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Your gardening answers; Lawns need treatment for snow mold, fungi.

Byline: Paul E. Rogers

When the snow finally melted from the lawn, it exposed large irregular patches of straw-colored grass. Is the lawn dead? What should I do?''

After a long snowy winter, it is quite common to see that grasses are under attack by one or more types of fungi. Most often seen is either gray or pink snow mold. You may select either a low-key, non-chemical treatment or go with one of the chemical treatments found in stores.

Most homeowners select the non-chemical route. Wait until the soil in the lawn has drained and dried, then give the grass a vigorous raking using a flexible-tined (fingered) rake. The rake can be constructed of plastic, bamboo, or metal, it makes no difference. You will discover that most of the grass that appears dead -- is.

However, it is the base of the grass plant, the crown or clump that is important for regrowth. In some instances, it is only necessary to break up the mat of dead grass that will allow the sun to destroy the fungus and stimulate new grass to develop. In other cases, the fungi have killed the grass and raking will reveal bare ground that should be reseeded immediately.

Usually your lawn provides you with a situation partway between either extreme, with some regrowth immediately after the raking and some dead patches requiring reseeding.

It is important to know that no digging is needed before reseeding. The grooves in the soil surface left by the raking are sufficient to form a bed for the seed.

The dead grass roots should not be removed. They will help the new grass to grow.
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Author:Rogers, Paul E.
Publication:Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
Date:Apr 11, 2014
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