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On "Concerns Over Future of Arkansas Travelers Prompt Controversial Shakeup"

John Paige: I worked in the front office of the Travelers when we were still at Ray Winder. [Bill] Valentine helped get these guys on the board. [Russ] Meeks is full of it. He's fake as can be. He and the rest of the board only have power because of Valentine. ... Pete Laven worked his butt off for the club. These "board members" have plenty of money from their line of work and just enjoyed the perks of being one of Bill's Boys. ... [Meeks is] running off all the loyal team employees so he can bring in his own people. I smell a rat and his name is RUSS MEEKS!! SAVE THE TRAVS, ABOLISH THE BOARD ... they don't have the future of the TRAVS at heart!!

Kristy McFadin Shepherd: As a business woman in the finance sector--external audits must be conducted quarterly. It is perceived that Meeks is heading this organization as a one-man organization. He does not want any accountability. It is too close to his retirement for the board not [to] place strict checks & balances in action immediately. 1 never had the pleasure of meeting [former Assistant Manager David] Kay but being a part of [former General Manager Pete] Laven's team--it would be easy to say he must have been well respected. I have watched Pete grow this organization since 1995. He is very respected by all. The hugest business mistake you can make in the public entertainment sector is taking away what people know! We all know Pete as a person and businessman. Saying that, Meeks must acknowledge the reality that attendance will see a fall and he may be forced to retire sooner than later. Yet the opportunity for another piece of Arkansas' history to [lie] in ruins because of one man's selfishness to have complete power. He is obviously the one not willing to change as society has changed drastically since the 1970s.

On "Legislative Panel Recommends Cut in Lottery Scholarships"

Bo Cowan: Government officials tell you one thing to get the lottery approved by voters. Now they are going back on their word by cutting the amount of money students can receive. Give that a few years; then they will cut it more and more till the income from the lottery is used for something totally different. You cannot trust the government to keep its word, and if the people don't stand up and hold them accountable, then they will deceive and do whatever they have to do to get their way. How about this: Whatever percent they lower the scholarship lottery they make the state-run colleges lower the amount per credit hour equally.

On "Marriott Replacing Peabody in Little Rock"

Keith Merritt: Does that mean Duck Soup for everybody?

On "FedEx Says It Can Grow by Cutting Costs"

Matt Deuschle: Can grow earnings, not revenues and jobs.

Do you agree with the changes at the Arkansas Travelers?

Yes. It's time for new leadership as the team enters a      11%
new era.

No. The former leadership was popular, knowledgeable and     78%
well-known in baseball.

Too early say. Let's give these new leaders a chance        11%
before we pass judgment.

How serious is the damage to Dustin McDaniel's campaign
for governor?

Not serious at all. Ever hear of Bill Clinton? This will     6%
be a distant memory to voters at the polls.

Very. McDaniel now faces a steep climb with donors, the     61%
party and voters.

Somewhat. But it's so early in the race that there's ample  11%
time to recover.

It depends on whether there's more dirt to come and what    16%
his opponents will do with it.

Note: Table made from bar graph.
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Date:Dec 24, 2012
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