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Your council on practice and government affairs at work: SJR 5--issues and challenges of providing emergency care: what you can do.

Although the legislature is not in session, interim committees are in session. Bills and resolutions passed during the regular session directed studies on which to base future actions. These bills and resolutions have been assigned to various interim committees formed to meet between legislative sessions.

One such item was Senate Joint Resolution 5 (SJR 5) requesting an interim study to identify the issues and challenges involved in providing emergency care and to report on strategies that can strengthen Montana's emergency medical services system.

SJR 5 has been assigned to the Children, Family, Health and Human Services interim committee (CFHHS). Your MNA Council on Practice and Legislative Affairs (CPGA) members are monitoring the progress of the committee by attending scheduled meetings and providing input.

You too can see what's happening. The internet makes it easy. First log on to the legislative website,, then click on Committees, then interim, then Children, Family, Health and Human Services. All you ever wanted to know about this committee from members to issues is available to you on the website. Clicking on Full Meeting Schedule provides you with easy access to further information.

Members of this interim committee are tasked not only to study the challenges of providing emergency services, but also to study of the impacts of various health care delivery systems on health care services (SJR 15).

How can you keep current on the progress of this committee? You don't have time to review the website every day? The site provides you with an opportunity to sign up for electronic notification of committee activity.

Another tool you may want to review is The Interim. The Interim newsletter is published monthly (except during regular legislative sessions) by the Legislative Services Division. The Interim contains articles related to interim committee work, general Legislative Branch news, and other articles of legislative interest. The last page(s) of The Interim contains a calendar of upcoming meetings and events of interest. To access it on line, again go to the legislative website listed above. Click publications, then interim newsletter. The Interim also gives you the opportunity to sign up for electronic notification of new issues.

Your CPGA members strive to keep current with all relevant issues for you. You too can be a part of the process by taking a look at the sites listed above and contacting any of the members of the CPGA with your input.

(Contact members of CPGA through the MNA office. The members are Kim Powell, Glenda Nielsen, Milly Gutkoski, Barb Prescott, Lynn Hebert, Becky Sturdevant and Linda Henderson, ad hoc.)

CFHHS Interim Committee

Rep Edith Clark, RN

Rep Ernie Dutton

Rep Teresa Henry, RN

Rep Diane Sands

Sen Carol Juneau

Sen Rick Laible

Sen Terry Murphy

Sen Dan Weinberg

by Lynn Hebert, RN
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Title Annotation:Practice and Government Affairs; Senate Joint Resolution
Author:Hebert, Lynn
Publication:The Pulse
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Date:Oct 1, 2007
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