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Your first *real* relationship: {the official guide to going official}.

First there were the all-weekend texting marathons (your thumbs are still aching). Then, your walks together between classes turned into sweet strolls home after studying. And--finally!--you started dating. And then you DTR'd, so you're officially a thing. Congrats! But... now what?

Should you hold hands by the bonfire? Does dinner and a movie with the new S.O. replace your standing Friday night plans with your sister? Do you have to meet the parents? Shudder.

Don't freak out. Whether this is your first boyfriend/girlfriend or your fifth, we've got the ultimate guide to making the flirtationship-to-relationship transition super smooth.


You're the same you, and your boo's the same boo--but your new titles (boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever you end up deciding to call each other) can make things feel formal and official in a weird way. You'll stumble over a few things as you figure out what you're like as a couple: how to introduce each other, how often you'll hang and text and go out, how you handle PDA. It can be uncomfortable, sure--but it also can be fun, new and exciting. The key to getting through it? Give yourselves some time and try to let things fall into place naturally. They will.


There's a reason so many swoon-worthy YA novels take place over the summer: three months of total freedom = the perfect time to fall in looove. But going all Hazel-and-Gus right away can leave you burned quicker than a day in the sun sans SPF. Spending tons of time together puts you at risk for getting super serious, super quickly--so keep it fun, too. Indulge your flirty side (poolside Popsicle-eating contest, anyone?) without rushing into the relationship deep-end too soon.


Say it with us: Instagram is not real life. Your boy may seriously be the sweetest, but you're not going to be living in Clarendon-colored bliss every single second of the day--and tiffs are totally normal. So if he can't make it to your birthday BBQ (that baseball banquet is a big deal!) or she accidentally calls you her pooch's name (hey, swapping Fido for Fiona is an honest mistake), know that kind of stuff is all part of a regular relationship. The key to a happy coupledom is going with the flow, forgiving and forging on.


Things have been amazing between the two of you for a couple of weeks--and your friends, family and followers will be stoked to know the news. Time to start dropping cute, casual alerts that let 'em know you're officially a thing.

+ GET CREATIVE WITH A CUTE PHOTO. Post your favorite pic together on all your most important profiles. Caption it with the date you officially got together and a heart emoji; or share it with romantic lyrics you both love.

+ INTRODUCE THEM AS YOUR S.O. Yes, it's really that simple. (And trust us: Saying, "I want you to meet my awesome boyfriend, [his name here]... " will never get old.)

+ ROCK HIS JERSEY. Or his varsity jacket or her trademark band hoodie or his favorite baseball cap. It's a classic move, for sure (ever seen Grease?) but still totally timeless.

But DON'T...

* Send out a massive news bulletin alerting your entire grade to the news--this is your personal life, not CNN.

* Brag about it to another girl who crushed on them.

* Put any pressure on your bae to PDA.

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Author:Haywood, Kelsey; Uslin, Kimberly
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Date:Jun 1, 2017
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