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In the new climate of tightened border security, the United States Embassy in Mexico announced plans in November to soon begin issuing a Laser Visa, which will be adding bio-data to the usual photo and signature.

Designed to improve identification and thwart counterfeit operations, the new data is expected to include a fingerprint and possibly photos of the applicant's iris. The Laser Visa will be replacing older visas such as the Border Crossing Card.

Travelers with older visas, especially those issued without expiration dates, may be allowed to enter the United States one more time, but they must get a new visa as those are no longer valid. Individuals must apply for the correct type of visa depending on what they are going to the United States to do. Due to the drop in demand following Sept. 11, all non-immigrant visa prices are US$100 and immigrant visas are around US$335. For further information, visit the visa section of the website.
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Author:Sander, Blair
Publication:Business Mexico
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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