen: E.T. Rhodes (Polysar Ltd.) and M.E.

Charles (University of Toronto) 14:30 PAPER C3a

A New Viscosity Equation for Non-Newtonian

Concentrated Emulsions. R. Pal (University of

Alberta) and E.T. Rhodes (Polysar Ltd.) 15:00 PAPER C3b

Reflux Mode Cooling of Fuel at Decay Power

Levels in CANDU Nuclear Generating

Stations -- Applications and Supporting Experiments.

Y.F. Chang and P.C. Watson (Ontario

Hydro) 15:30 PAPER C3c

Measurement of Interfacial Area and Void

Fraction in Upward, Cocurrent Two-Phase

Flow. J.M. DeJesus and M. Kawaji (University

of Toronto) 16:00 PAPER C3d

Investigation of Interfacial Area Evolution in

Vertical, Cocurrent Developing Two-Phase

Flow. A.F.K. Chan and M. Kawaji (University

of Toronto) 16:30 PAPER C3e

Countercurrent Flooding in Vertical-to-Inclined

Pipes Containing Single and Multiple

Elbows. M. Kawaji, L.A. Thomson (University

of Toronto) and V.S. Krishnan (AECL). 17:00 PAPER C3f

Adiabatic Cocurrent Vertical Two-Phase Flow

in Narrow Passages. B. Lowry and M. Kawaji

(University of Toronto)

Session C4 Oct.4, 09:30, Room 206

Fluidization Co-Chairmen: H.A. Becker (Queen's University) and

H.I. de Lasa (University of Western

Ontario) 09:30 PAPER C4a

Solids Circulation in a Cold Model Fluidized

Bed Using Heat Tracing Techniques. M.A.

Meunier, M.A. Bergougnou, C.L. Briens

(University of Western Ontario) and A.

Chamberland (Hydro-Quebec). 10:00 PAPER C4b

Phenomenological Study of a Downward Gas

Jet in a Two-Dimensional Fluidized Bed. Z.

Shen, C.L. Briens and M.A. Bergougnou

(University of Western Ontario). 10:30 PAPER C4c

Effects of Line Inclination on the Hydrodynamics

of Gas Solids Suspensions. S.K. Sen

Gupta and J.M. Beeckmans (University of

Western Ontario). 11:00 PAPER C4d

High Solids Loadings Gas-Solid Separation in

a Uniflow Cyclone. T.A. Gauthier (Ecole

Nationale Superieure du Petrole et des Moteurs,

France), C.L. Briens, P. Galtier (Institut

Francais du Petrole, France) and M.A. Bergougnou

(University of Western Ontario). 11:30 PAPER C4e

Novel Fiber Optic Sensor for Slurry Reactors

at High Temperature. J. Chabot, S.L.P. Lee and

H.I. de Lasa (University of Western Ontario).

Session C5 Oct.4, 14:30, Albion B

Fluid Mechanics -- General Papers Chairman: B. Latto (McMaster University) and

W. Kozicki (University of Ottawa) 14:30 PAPER C5a

Elasticity Decay in Viscoelastic Flow Through

Porous Media. W. Kozicki (University of

Ottawa). 15:00 PAPER C5b

Unsteady Radial Flow By Gravity with Free

Surfaces. K.H. Chung (Syncrude Research)

and S.H. Cho (Queen's University). 15:30 PAPER C5c

Flow Instability in Mixed Convection in a

Porous Medium Saturated with Water Near 4|C.

M.R. Islam (NOVA/Husky Research Corp.), A.

Chakma (University of Calgary) and K.

Nandakumar (University of Alberta). 16:00 PAPER C5d

Pipeline Design Handling Saudi

Non-Newtonian Oils. T.F. Al-Fariss and S.E.M.

Desouky (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia). 16:30 PAPER C5e

"Micromixing" of Flow Through a Packed Bed

of Wood Pulp Fibers. O.F. Ali (Pulp and Paper

Research Institute of Canada) and A.R.P. van

Heiningen (McGill University). 17:00 PAPER C5f

Experimental Investigation of Overall

Characteristics of Inclined Negatively Bouyant

Jets. P.H. Oosthuizen (Queen's University).

Session C6 Oct.2, 14:30, Albion B

Reactor Engineering I Co-Chairmen: R.R. Hudgins (University of Waterloo)

and J. Galuszka (CANMET) 14:30 PAPER C6a

Steady-State Multiplicity in Bubble Column

Reactors. A.A. Shaikh and S.M. Zarook (King

Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals,

Saudi Arabia). 15:00 PAPER C6b

Steady-State Multiplicity in a Gas/Solid Counter

Current Packed Bed (The Thermal

Chanelling Effect). E.P. Wonchala and J.R.

Wynnyckyj (University of Waterloo). 15:30 PAPER C6c

Radial Temperature and Concentration

Distributions in Multitube Ammonia Synthesis

Reactors. H. Li, R.R. Hudgins and K.S. Chang

(University of Waterloo). 16:00 PAPER C6d

Falsification of Kinetic Parameters Determined

from Multiplicity Behaviour in a Recycle

Reactor. W.R.C. Graham (AECL) and D.T.

Lynch (University of Alberta). 16:30 PAPER C6e

Steady-State Models of a Trickle-Bed Reactor.

P.M. Haure, R.R. Hudgins and P.L. Silveston

(University of Waterloo). 17:00 PAPER C6f

Trickle-Bed Reactors: Tracer Study of Liquid

Holdup and Wetting Efficiency at High

Temperature and Pressure. Z.E. Ring and R.W.

Missen (University of Toronto).

Session C7 Oct.3, 14:30, Room 314

Reactor Engineering II Co-Chairmen: J. Galuszka (CANMET) and R.R.

Hudgins (University of Waterloo) 14:30 PAPER C7a

Hydrodynamics of Gas Agitated Liquid-Liquid

Dispersions. S.G. Hatzikiriakos, R.P. Gaikwad,

P.R. Nelson and J.M. Shaw (University of

Toronto). 15:00 PAPER C7b

Inert Gas Effects in the Silicothermic Reduction

of Calcined Dolomite. J.R. Wynnyckyj, E.

Tackle and S.K. Barua (University of Waterloo). 15:00 PAPER C7c

Diffusional Processes in Rotary Kilns. D.K.

Singh (Youngstown State University) and J.R.

Ferron (University of Rochester). 16:00 PAPER C7d

Pilot-Scale Studies of Hydrocracking of

Bitumen Using a Tubular Reactor. B. Ozum, L.

Lewkowicz, M.N. Oguztoreli (Alberta

Research Council), T. Cyr (Alberta Oil Sands

Technology and Research Authority) and M.

Oguztoreli (Petro Simulator Systems Inc.). 16:30 PAPER C7e

Modelling of Tube-Wall Reactor for Fischer-Tropsch

Synthesis over Cobalt Catalyst. A.K.

Dalai, M.N. Esmail and N.N. Bakhshi

(University of Saskatchewan).

Session C8 Oct.2, 14:30, Room 206

Heat Transfer & Fouling Co-Chairmen: A.P. Watkinson (University of British

Columbia) and F. Stern (Stern

Laboratories Inc., Hamilton) 14:30 PAPER C8a

A Critical Review of Organic Fluid Fouling of

Heat Exchangers. A.P. Watkinson (University

of British Columbia). 15:00 PAPER C8b

Heat Transfer in a Multiple Hearth Vacuum

Pyrolysis Reactor. J. Yang, B. Labrecque and

C. Roy (Universite Laval). 15:30 PAPER C8c

Numerical Studies of Mixed Convection Heat

Transfer in the Boundary Layer of a Packed

Bed. R.E. Hayes (University of Alberta). 16:00 PAPER C8d

Critical Heat Flux in Subcooled Boiling at Low

Pressure and High Subcooling. J.E. Kowalski

and V.S. Krishnan (AECL). 16:30 PAPER C8e

Transition from Forced Flow to Natural

Circulation in the RD-14 Multiple Channel Test

Facility. P.J. Ingham and J.P. Mallory (AECL).

Session C9 Oct.3, 14:30, Webster C

Mass Transfer and Separation Processes I Co-Chairmen: M.H.I. Baird (McMaster University)

and D. Spagnolo (Atomic Energy of

Canada, Ltd.) 14:30 PAPER C9a

Modelling of Three Dimensional Fluid Flows

in Complex Flow Geometry. R. Yeo, A.N.

Hrymak and P.E. Wood (McMaster University). 15:00 PAPER C9b

A Vibrating Ring-Disc Electrode for Mass

Transfer Studies. M. Shirkhanzadeh and L.W.

Shemilt (McMaster University). 15:30 PAPER C9c

Concentration Profiles for Mass Transfer with

Reaction. W.J. DeCoursey (University of

Saskatchewan). 16:00 PAPER C9d

A Study of Two-Dimensional Dispersion in

Unconsolidated Porous Media. C.G. Voigt,

R.E. Hayes (University of Alberta) and P.A.

Tanguy (Universite Laval). 16:30 PAPER C9e

Prediction of the Performance of an Adsorption

Column for a Single Component System. S.B.

Narayan, L. Lightstone (Atlantis Scientific

Systems Group) and B.H. Harrison (Defence

Research Establishment). 17:00 PAPER C9f

Liquid-Solid Mass Transfer in a Three-Phase

Fluidized Bed. M. Del Pozo, C.L. Briens

(University of Western Ontario) and G. Wild

(Laboratoire des Sciences du Genie Chimique,


Session C10 Oct.4, 09:30, Albion A

Mass Transfer and Separation Processes II Co-Chairmen: K.T. Chuang (University of Alberta)

and M.H.I. Baird (McMaster University) 09:30 PAPER C10a

Estimation of Liquid Film Mass Transfer

Co-efficient for a Randomly Packed Ring Column.

A.B. Ponter (Cleveland State University). 10:00 PAPER C10b

Structured Packing for High Efficiency

Distillation. J.H. Hill and C.S. Brown (Koch

Engineering Company). 10:30 PAPER C10c

Mass Transfer and Liquid Hold-up in a

Trickle-Bed Reactor Containing Hydrophobic

and Hydrophilic Packings. H.A. Rangwala,

F.D. Otto, S.E. Wanke and K.T. Chuang

(University of Alberta). 11:00 PAPER C10d

Mass Transfer Equipment -- Fractionation

Trays. B. Sjoberg and S. Lam (Glitsch Canada

Ltd.). 11:30 PAPER C10e

Improvement of Screen and Sieve Tray Performance

with Knitted Mesh Packing. A. Afacan,

G.X. Chen and K.T. Chuang (University of


Session C11 Oct.4, 14:30, Albion A

Mass Transfer and Separation Processes III Co-Chairmen: D.A. Spagnolo (Atomic Energy of Canada

Ltd.) and K.T. Chuang (University

of Alberta) 14:30 PAPER C11a

Extraction with a Vibrating Perforated Plate.

N.V. Rama Rao, M.H.I. Baird (McMaster

University) and S. Vijayan (AECL). 15:00 PAPER C11b

Experience at NRC in Membrane Separations

Technology Transfer. O. Kutowy, A.Y. Tremblay

and C.E. Capes (NRC). 15:30 PAPER C11c

Pure and Binary Isotherms of Gases using

Chromatographic Method. F.H. Tezel (University

of Ottawa), H.O. Tezel, (Atomic Energy

Control Board) and D.M. Ruthven (University

of New Brunswick). 16:00 PAPER C11d

A Modified TPR Equation for Describing

Phase Equilibria for Bitumen Containing Systems.

W. Sheng and B.C.-Y. Lu (University of

Ottawa). 16:30 PAPER C11e

Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure and Dissolved

Salts on the Stability of Gas Hydrates. Y.P.

Handa (NRC). 17:00 PAPER C11f

The Diffusivity of N2O in Gas Treating

Solvents. D. Lal, F.D. Otto, and A.E. Mather

(University of Alberta), R. Tomcej (D.B. Robinson

& Associates) and H.A. Rangwala (Alberta

Research Council).

Session C12 Oct.3, 09:30, Albion B

Computers in Undergraduate Education I Co-Chairmen: T.W. Hoffman (Polysar Ltd.) and

M.E. Weber (McGill University) 09:30 PAPER C12a

Computers in the Chemical Engineering

Curriculum. D. Karman (University of New

Brunswick). 09:45 PAPER C12b

Experience with using Aspen in Teaching

Undergraduates Process Design. N.E. Cooke

(McGill University). 10:05 PAPER C12c

Some Experiences using Software Packages in

a Computer-Aided Design Course. E.

Mitsoulis (University of Ottawa). 10:20 PAPER C12d

The Implementation of Commercial Process

Simulators in the Chemical Engineering

Department at Saskatchewan. G.A. Hill and J.

Postlethwaite (University of Saskatchewan). 10:40 PAPER C12e

Computer Simulation of Chemical Processes

in the McMaster curriculum. A.N. Hrymak

and T.E. Marlin (McMaster University). 11:00 PAPER C12f

The Role of Commercial Simulators in the

Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Curriculum.

D.D. Jacas and J.M. Shaw (University of

Toronto). 11:15 PAPER C12g

Utilisation de logiciels professionnels en

enseigment de design: Bilan sur la premiere

decennie. J. Paris (Ecole Polytechnique). 11:35 PAPER C12h

Creative and Innovative Problem Solving

using Flowsheet Simulators. B.W. Jackson and

T.J. Harris (Queen's University).

Session C13 Oct.3, 14:30, Albion B

Computers in Undergraduate Education II Co-Chairmen: M.E. Weber (McGill University) and

T.W. Hoffman (Polysar Ltd.) 14:30 PAPER C13a

Writer's Workbench: Potential Breakthrough

for Developing Technical Writing Skills.

G.D.M. MacKay (Technical University of Nova

Scotia). 14:45 PAPER C13b

Introducing Statistical Concepts in the

Undergraduate Laboratory: Linking Theory and

Practice. A. Burke, R.R. Hudgins, A. Phatak

and P.M. Reilly (University of Waterloo). 15:00 PAPER C13c

A Spreadsheet Program for the Interactive

Simulation of Chemical Reactors. P. Proulx

and M. Delisle (Universite de Sherbrooke). 15:15 PAPER C13d

Software Evaluation for Teaching Process

Dynamics and Control. T.Z. Fahidy and A.

Penlidis (University of Waterloo). 15:30 BREAK 15:45 Panel Discussion on Educational/Philosophical



Session D1 Oct.3, 09:30, Albion A

Modern Steel Processing I Co-Chairmen: D.A.R. Kay (McMaster University)

and D.H. Samson (Dofasco, Inc) 09:30 WELCOME

D.H. Samson (Dofasco Inc.). 09:35 PAPER D1a

Keynote Lecture. Challenges in the Development

of New Iron and Steelmaking Technologies.

R.J. Fruehan (Carnegie-Mellon University). 10:20 PAPER D1b

Recent Developments in the Treatment of Hot

Metal. M. Iwase (Kyoto University, Japan),

C.K. Kim, A. McLean and I.D. Sommerville

(University of Toronto). 10:45 PAPER D1c

COREX -- Liquid Iron by Direct Reduction. R.

Westman (Deutsches Voest Alpino, Dusseldorf,

West Germany). 11:00 PAPER D1d

Challenges in Ironmaking in the 1990s. W.-K.

Lu (McMaster University). 11:35 PAPER D1e

The AISI Program for Direct Steelmaking. E.

Aukrust (LTV Steel).

Session D2 Oct.3, 14:30, Albion A

Modern Steel Processing II Co-Chairmen: D.H. Samson (Dofasco, Inc) and

D.A.R. Kay (McMaster University) 14:30 PAPER D2a

New Developments in the Combined Blowing

Steelmaking Processes K- OBM and KMS. W.

Schlebusch and A. Hauck (Klockner

Contracting and Technologie GmbH, Hamburg,

West Germany). 15:00 PAPER D2b

Fundamental Aspects of the Continuous Casting

of Near-Net-Shape Steel Products. J.K.

Brimacombe and I. Samaraskera (University

of British Columbia). 15:30 PAPER D2c

Electric Heating of Steel in Ladle Metallurgy.

C. McCoy and B. Wolf (Davy McKee Corporation). 16:00 PAPER D2d

Chemical Heating of Steel in Ladle Metallurgy.

R.L.W. Holmes and J.J. Butler (Davy

Dravo Division of Davy McKee Corporation). 16:30 PAPER D2e

Electromagnetic Technologies in the Steel

Industry. A. Mulcahy and L. Beitelman (J.

Mulcahy Enterprises, Inc.).

Session D3 Oct.3, 09:30, Room 206

Food and Beverage Processing Co-Chairmen: L.L. Diosady (University of Toronto)

and K. Darley (Canada Packers, Inc.) 09:30 PAPER D3a

On-line Sensors for Food Systems. V.J. Davidson

(University of Guelph). 10:00 PAPER D3b

Clean-in-Place Design Philosphy. N.E. Anderson,

K. O'Hehir and F.O. Maltby (Kilborn,

Ltd.). 10:30 PAPER D3c

Mathematical and Kinetic Modelling of the

Hard-to-Cook Defect in Ontario White Beans

(Phaseolus vulgaris). J.C. Richardson and

D.W. Stanley (University of Guelph). 11:00 PAPER D3d

The Use of Hydrocyclones in the Extraction of

Canola. S.P. Adu-Peasah, L.L. Diosady and

L.J. Rubin (University of Toronto). 11:30 PAPER D3e

Microencapsulation of Lactic Acid Bacteria for

Food Applications. B. Larish, D. Poncelet and

R.J. Neufeld (McGill University).

Session D4 Oct.2, 09:30, Albion B

Fuel Processing and Energy I Co-Chairmen: E.L. Tollefson (University of Calgary)

and J.D. Chase (CANMET) 09:30 PAPER D4a

Comparison of Coal Solubilization by

Different Coprocessing Solvents. K. Muehlenbachs,

M. Bombin (University of Alberta), P.

Rahimi (CANMET) and T. Ohuchi (Alberta

Research Council). 10:00 PAPER D4b

CANMET's New Upgrading Pilot Plant: A

Step Closer to Commercial Scale for

Coprocessing. J.D. Chase, D.D.S. Liu and P.L. Sears

(CANMET). 10:30 PAPER D4c

Products from Coking of Eureka Pitches Using

Three Different Reactors. E.S. Hall, V.V. Bui

and E.L. Tollefson (University of Calgary). 11:00 PAPER D4d

Fluidized Bed Pyrolysis of Eureka Pitches.

E.S. Hall, V.V. Bui and E.L. Tollefson (University

of Calgary). 11:30 PAPER D4e

Properties of Coke and the Process Implication

in Upgrading. R.K. Lott, M. Selucky (Alberta

Research Council), T. Cyr (Alberta Oil Sands

Technology and Research Authority) and V.

Munoz (CANMET, Fuel Processing Lab).

Session D5 Oct.2, 09:30, Room 202

Pilot Plant and Process Development Co-Chairmen: N.E. Anderson (Kilborn, Ltd.) and

O. Trass (University of Toronto) 09:30 PAPER D5a

Pilot Plant Experience with a Spouted Bed

Process to Recover Solvent from Still Bottom

Sludge. I.R. McGregor, K.D. Burrell (Anachemia

Solvents Ltd.), D.K. Jackson and W.M.F.

Brown (Consultants). 10:00 PAPER D5b

Assessment of the Vacuum Pyrolysis Process

For Recycling of Scrap Tires. C. Roy and

B. de Caumia (Universite Laval). 10:30 PAPER D5c

Slurry Hold-up in a Horizontal Rotary Drum

With Open-Ended Discharge. A. Afacan,

J.H. Masliyah (University of Alberta) and H.

Nasr-El-Din (Petroleum Recovery Institute). 11:00 PAPER D5d

Transport of Sand-Water Slurries Through a

Rotary Drum with An End-Plate. H. Nasr-El-Din

(Petroleum Recovery Institute), A.

Afacan, J. Foster and J.H. Masliyah (University

of Alberta).

Session D6 Oct.4, 09:30, Webster B

Fuel Processing and Energy II Co-Chairmen: A. Al Taweel (Technical University of

Nova Scotia) and C.E. Capes

(National Research Council) 09:30 PAPER D6a

Electrochemical Desulphurization of Coal.

M.A. Cooper and H.A. Hancock (Technical

University of Nova Scotia). 10:00 PAPER D6b

Coal Slurry Fuel -- A Method to Utilize Clean

Coal Technology. K.A. Jonasson, A. Bennett

(NRC), K.V. Thambimuthu (CANMET) and A.

Todd (Cape Breton Development Corp.) 10:30 PAPER D6c

Mobile Plants for On-Site Optimization of

Treatment and Dewatering Circuits. K.A.

Hashmi (CANMET). 11:00 PAPER D6d

Investigation of Sulphur Capture During

Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion of Eastern

Canadian Coals. P.F. Salib (Research and

Productivity Council of New Brunswick). 11:30 PAPER D6e

Heat Transfer Measurements in Circulating

Fluidized Beds. M. Couturier, S. Polpool and

F.R. Steward (The University of New Brunswick).

Session D7 Oct.4, 14:30, Webster B

Fuel Processing and Energy III Co-Chairmen: C.E. Capes (National Research Council)

and A. Al Taweel (Technical

University of Nova Scotia) 14:30 PAPER D7a

Prediction of Coal Processing Performance.

P.J. Crickmore, B.S. Larson and D.K. Hardy

(University of Alberta). 15:00 PAPER D7b

Transporting Coal in Long Distance Pipelines

as a Slurry. T. Frankiewicz (Unocal Science

and Technology Division) and G. Perry

(Unocal Canada). 15:30 PAPER D7c

A Comparison of Tall Oil with Diesel for Use in

a Diesel Engine. M. Fels (Technical University

of Nova Scotia), D. Fels (Centenary Hospital)

and S. Fels (University of Toronto). 16:00 PAPER D7d

Experience in Burning Orimulsion Emulsions

in 100 MW Thermal Power Plant Boiler. E.R.

Pickles (New Brunswick Power). 16:30 PAPER D7e

Improved Gasification and Combustion of

Biomass by Treatment with Inorganic Salt.

G.D.M. Mackay and M.J. Oren (Technical

University of Nova Scotia).


Session E1 Oct.3, 14:30, Room 202

Safety and Risk Assessment Co-Chairmen: J.W. Smith (University of Toronto) and

E. Fullerton (Dow Canada) 14:30 PAPER E1a

Overview of Hazard Analysis of OWMC Treatment

Facility. C.C. Chao (Ontario Waste

Management Corporation). 15:00 PAPER E1b

Predictive Risk Assessment in the Disposal of

High-Level Nuclear Waste. G. Sheng, P. Bewer

and L.W. Shemilt (McMaster University). 15:30 PAPER E1c

Dust Explosions: The Relevance of Laboratory

Test Data to Industrial Plant. P.R. Amyotte

and M.J. Pegg (Technical University of Nova

Scotia). 16:00 PAPER E1d

An Expert System to Rank Toxic Contaminants

According to Environmental Hazard. E.

Halfon (National Water Research Institute).

Session E2 Oct.4,09:30, Room 202

Handling/Disposal of Wastes or Hazardous Chemicals Co-Chairmen: G. Bellhouse (Chem-Serv Associates)

and T. McIntyre (Environment Canada) 09:30 PAPER E2a

Hazardous Waste and Loss Control Program

At Alberta Research Council. H. Dalpe, E.

Fitzpatrick and R.K. Lott (Alberta Research

Council). 10:00 PAPER E2b

Mobile Pervaporation System for Emergency

Countermeasure. P.J. Connell and S.H. Noh

(Zenon Environmental Inc.). 10:30 PAPER E2c

Toxic Chemicals in Soil and Groundwater at

the Contaminated Site of Ville Mercier, PQ.

H. Pakdel, P. Gelinas, C. Roy (Universite

Laval) and S. Lesage (National Water

Research Institute). 11:00 PAPER E2d

A Six Step Process to Waste Auditing for the

Purpose of Waste Minimization. K. Bradley

(Ontario Waste Management Corp.).

Session E3 Oct.3, 14:30, Room 202

Water Quality and Water Treatment Co-Chairmen: K.L. Murphy (McMaster University)

and S.H. Noh (Yon Sei University,

Korea) 14:30 PAPER E3a

Monitoring Heterotrophic Bacterial Populations

During Drinking Water Treatment by

Ozonation. G.A. Irvine and A. Badakhshan

(University of Calgary), E.E. Hargesheimer

and C.M. Lewis (City of Calgary). 15:00 PAPER E3b

Performance of an Aerated Lagoon for the

Removal of Chlorinated Organic Compounds

from Bleached Kraft Pulp Mill Effluent. P.

Tomar and D.G. Allen (University of Toronto). 15:30 PAPER E3c

Use of Solid Phase Adsorbents in Preparation

of Samples for Pesticide and Herbicide Analysis.

L.Nolan, R.C. Parry, G.D. Wachob and D.J.

Gisch (Supelco, Inc.) 16:00 PAPER E3d

Measurement and Modelling of Industrial

Effluent Plume Distribution and Effects in

Receiving Waters. K.L.E. Kaiser (National Water

Research Institute). 16:30 PAPER E3e

Pilot Scale Test Treatment of Citric Acid

Fermentation Waste Water Using Photosynthetic

Bacteria (PSB Method). G.S. Ying, S.J. Wei,

G.Y. Biao, Y.J. An, Z.Z. Yu and D.Y. Tu

(Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China). MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING DIVISION, THE CHEMICAL INSTITUTE OF CANADA Symposium Coordinator: A. Penlidis (University of


Session M1 Oct.3, 14:30, Room 203

Emulsion and Dispersion Polymers Co-Chairmen: A.Rudin (University of Waterloo) and

A. Penlidis (University of Waterloo) 14:30 PAPER M1a

Silicone Stabilized Poly (MethylMethacrylate)

Nonaqueous Latexes: Preparation and

Characterization. A. Osterroth, R.H. Pelton and

M.A. Brook (McMaster University). 15:00 PAPER M1b

Preparation of Micron Size PMMA Particles in

Nonaqueous Media. M.D. Croucher and M.A.

Winnik (Xerox Research Centre of Canada). 15:30 PAPER M1c

Emulsification of a Viscous Monomer Mix:

Particle Size Distribution. C.E. Chaffey,

(University of Toronto), S. Tasalloti and A.J. Paine

(Xerox Research Centre of Canada). 16:00 PAPER M1d

Surfactant Effects on Core-Shell Latex

Morphology. S. Lee and A. Rudin, (University of

Waterloo). 16:30 PAPER M1e

Emulsion Copolymers of Styrene and a-Methyl-styrene D. Branston (Polysar Ltd.) and H.P.

Plaumann (BASF Canada).

Session M2 Oct.4, 09:30, Room 203

Advanced Polymers and Composites Co-Chairmen: W.Baker (Queen's University) and

F. Golemba (Fiberglass Canada) 09:30 PAPER M2a

Effect of Thermal Processing Conditions on

the Crystallization of Poly(ether-ether-ketone) Polymer Composites. M. Day and Y.

Deslandes (NRC). 10:00 PAPER M2b

Damage Based Notched Strength Modelling

for Carbon Fiber Composites. M.T. Kortschot

(University of Toronto) and P.W.R. Beaumont

(University of Cambridge, UK). 10:30 PAPER M2c

Weldline Strength of Injection Molded

Reinforced Thermoplastics. B. Fisa, M. Rahmani,

R. Boukhili and R. Gauvin (Ecole Polytechnique

de Montreal). 11:00 PAPER M2d

Functionalization of Polyethylenes and their

use in Reactive Blending. N.C. Liu, W.E. Baker

and K.E. Russell (Queen's University). 11:30 PAPER M2e

The Influence of Composition and Viscosity on

the Morphology of Compatibilized Polyolefin/Polyamide Blends. J.M. Willis, V. Caldas and

B.D. Favis (NRC).

Session M3 Oct.3, 09:30, Room 203

Polysar Award Session Co-Chairmen: K.F. O'Driscoll (University of

Waterloo) and A. Mohammadi

(Polysar Ltd.) 09:30 PAPER M3a Polysar Award Lecture

Polymer Characterization: The Best is Yet to

Come. A. Rudin (University of Waterloo). 10:20 PAPER M3b

Copolymerization of Methyl Methacrylate/Ethylene

Glycol Dimethacrylate -- Measurement

of Radical Concentrations by ESR. S.

Zhu, Y. Tian, A.E. Hamielec and D.R. Eaton

(McMaster University). 10:45 PAPER M3c

Control of Ion Aggregation in Ionomers. A.

Eisenberg (McGill University). 11:10 PAPER M3d

Surface Characterization of Polymers by IGC.

H.P. Schreiber (Ecole Polytechnique) 11:35 PAPER M3e

Latex Particle Size Distribution from

Turbidimetry Using Inversion Techniques. G.E.

Elicabe and L.H. Garcia-Rubio (University of

South Florida).

Session M4 Oct.4, 14:30, Room 203

General Papers (polymers) Co-Chairmen: A.E.Hamielec (McMaster University)

and G.L. Rempel (University of Waterloo) 14:30 PAPER M4a

Olefin Polymerization Using Gas-Phase and

Slurry Processes. M.O. Jejelowo, N. Bu, S.E.

Wanke and D.T. Lynch (University of Alberta). 15:00 PAPER M4c

Radical Trapping and Termination in Free-Radical

Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate.

S. Zhu, Y. Tian, A.E. Hamielec and D.R.

Eaton (McMaster University). 16:00 PAPER M4d

Copolymerization of Styrene and Butylacrylate:

Experimental Kinetics and Mathematical

Modelling. M.A. Dube, A. Penlidis and

K.F. O'Driscoll (University of Waterloo). 16:30 PAPER M4e

Suspension Polymerization of Styrene -- An

Evaluation of Bifunctional Initiators. M.A.

Villalobos, A.E. Hamielec and P.E. Wood

(McMaster University). 17:00 PAPER M4f

Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate in a

Tubular Reactor. M.F. Cunningham and K.F.

O'Driscoll (University of Waterloo).


Symposium Coordinator: K.J. Smith (Alberta

Research Council)

Session CS1 Oct.2, 09:30, Room 203

C1 Reactions - I Co-Chairmen: B. Wojciechowski (Queen's University)

and R.A. Ross (Domtar, Inc.) 09:30 PAPER CS1a

Fischer-Tropsch Studies with Ni-Ru

Bimetallic Catalysts Supported on Titania. P.C. Das

and N.N. Bakhshi (University of Saskatchewan). 10:00 PAPER CS1b

Characteristics of Carbonaceous Deposits on

Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts. J. Galuszka (CANMET)

and T. Sano (National Chemical

Laboratory for Industry, Japan). 10:30 PAPER CS1c

Mechanistic and Kinetic Studies of Higher

Alcohol Formation over a CuO/ZnO/Cr2O3 Catalyst.

E.M. Calverley, B.G. Sayer, M.J.

McGlinchey (McMaster University) and K.J.

Smith (Alberta Research Council). 11:00 PAPER CS1d

Role of Promoters in Rhodium Based

Catalysts: in Situ FT-IR and T.P.D. Studies on

Rh/CeO2-SiO2 Catalysts. J.C. Lavalley, J.

Lamotte, J. Saussey (Laboratoire de

Spectrochimie, France), R. Breault, J.P. Hindermann

and A. Kiennemann (Laboratoire de

Chimie Organique Appliquee, France). 11:30 PAPER CS1e

Promoting Effects of Alkalis on Pd/CeO2

Catalysts in CO/H2 Reactions. Increase in Activity

and in Ethanol Selectivity. C. Diagne, H.

Idriss, R. Breault, J.P. Hindermann and A.

Kiennemann (Laboratoire de Chimie Organique

Appliquee, France).

Session CS2 Oct.3, 09:30, Room 202

C1 Reactions - II Chairperson: M.J. Phillips (University of Toronto) 09:30 PAPER CS2a

The Effects of Gas Phase and Solid Phase

Additives on the Oxidation of Methane on Heteropoly

Oxometalates. S. Ahmed, S. Kasztelan

and J.B. Moffat (University of Waterloo). 10:00 PAPER CS2b

Oxidative Coupling of Methane Over Co-Mg

and Mn-Mg Mixed Oxide Catalysts. T.K. Chan

(University of Toronto) and K.J. Smith

(Alberta Research Council). 10:30 PAPER CS2c

Synthesis of C2-Hydrocarbons from Methane

on Thallium-Based Silica Supported

Catalysts. S. Ahmed and J.B. Moffat (University of

Waterloo). 11:00 PAPER CS2d

Kinetic Modelling of the Catalytic Conversion

of Synthesis Gas into Liquid Hydrocarbons. A.

Mahay, F. Simard, H.I. de Lasa (University of

Western Ontario) and G. Jean (CANMET). 11:30 PAPER CS2e

Modelling of the Catalytic Conversion of

Methanol into Hydrocarbons: Kinetic Studies.

A. Mahay, H.I. de Lasa (University of Western

Ontario) and U. Sedran (Universidad

Nacional del Litoral-CONICET, Argentina).

Session CS3 Oct.4, 09:30, Albion B

Hydroprocessing Catalysis Co-Chairmen: I. Dalla Lana (University of Alberta)

and E.C. Sanford (Syncrude Canada) 09:30 PAPER CS3a

Upgrading of Atmospheric Residue in a

Semi-Batch Reaction System. C.M. Oballa, W. Wong

and A. Krzywicki (NOVA/Husky Research

Corp.). 10:00 PAPER CS3b

Hydrocracking Catalysts for Two-Stage

Hydroprocessing of Gas Oil From Canadian

Synthetic Crudes. J. Monnier and J.F. Kriz

(CANMET) and Y. Yoshimura (National Chemical

Laboratory for Industry, Japan). 10:30 PAPER CS3c

A Comparison of Coke Deposition on Carbon

Supported Catalysts with that on Al2O3

Supported Catalysts used to Hydrocrack

Athabasca Bitumen. M.A. Altajam, D.C. McFaddin,

J.R. Brown and M. Ternan (CANMET). 11:00 PAPER CS3d

Coprocessed Distillates. T. Ohuchi, M.

Carmichael and A. Chambers (Alberta Research

Council). 11:30 PAPER CS3e

The Jet-Reactor Processor for Hydrocracking

Heavy Oils. N. Abatzoglou, J.P. Lemonnier,

R.P. Overend and E. Chornet (Universite de

Sherbrooke) and W.H. Dawson (CANMET).

Session CS4 Oct.2, 14:30, Room 203

Catalyst Characterization Co-Chairmen: J.B. Moffat (University of Waterloo)

and I. Cody (Esso Research Centre) 14:30 PAPER CS4a

Heteropoly Oxometalate Catalysts: Studies of

Their Preparation Using Nuclear Magnetic

Resonance and Infrared Spectroscopy. G.B.

McGarvey and J.B. Moffat (University of

Waterloo). 15:00 PAPER CS4b

Characterization of Supported Rhodium

Catalysts by Wide-Angle X-ray Diffraction. R.M.J.

Fiedorow (A. Mickiewicz University, Poland)

and S.E. Wanke (University of Alberta). 15:30 PAPER CS4c

Zeolite Supported Bimetallic Catalysts for

Deoxygenation: Ru-Rh/ZSM-5. A. Rahman, G.

Lemay, A. Adnot and S. Kaliaguine (Laval

University). 16:00 PAPER CS4d

Superacid Catalyst Acidity. V.S. Nayak, R.N.

Pandey (Guelph Chemical Laboratories) and

V.M. Allenger (CANMET, Energy Research

Laboratories). 16:30 PAPER CS4e

Preparation and Characterization of Stoichiometric

and Non-Stoichiometric B-P-O. C.

Keary and J.B. Moffat (University of Waterloo).

CS5 Oct.4, 14:30, Room 202

General Catalysis Papers Co-Chairmen: J. Monnier (Energy Mines and

Resources Canada) and S. Kaliaguine

(Universite Laval) 14:30 PAPER CS5a

Catalytic Hydrolysis of Carbon Disulfide. S.

Tong, K.T. Chuang and I.G. Dalla Lana

(University of Alberta). 15:00 PAPER CS5b

Control of NOx Emissions at Nitric Acid

Plants by Selective Catalytic Reduction with

Hydrogen. K.T. Chuang and L. Fu (University

of Alberta). 15:30 PAPER CS5c

Partial Oxidation of Propylene in the Presence

of Steam on a Tin-Antimony-Vanadium Oxide

Catalyst. Y.A.A. Saleh, P.L. Silveston and R.R.

Hudgins (University of Waterloo).



Session S1-1 Oct. 2, 09:30, Webster C

Membrane Separations -- Fundamentals Co-Chairmen: T. Matsuura (National Research

Council) and G. Jonsson (Denmark

Teckniske Hoiskole, Lyngby,

Denmark) 09:30 PAPER S1-1a

A Dynamic Model for UF Membrane Fouling

by Dilute Suspensions. S. Ilias and R. Govind

(University of Cincinnati). 10:00 PAPER S1-1b

The Role of Surface Potential Functions in

Determining Reverse Osmosis Transport

Phenomena. H. Mehdizadeh and J.M. Dickson

(McMaster University). 10:30 PAPER S1-1c

Concentration Polarization in Cellulose Acetate

Membranes. A.M. Brites and M.N. de

Pinho (Instituto Superior Technico, Lisbon,

Portugal). 11:00 PAPER S1-1d

A Generalized Model for the Transport of

Gases in Membranes. R. Datta, J.S. Kim, H.

Vehara and S. Dechapanichkul (University of

Iowa). 11:30 PAPER S1-1e

The Fractal Nature of Membrane Porosity. B.

Farnand and C. Fairbridge (CANMET). The following papers will be poster presentations on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Membrane Performance Under the Influence

of Magnetic Pretreatment. I.J. Lin (Technion,



Research for the Interfacial Force Between

Inorganic Salt Water Solution and the Surface of

a CA Membrane. Q. Yin, X.R. Hu and K.

Zhang (Nanjing Institute of Chemical

Technology, China).


Use of Electrodialyzer with Ion-Exchange

Conducting Spacer in Production of

Demineralized Water for Bleaching Raw Silk

Fabric. J. Weida (The State of Oceanic Administration,

Hangzhou, China).

Session S1-2 Oct. 2, 14:30, Webster C

Membrane Separations -- Applied Co-Chairmen: G. Jonsson (Denmark Teckniske

Hoiskole, Lyngby, Denmark) and T.

Matsuura (National Research Council) 14:30 PAPER S1-2a

Recovery of Phenol from Solutions by

Membrane Separation. J.O. Oloidi, K. Scott (Teesside

Polytechnic, UK) and I.F. McConvey (ICI,

UK). 15:00 PAPER S1-2b

Commercial Ultrafiltration Membrane Performance

Evaluation. J.D. Hazlett, O. Kutowy

and T.A. Tweddle (NRC). 15:30 PAPER S1-2c

Donnan Dialysis for the Enrichment of Trace

Metal Ions by Modification of Anion Exchange

Membrane. K. Brajter and B. Sawicka

(University of Warsaw, Poland). 16:00 PAPER S1-2d

Pervaporation Separation of Water-Ethanol

and Water-Acetic Acid Mixture by Using

Nylon 4 and its Blended Membranes. R.Y.M.

Huang, M. Moo-Young and J.-W. Rhim

(University of Waterloo). 16:30 PAPER S1-2e

Ultrafiltration of Olive Oil Waste Waters. M.T.

Amorim and M.N. de Pinho (Instituto

Superior Technico, Lisbon, Portugal). 17:00 PAPER S1-2f

A Study on Chlorine Resistance of Reverse

Osmosis Membranes. C. Gao, Y. Liu, X. Lu

and Z. Bao (The State of Oceanic Administration,

Hanghzhou, China). The following papers will be poster presentations on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


The Processing of Wool Washing Effluent by

Membrane Filtration. B.H. Zhu, J.H. Chen

and D.L. Xi (China Textile University, Shanghai,



The Use of Ultrafiltration for Color Removal

from Bleach Plant Effluents. M.T. Pires, C.

Silvestre and M.N. de Pinho (Instituto Superior

Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal).

Session S2 Oct. 2, 09:30, Room 314

Supercritical Extraction Separations Co-Chairmen: S. Vijayan (Atomic Energy of Canada

Limited) and V.J. Krukonis (Phasex

Corporation, Lawrence) 09:30 PAPER S2a

Separation of Essential Fatty Acids from

Marine Sources Using Supercritical Fluids. K.

Liong, R.P. Chaplin and N.R. Foster (University

of New South Wales, Australia). 10:00 PAPER S2b

Supercritical Fluid Processing and

Chromatography, "The Integration of Two Technologies".

A.D. Scott Jr. and R.A. Novak

(Supercritical Processing, Inc.). 10:30 PAPER S2c

Supercritical Extraction: New Steps in Process

Engineering Development Focussed on

Economics. H.-J. Beutler, A. Donnerhack, V.

Lenhard and F. Lurken (Messer Griesheim

GmbH, West Germany). 11:00 PAPER S2d

Product Development in a Multipurpose

Supercritical Fluid Extraction Environment.

D.A. Evans and V. Nguyen (Norac Technologies,

Inc.). 11:00 PAPER S2e

Performance Evaluation of Liquified Gas

Extraction Processes for Bench to Full Scale. J.

Moses (C.F. Systems, Inc.). The following papers will be poster presentations on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Biosurfactants.

A. Margaritis and A. Psellas (University

of Western Ontario).


Analysis of Metal Complexes and Separation

of Surface-Active Agents and Oligomers by

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. K.I.

Takahashi (Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.,


Session S3-1 Oct. 3, 09:30 Chedoke A

Solvent Extraction Separations -- Fundamentals Co-Chairmen: M.H.I. Baird (McMaster University)

and L.L. Tavlarides (Syracuse University) 09:30 PAPER S3-1a

Mass Transfer to Single Drops in a Liquid-Liquid

Extraction Column. M.J. Slater

(University of Bradford, UK). 10:00 PAPER S3-1b

The Kinetics of the Solvent Extraction of

Divalent Metals with D2EHPA, HEHEHP and

HDTMPP Using the Rotating Diffusion Cell.

D.B. Dreisinger, W.C. Cooper (University of

British Columbia) and P.A. Distin (McGill

University). 10:30 PAPER S3-1c

Extraction Kinetics of Molybdenum in a Lewis

Cell. X.F. Wang, H. Gao and Y.F. Su (East

China University of Chemical Technology,

China). 11:00 PAPER S3-1d

Behaviour of Some Compounds at the Interface

and Time for Separation of Aqueous and

Organic Phases. O.A. Sinegribova, S.V.

Chizehevskaya and A.V. Nikoliukin

(Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology,

USSR). 11:30 PAPER S3-1e

The Extraction of Water, Nitric Acid and

Uranyl Nitrate by Di-2-ethyl hexylsulfoxide in

Dodecane -- An Extended Equilibrium Analysis.

B.A. Moyer, C.F. Baes Jr., W.J. McDowell,

C.E. Caley and G.N. Case (Oak Ridge National

Laboratory). The following papers will be poster presentations on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Approximations of Interfacial Tension

Isotherms and Their Use for Mechanism Discussion

of Metal Extraction. K. Prochaska, K. Alejski

and J. Szymanowski (Poznan Technical

University, Poland).


Solvent Extraction by Amines and Synergism

with Neutral Donor Extractants. S. Yu and J.

(C.-Y.) Chen (Academia Sinica, China).


Modelling of Phase Equilibria in Solvent

Extraction of Metals. Z. Mahmood, M.M. Anwar

and D.W. Pritchard (Teesside Polytechnic,



Equilibrium and Mass Transfer Study for the

Extraction of Nickel into Cyanex 272. F. Xun,

Z. Shuzhen, L. Yide (Qingdao Institute of

Chemical Technology, China) and J.A. Golding

(University of Ottawa).


Determination of Some Basic Constants for

Bis Phosphinic Acid- Cyanex 272. F. Xun, Z.

Shuzhen, L. Yide (Qingdao Institute of Chemical

Technology, China) and J.A. Golding

(University of Ottawa).


Extraction Kinetics of Cobalt II with Extractant

5709. Z. Li and Y.-C. Zhou (Tsinghua

University, China).

Session S3-2 09:30, Oct. 2, Chedoke A

Solvent Extraction Separations -- Equipment Co-Chairmen: A.J. Oliver (CAMECO Fuel Services)

and M.J. Slater (University of Bradford,

UK) 09:30 PAPER S3-2a

Mass Transfer and Axial Mixing in Rotating

Disc Extraction Column. L. Lu, J. (C.-Y.) Chen

(Academia Sinica, China) and W.J. Korchinsky

(University of Manchester, UK). 10:00 PAPER S3-2b

Aqueous Phase Entrainment in Liquid-Liquid

Extraction Contactors. J.A. Jenkins, P. Mistry

and B.A. Partridge (UK Atomic Energy

Authority, UK). 10:30 PAPER S3-2c

EC-D Mixer Settler and Its Application in

Rare Earth Industry. Z.J. Shen, J. Li and K.G.

Song (East China University of Chemical

Technology, China). 11:00 PAPER S3-2d

Prediction of Slip Velocity and Holdup in

Liquid-Liquid Spray Columns. M. Sovilj

(University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia). 11:30 PAPER S3-2e

Monte Carlo Simulation of Hydrodynamic

Behaviour of Multistage Column Extractors. V.

Kirou and L.L. Tavlarides (Syracuse University). The following papers will be poster presentations on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Data Correlation and a Design Procedure for

the Sieve Plate Extraction Columns. J.C.

Oloidi (Teesside Polytechnic, UK) and C.J.

Mumford and G.V. Jeffreys (Aston University,



Studies on the Development of a New Mixer

Settler-VDMMS. L.-M. Su, L. Ping and G.-P.

Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China).


Estimation of Column Dimensions for Liquid

Membrane Permeation and Solvent Extraction.

H.-J. Bart and R. Marr (Technische

Universitat Graz, Austria).


Modelling of Mixing and Mass Transfer in a

Raining Bucket Extractor. Z.J. Shen, Y.F. Su

(East China University of Chemical

Technology, China) and M.H.I. Baird (McMaster



The Development of Computer Code for

Uranium Concentration Profile Calculation in

Pulsed Column. Y.-J. Shin, D.-Y. Chung, J.-H.

Yoo and H.-S. Park (Korea Advanced

Energy Institute, Korea).


Study of Pumping Forces on a Box-type Pumping

Mixer-Settler. S. Xu, Y.W. Wang, L. Han

and M.H. Hu (China).

Session S4 Oct. 4, 09:30, Room 314

Sorption Separations Co-Chairmen: D.M. Ruthven (University of New

Brunswick) and R.G. Rice (Louisiana

State University) 09:30 PAPER S4a

Pressure Swing Adsorption for a System with

a Non-Linear Isotherm. X. Lu, M.Jaroniec, R.

Madey, D. Rothstein and J.-C. Huang (Kent

State University and University of Lowell). 10:00 PAPER S4b

Ion Exchange Chromatography: Model

Accounting for Pseudo-Chemical Control in the

Solid Phase. M. Chapuis, G. Cote, J. Desbarres

and D. Bauer (Ecole Superieure de Physique et

de Chimie, France). 10:30 PAPER S4c

Recovery of Hydrogen from Coke Oven Gas by

Pressure Swing Adsorption. E.L. Ray (Dofasco

Inc.). 11:00 PAPER S4d

Adsorption in Polysulfone Membranes. A.M.

Brites and M.N. de Pinho (Instituto Superior

Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal). 11:30 PAPER S4e

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Separation

Processes. J.D. Navratil (University of New

South Wales, Australia). The following papers will be poster presentations on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Adsorption of Microamounts of Zinc on

Titanium Oxide from Aqueous Solutions. S.M.

Hasany and A. Ghaffar (Pakistan Institute of

Nuclear Science and Technology, Pakistan).


S.N-Mono and Polydentate Organics Used as

Separators in Extraction -- Sorption Equilibria.

Yu. I. Murinov (USSR).


Recovery of Uranium by Biological

Substances. T. Sakaguchi and A. Nakajima

(Miyazaki Medical College, Japan).


Recovery of Silver from Environmental/Laboratory

Waste by Selective Removal on an

Inorganic Ion Exchanger. R.P. Singh and E.R.

Pambid (King Fahd University of Petroleum

and Minerals, Saudi Arabia).

Session S5 Oct. 3, 09:30, Room 314

Precipitation/Crystallization Separations Co-Chairmen: M. Klein (Potash Corporation of

Saskatchewan) and R. Bennet (Swenson

Limited) 09:30 PAPER S5a

The Crystallization Kinetics of Uranyl Nitrate

Hexahydrate in a CMSMPR Crystallizer. Y-J.

Shin, E-H. Lee, H-S. Park and D-S. Doh

(Korea Advanced Energy Research Institute,

Korea). 10:00 PAPER S5b

A Continuous Crystallization Process for

Uranium and Plutonium Refinement. K. Ebert

(Nuclear Research Centre, Karlsruhe, West

Germany). 10:30 PAPER S5c

Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate Production

from Carnallite and Phosphoric Acid. X.G.

Fan, Y.F. Su and J.Z. Zhou (East China

University of Chemical Technology, China). 11:00 PAPER S5d

Potassium Salts Crystallization in Saskatchewan.

M. Klein (KS Engineering, Inc.) and E.

Goldsmith (Kalium Canada, Inc.). 11:30 PAPER S5e

Separation of Germanium from Silicon in

Optical Fiber Processing Effluents. D.A. Mixon,

M.P. Bohrer and D.O. Johnson (AT&T Bell

Laboratories). The following papers will be poster presentations on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Direct Preparation of Blue Tungsten Oxide by

Reduction of Loaded Organic Extractant by

Hydrogen. C-M. Wang, X-H. Tang and Y-M.

Cai (East China University of Chemical

Technology, China).


Crystallization of Ammonium Paratungstate

(APT): The System WO3-NH3-H2O. J.W. van

Put, T.W. Zegers, A. van Sandwijk (Delft

University of Technology, The Netherlands) and

P.J.M. van der Straten (Philips Lightime B.V.,

The Netherlands).


Uranium Recovery from Dirty Uranium Scrap

by Crystallization. E-H. Lee, Y-J. Shin, H-S.

Park (Korea Advanced Energy Institute) and

D.-S. Doh (Korea University).

Session S6 Oct. 4, 14:30, Room 314

Novel Separations Co-Chairmen: F.F. Cantwell (University of Alberta)

and H-S. Park (Korea Advanced

Energy Institute, Korea) 14:30 PAPER S6a

Solvent Extraction and Liquid Membrane

Permeation -- A Critical Review. R. Marr, H.-J.

Bart and J. Draxler (Technische Universitat

Graz, Austria). 15:00 PAPER S6b

Separation of Xylene Isomers by Zone Refining

Process. H.M. Yeh (National Taiwan

University), S.W. Tsai and C.T. Liang (National

Cheng Kung University, Taiwan). 15:30 PAPER S6c

Extraction of Cobalt and Manganese from an

Industrial Effluent by Liquid Emulsion

Membranes. I. Abou-Nemeh and A. van Peteghem

(Rijksunwerstiteit, Ghent, Belgium). 16:00 PAPER S6d

Liquid-Liquid Extraction Under Segmented

Flow Conditions in Small Bore Tubes. F.F.

Cantwell and C. Lucy (University of Alberta). 16:30 PAPER S6e

Use of Microemulsions to Obtain Fast Kinetics

in the Extraction of Ga(III) and Ge(IV) by

Kelex in Acid Medium. D. Bauer, G. Cote, J.

Komornick and S. Mallet (Laboratoire de

Chimie Analytique, Paris, France). 17:00 PAPER S6f

Differential Concentration of Lanthanides by

Liquid Emulsion Membrane Based on

Di-2-ethylhexyl-Phosphoric Acid Extractant. H.F.

Aly, M.R. El-Sourogy, S.M. Khalifa and E.E.

Zaki (Atomic Energy Authority, Egypt). The following papers will be poster presentations on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Study on Liquid Surfactant Membranes. N.-X.

Yan and Y.-J. Shi (East China University of

Chemical Technology, China).


Design of Particulate Bed Coalescers for

Separation of Oil-Water Secondary Dispersions.

J.O. Oloidi, S.Y. Ibrahim (Teesside

Polytechnic, UK) and C.J. Mumford (University of

Aston, UK).

Session S7 Oct. 2, 14:30, Chedoke A

Food and Beverage Industry Separations Co-Chairmen: B.E. Hickson (Rowntree Mackintosh

Canada Ltd.) and S.S.H. Rizvi

(Cornell University) 14:30 PAPER S7a

Separation of Food Components by Fluid

Extraction at Subcritical and Supercritical

Conditions. S. Vijayan, R. Singh (AECL) and B.E.

Hickson (Rowntree Mackintosh Canada Ltd.). 15:00 PAPER S7b

Fractional of Lipids for Ground Beef with

Supercritical CO2, S.J. Mulvaney and R.R.

Chao (University of Missouri). 15:30 PAPER S7c

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction

Process for Making Low Calorie Peanuts. C.A.

Passey and N.D. Patil (St. Hyacinthe Food

Research Centre, Agriculture Canada). 16:00 PAPER S7d

Production of Rapeseed Protein Isolates by

Membrane Processes. L.L. Diosady, L.J. Rubin

and Y. Teng (University of Toronto). 16:30 PAPER S7e

Optimizing the Use of Activated Carbons in

Separation Processes. R.A. Gallop and A.W.

Hydamaka (University of Manitoba). 17:00 PAPER S7f

Reactivation of Spent Carbon from Beverage

Industries. R.W. Beshai, M.H. Rabaj and I.F.

Hewaidy (CMRDI, Egypt). The following paper will be a poster presentation on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


An Extractor Applying to Feeds Containing

Grains or Viscous Substances. F.G. Zhu and S.

Jin (Scientific Research Institute of Fragrance

and Flavour, China).

Session S8 Oct. 4, 09:30, Webster A

Biochemical Separations Co-Chairmen: M. Moo-Young (University of

Waterloo) and A. Lyddiatt (Biochemical

Recovery Group, Birmingham, UK) 09:30 PAPER S8a

Molecular Basis for Proteins Separations:

Controlling Protein Conformation Behaviour.

R. Lovrien and M.J. Conroy (University of

Minnesota). 10:00 PAPER S8b

Kieselguhr-Agarose Composites in Adsorptive

Processing. A. Lyddiatt (Biochemical Recovery

Group, UK). 10:30 PAPER S8c

Consolute Point Systems for Organic Solute

Separation. M.A. Hughes and N.P. Hanigan

(University of Bradford, UK). 11:00 PAPER S8d

Strategy Development Regarding Large-Scale

Protein Purification. V.C. Yang (University of

Michigan). 11:30 PAPER S8e

Kinetics of Solvent Extraction of Cyclosporine

from the Fungus Tolypocladium inflatum. A.

Margaritis and M.S. Roach (University of

Western Ontario). The following paper will be a poster presentation on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Separation of delta-Amylase and Proteinase from

Bacillus subtilis Broth by Peg/Salt Aqueous

Two-Phase System. Z. Shen, Y. Jichu, L.

Chongyi and W. Jiading (Tsinghua University,


Session S9-1 Oct. 4, 09:30, Webster A

Metallurgical Separations I Co-Chairmen: V.I. Lakshmanan (Ortech International)

and J.L. Sabot (Rhone Poulenc

Recherches, Aubervilliers, France) 09:30 PAPER S9-1a

Europium Extraction from Phosphoric Acid

Medium by Di-2-Ethylhexyl-Phosphoric Acid

and 8-Hydroxyquinoline Mixture. H.F. Aly,

S.M. Khalifa, N. Zakareia and M. Nofal

(Atomic Energy Authority, Egypt). 10:00 PAPER S9-1b

Recovery of Vanadium from Suncor Flyash -- Flowsheet

Development. V.I. Lakshmanan

(Ortech International) and N. McQueen

(Cambrian Engineering). 10:30 PAPER S9-1c

A Novel Method for Separation of Rare Earths

by Countercurrent Extraction with Three

Outlets. B-G. Li, C-H. Yan, H. Li and G-X. Xu

(Peking University, China). 11:00 PAPER S9-1d

Solvent Extraction of Trivalent Gallium,

Indium and Thallium from Hydrochloric Acid

Solutions by an delta-Hydroxyoxine. T. Sato, K.

Suzuki and K. Sato (Shizuoka University,

Japan). 11:30 PAPER S9-1e

Separation of Molybdenum and Tungsten by

Quaternary Amine Extraction of Their Thio

Salts. J.H. Li and C-M. Wang (East China

University of Chemical Technology, China). The following papers will be poster presentations on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Studies on Dynamic Process of Countercurrent

Extraction with Four Components. C.H.

Yan, S. Gao, K. Li and G. Xu (Peking

University, China).


Octylphenyl Acid Phosphate as an Extractant

for Lanthanides, S.S.V. Ramakumar, O.V.

Singh and S.N. Tandon (University of Roorkee,



Solvent Extraction of Trivalent Gallium,

Indruin and Thallium from Hydrochloric Acid

Solutions by Acid Organophosphorus

Compounds. T. Sato and K. Sato (Shizuoka University,


Session S9-2 Oct. 4, 14:30, Webster C

Metallurgical Separations II Co-Chairmen: G. Demopoulos (McGill University)

and T. Sato (Shizuoka University,

Hamamatsu, Japan) 14:30 PAPER S9-2a

Hydrometallurgical Treatment Options for

Carbon Steel Electric Arc Furnace Dusts. D.B.

Dreisinger, E. Peters and G. Morgan (University

of British Columbia). 15:00 PAPER S9-2b

The Equilibrium Characteristics of 2-Ethylhexyl

Phosphonic Acid- 2-Ethylhexyl Ester

and Aqueous Mixtures of Cobalt and Nickel.

J.A. Golding and C. Wells (University of

Ottawa). 15:30 PAPER S9-2c

Extraction of Iron (III) from Sulfate Solutions

with Primary Amine and Tributyl Phosphate.

X. Meng, S. Yu and J. Chen (Academia Sinica,

China). 16:00 PAPER S9-2d

Solvent Extraction Separation of Arsenic,

Antimony, Bismuth and Tin with Crown

Ethers. R.G. Vibhute and S.M. Khopkar (I.I.T.

Bombay, India). 16:30 PAPER S9-2e

Recovery of Gold and Silver from Spanish Ores

by Pressure Leaching. F.J. Alguacil, A.

Hernandez and A. Luis (University of Madrid,

Spain). 17:00 PAPER S9-2f

Solvent Extraction of Gold in a Continuous

Circuit. P.A. Riveros (CANMET). The following papers will be poster presentations on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Diminution of Manganese Content of Ghorabi

Manganeferrous Iron Ore Using Pickling

Liquors. R.W. Beshai, A.K. Ismail, M.N. Hassan

and I.F. Hewaidy (CMRDI, Cairo, Egypt).


Solvent Extraction-Electrowinning of Copper

and Nickel from Ammoniacal Leach Liquor of

Manganese Sea Nodules. V. Kumar, B.D. Pandey,

R.K. Jana, D. Bajchi, A.K. Nayak and

D.D. Akerkar (National Metallurgical Laboratory,


Session S10 Oct. 2, 14:30, Room 314

Nuclear Separations Co-Chairmen: G.M. Ritcey (CANMET) and

J.D. Navratil (University of New

South Wales, Kensington, Australia) 14:30 PAPER S10a

Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction in

Nuclear Technology. J.D. Navratil (University of

New South Wales, Australia). 15:00 PAPER S10b

Selective Removal of Dissolved Radioactivity

from Aqueous Wastes by a Chemical

Treatment/Ultrafiltration Technique. V.T. Le, L.P.

Buckley and G.J. McConeghy (AECL). 15:30 PAPER S10c

Separation and Purification of Fission Mo-99

from Irradiated Natural Uranium Dioxide. G.

Ting and W-L. Cheng (Atomic Energy Council,

Taiwan). 16:00 PAPER S10d

Separation of Sr-90 From High Level Liquid

Waste Solutions. B-G. Brodda and A. Turker

(Nuclear Research Centre, Julich, West Germany). 16:30 PAPER S10e

Performance of a Two Compartment

Electrolyser for Continuous Oxidation/Reduction

of Fe(II)/Fe(III) Ions in FeCl3 Leach Solution of

Uranium Ores. I. Nirdosh (Lakehead University). 17:00 PAPER S10f

Studies on the Extraction of TcO4-- Ions from

Solutions of Mono- and Bivalent Metal Hydroxides

by the Use of Kryptofix-22 in

1,2-Dichloroethane. M.G. Jalhoom (Iraqi Atomic

Energy Commission, Iraq).

Session S11 Oct. 3, 09:30, Webster C

Environmental/Waste Separations Co-Chairmen: H. Whittaker (Environment Canada)

and D. Bhattacharyya (University of

Lexington) 09:30 PAPER S11a

Acid-Base Couple Solvents in Recovery of

Mineral Acids from Waste Streams. A. Baniel, A.

Eyal (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

and J. Mizrahi (Development and Engineering

Ltd., Israel). 10:00 PAPER S11b

Butane and Steam Stripping as Environmental

Emergency Countermeasures. M. Punt

and H. Whittaker (Environment Canada), G.

Giesbrecht (CHZM Hill) and W. Alderton (Pan

Canadian Consultants). 10:30 PAPER S11c

Membrane Processes in the Treatment of

Aqueous Wastes Containing Metals. C. Fabiani,

M. Penna, D. Carlini and L. Mentuccia

(ENEA, Italy). 11:00 PAPER S11d

A Review of EETD's Recent Membrane

Separation Technologies. L. Gardner (Environment

Canada). 11:30 PAPER S11e

Case Histories -- Waste Treatment with

Membranes. P.S. Cartwright (C3 International,

Inc.). The following paper will be a poster presentation on October 3, 15:00, Webster A:


Absorption Data for Sulphur Dioxide Recovery

from Waste Gases by a Sodium Citrate Solution.

B. Skrbic, J. Cvejanov and D. Vatai

(University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia).

Session S12 Oct. 4, 14:30, Webster A

Chemical and Allied Industry Separations Co-Chairmen: C.H. Tay (Abitibi-Price Inc.) and

D.W. Prowse (Alberta Research

Council) 14:30 PAPER S12a

The Separation of Saturates and Aromatics

from Synthetic Crude Middle Distillates. K.R.

Dymock, H. Notzl, R.A. Simmons, J.A. Reid

(Petro Canada), J.G. Spiro, H. Sawatsky, S.

Coulombe and B. Farnand (EMR). 15:00 PAPER S12b

Microwave Treatment of Coal for Sulfur

Removal. F.H. Tezel and J.M. Tranquilla (University

of New Brunswick). 15:30 PAPER S12c

Ethanol/Water Separation: New Directions for

an Old Problem. R.V. Parsons and H. Husain

(Wardrop Engineering, Inc.). 16:00 PAPER S12d

Membrane Separation for Spent Sulphite

Liquor Treatment. R.G. Urbantas and C.H. Tay

(Abitibi-Price, Inc.). 16:30 PAPER S12e

Fibre Separation of Wood Pulp Suspensions.

A.C. Martin (Black Clawson-Kennedy Ltd.). 17:00 PAPER S12f

Review of Potential Applications of Formed-in-Place

Membranes in the Pulp and Paper

Industry. J.S. Johnson Jr. (Consultant) and D.

Fong (DuPont Co.).

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Mallet, S.                                   S6e
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Maltby, F.O.                                 D3b
Marcotte, N.                                 B4b
Margaritis, A.               B1b, B3b, B5c, S2f,
Marlin, T.E.                      A3e, A4f, C12e
Marr, R.                              S3-2h, S6a
Martin, A.C.                                S12e
Masliyah, J.H.                          D5c, D5d
Massliyah, J.H.                              C2c
Mather, A.E.                                C11f
McConeghy, G.J.                             S10b
McConvey, I.F.                             S1-2a
McCoy, C.                                    D2c
McDowell, W.J.                             S3-1e
McFaddin, D.C.                              CS3c
McGarvey, G.B.                              CS4a
McGlinchev, M.J.                            CS1c
McGregor, I.R.                               D5a
McKnight, C.                                 B7f
McLean, A.                                   D1b
McLean, D.                              A4a, A4d
McLellan, J.                                 A2b
McPhee, W.C.                                 M4b
McQueen, N.                                S9-1b
Mehdizadeh, H.                             S1-1b
Meng, X.                                   S9-2c
Mentuccia, L.                               S11c
Mercille, S.                                 B3c
Meunier, M.A.                                C4a
Missen, R. W.                                C6f
Mistry, P.                                 S3-2b
Mitsoulis, E.                               C12c
Mixon, D.A.                                  S5e
Mizrahi, J.                                 S11a
Moffat, J.B.                   CS2a, CS2c, CS4a,
Monnier, J.                                 CS3b
Moo-Young, M.                     B2a, B3e, B6d,
                                      B7c, S1-2d
Moore, D.M.                                  B5b
Morgan, G.                                 S9-2a
Moses, J.                                    S2e
Moyer, B.A.                                S3-1e
Muehlenbachs,K.                              D4a
Mulcahy, J.A.                                D2e
Mulvaney, S.J.                               S7b
Mumford, C.J.                         S3-2f, S6h
Munoz, V.                                    D4e
Murinov, Yu.I.                               S4g
Nadar, W.K.                                  A3a
Nakajima, A.                                 S4h
Nandakumar, K.                          A3c, C5c
Narayan, S.B.                                C9e
Narita, H.                                   C1d
Nasr-El-Din, H.                    C3c, D5c, D5d
Navratil, J.D.                         S10a, S4e
Nayak, A.K.                                S9-2h
Nayak, V.S.                                 CS4d
Negrotti, M.                                 B3a
Nelson, P.R.                                 C7a
Neufeld, R.J.                                D3e
Nguyen, V.                                   S2d
Nikoliukin, A.V.                           S3-1d
Nirdosh, I.                                 S10e
Nofal, M.                                  S9-1a
Noh, S.H.                                    E2b
Nolan, L.                                    E3c
Notzl, H.                                   S12a
Novak, R.A.                                  S2b
O'Driscoll, K.F.                        M4d, M4f
O'Hehir, K.                                  D3b
Oballa, C.M.                                CS3a
Oguztoreli, M.                               C7d
Oguztoreli, M.N.                             C7d
Ohuchi, T.                             CS3d, D4a
Oloidi, J.O.                   S1-2a, S3-2f, S6h
Oosthuizen, P.H.                             C5f
Oren, M.J.                                   D7e
Osterroth, A.                                M1a
Otto, F.D.                            C10c, C11f
Overend, R.P.                     B7a, B7b, CS3e
Overgaard, S.                                B2a
Ozturk, S.S.                                 B2d
Ozum, B.                                     C7d
Paine, A.J.                                  M1c
Paine, K.                                    A1a
Pakdel, P.Q.H.                               E2c
Pal, Rajinder                                C3a
Palsson, B.O.                                B2d
Pambid, E.R.                                 S4i
Pandey, B.D.                               S9-2h
Pandey, R.N.                                CS4d
Paris, J.                                   C12g
Park, H.-S.                      S3-2j, S5a, S5h
Parry, R.C.                                  E3c
Parsons, R.V.                               S12c
Partridge, B.A.                            S3-2b
Passey, C.A.                                 S7c
Patel, J.                                    A1b
Patil, N.D.                                  S7c
Pauss, A.                                    B1d
Pegg, M.J.                                   E1c
Pelton, R.H.                            M1a, M4b
Penlidis, A.                 A2a, A4e, C13d, M4d
Penna, M.                                   S11c
Pepin, M-F.                                  B3c
Perrier, M.                             B1d, B2b
Perry, G.                                    D7b
Peters, E.                                 S9-2a
Pham, T.                                     B3b
Phatak, A.                             A4e, C13b
Phillips, H.A.                               B3e
Pickles, E.R.                                D7d
Ping, L.                                   S3-2g
Pires, M.T.                                S1-2h
Plaumann, H.P.                               M1e
Polk, A.                                B4b, B7f
Polpool, S.                                  D6e
Poncelet, D.                                 D3e
Ponter, A.B.                                C10a
Postlethwaite, J.                      C12d, C1e
Pozo, M.Del                                  C9f
Pritchard, D.W.                            S3-1h
Prochaska, K.                              S3-1f
Proulx, P.                                  C13c
Psellas, A.                                  S2f
Punt, M.                                    S11b
Rabaj, M.H.                                  S7f
Rahimi, P.                                   D4a
Rahman, A.                                  CS4c
Rahmani, M.                                  M2c
Ramakumar, S.S.V.                          S9-1g
Ramsay, J.                                   B3c
Rangwala, H.A.                        C10c, C11f
Rao, N. V.Rama                              C11a
Ray, E.L.                                    S4c
Ray, N.                                      B2c
Reid, J.A.                                  S12a
Reid, T.S.                                   B5e
Reidy, T.J.                                  B3a
Reilly, P.M.                      A4b, A4e, C13b
Rhim, J.W.                                 S1-2d
Rhodes, Edward                               C3a
Richardson, J.C.                             D3c
Ring, Z.E.                                   C6f
Riveros, P.A.                              S9-2f
Roach, M.S.                                  S8e
Robinson, C.W.                          B1a, B7c
Rohani, S.                              A1a, A1e
Rompre, P.                                   B4f
Rothstein, D.                                S4a
Roy, C.                            C8b, D5b, E2c
Rubin, L.J.                             D3d, S7d
Rudin, A.                                    M1d
Ruin, A.                                     M3a
Runstadler, P.W.                             B2c
Russell, K.E.                                M2d
Ruthven, D.M.                               C11c
Sakaguchi, T.                                S4h
Saleh, Y.A.A.                               CS5c
Salib, P.F.                                  D6d
Samaraskera, I.                              D2b
Sano, T.                                    CS1b
Sato, K.                            S9-1d, S9-1h
Sato, T.                            S9-1d, S9-1h
Saussey, J.                                 CS1d
Sawatsky, H.                                S12a
Sawicka, B.                                S1-2c
Sayer, B.G.                                 CS1c
Scarratt, D.                                 B7f
Scharer, J.M.                           B2a, B3e
Schlebusch, W.                               D2a
Schreiber, H.P.                              M3c
Schwellnus, C.F.                             C1b
Scott Jr., A.D.                              S2b
Scott, K.                                  S1-2a
Sears, P.L.                                  D4b
Seaver, S.S.                            B3a, B5d
Sedran, U.                                  CS2e
Sefton, M.V.                                 B4e
Selucky, M.                                  D4e
Shaikh, A.A.                                 C6a
Shaw, J.M.                             C12f, C7a
Shemilt, L.W.                           C9b, E1b
Shen, Z.                                C4b, S8f
Shen, Z.J.                          S3-2c, S3-2i
Sheng, G.                                    E1b
Sheng, W.                                   C11d
Shi, Y.J.                                    S6g
Shin, Y.-J.                      S3-2j, S5a, S5h
Shirkhanzadeh, M.                            C9b
Shirt, R.W.                                  A4c
Shoukri, M.                                  C1b
Shuzhen, Z.                         S3-1i, S3-1j
Silveston, P.L.                        C6e, CS5c
Silvestre, C.                              S1-2h
Simard, F.                                  CS2d
Simmons, R.A.                               S12a
Sinegribova, O.A.                          S3-1d
Singh, D.K.                                  C7c
Singh, O.V.                                S9-1g
Singh, R.                                    S7a
Singh, R.P.                                  S4i
Sipehia, R.                                  B4d
Sjoberg, B.                                 C10d
Skrbic, B.                                  S11f
Slater, M.J.                               S3-1a
Smart, N.                                    B7e
Smith, B.A.H.                                B4e
Smith, K.J.                           CS1c, CS2b
Smith, N.                                    B3d
Sommerville, I.D.                            D1b
Song, K.G.                                 S3-2c
Soria-Lopez, A.                              C1c
Sovilj, M.                                 S3-2d
Spiro, J.G.                                 S12a
Stanfelj, N.                                 A3e
Stanley, D.W.                                D3c
Steward, F.R.                                D6e
Stewart, M.G.                                B3f
Su, L.M.                                   S3-2g
Su, Y.F.                       S3-1c, S3-2i, S5c
Suzuki, K.                                 S9-1d
Szymanowski, J.                            S3-1f
Tackle, E.                                   C7b
Takahashi, K.I.                              S2g
Tandon, S.N.                               S9-1g
Tang, X-H.                                   S5f
Tanguy, P.A.                                 C9d
Tasalloti, S.                                M1c
Tavlarides, L.L.                           S3-2e
Taweel, A.M.Al                          C2a, C2d
Tay, C.H.                                   S12d
Tecante, A.                                  B6c
Teng, Y.                                     S7d
Ternan, M.                                  CS3c
Tessier, P.                                  A1c
Tezel, F.H.                           C11c, S12b
Tezel, H.O.                                 C11c
Thambimuthu, K.V.                            D6b
Therien, N.                                  A1c
Thibault, J.                       B4f, B5a, B6e
Thomson, L.A.                                C3e
Thring, R.W.                                 B7b
Tian, Y.                                M3b, M4c
Ting, G.                                    S10c
Todd, A.                                     D6b
Tollefson, E.L.                         D4c, D4d
Tomar, P.                                    E3b
Tomcej, R.                                  C11f
Tong, S.                                    CS5a
Tranquilla, J.M.                            S12b
Tremblay, A.Y.                              C11b
Tsai, S.W.                                   S6b
Tu, D.Y.                                     E3e
Tung, A.                                     B2c
Turker, A.                                  S10d
Tweddle, T.A.                              S1-2b
Urbantas, R.G.                              S12d
Valle, C.A. Lopez                            B4f
van der Straten, P.J.M.                      S5g
van Heiningen, A.R.P.                        C5e
van Peteghem, A.                             S6c
van Put, J.W.                                S5g
van Sandwijk, A.                             S5g
Vatai, D.                                   S11f
Vehara, H.                                 S1-1d
Velayudhan, R.                               B6a
Venugopal, S.                                A1d
Vibhute, R.G.                              S9-2d
Vijayan, S.                            C11a, S7a
Villalobos, M.A.                             M4e
Voigt, C.G.                             C2d, C9d
Vournakis, J.N.                              B2c
Wachob, G.D.                                 E3c
Wakao, N.                                    C1a
Walker, L.                                   C2d
Wang, C.-M.                           S5f, S9-1e
Wang, X.F.                                 S3-1c
Wang, Y.                                   S3-2k
Wanke, S.E.                      C10c, CS4b, M4a
Watkinson, A.P.                              C8a
Watson, P.C.                                 C3b
Wei, S.J.                                    E3e
Weida, J.                                  S1-1h
Wells, C.                                  S9-2b
Westman, R.                                  D1c
Whittaker, H.                               S11b
Wild, G.                                     C9f
Willis, J.M.                                 M2e
Winnik, M.A.                                 M1b
Wolf, B.                                     D2c
Wonchala, E.P.                               C6b
Wong, W.                                    CS3a
Wood, P.E.                              C9a, M4e
Worden, M.                                   B2c
Wu, J.                                       B2e
Wylie, R.H.                                  A3e
Wynnyckyj, J.R.                         C6b, C7b
Xi, D.L.                                   S1-2g
Xu, G-X.                                   S9-1c
Xu, G.                                     S9-1f
Xu, S.                                     S3-2k
Xun, F.                             S3-1i, S3-1j
Yan, C.-H.                            9-1c, 9-1f
Yan, N.X.                                    S6g
Yang, J.                                     C8b
Yang, V.C.                                   S8d
Yeh, H.M.                                    S6b
Yeo, R.                                      C9a
Yide, L.                            S3-1i, S3-1j
Yin, Q.                                    S1-1g
Ying, G.S.                                   E3e
Yoo, J.H.                                  S3-2j
Yoshimura, Y.                               CS3b
Yu, S.                              S3-1g, S9-2c
Yu, Z.Z.                                     E3e
Yuet, P.K.                                   A3b
Zakareia, N.                               S9-1a
Zaki, E.E.                                   S6f
Zarook, S.M.                                 C6a
Zegers, T.W.                                 S5g
Zhang, K.                                  S1-1g
Zhou, J.Z.                                   S5c
Zhou, Y.C.                                 S3-1k
Zhu, F.G.                                    S7g
Zhu, S.                                 M3b, M4c
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Title Annotation:special insert for the conference at the Convention Centre in Hamilton, Ontario on October 1 to 4, 1989
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Date:Jun 1, 1989
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