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Your body's joints.

You have more than 200 bones in your body. Each bone is connected to another bone. The place where two bones meet is called a joint. Most of these joints move in special ways. Let's learn some of them.


Look at a door. See the metal plates that hold it to the wall? These plates make a hinge. A hinge lets the door swing open or closed.

A hinge joint in your body works much like a door hinge. The hinge joints in your knees, elbows, and fingers let those bones move much like a door, forward and back or up and down. They don't allow much twisting around.


When it comes to twisting movements, the ball and socket joint is the king. Try holding a small ball loosely in your hand to see why.

Turn the ball around in different directions.

You have a ball and socket joint where your leg meets your hip. You have another one where your arm meets your shoulder. Try waving your arms around like a windmill. The ball and socket joints in your shoulders allow your arms to move in many different directions.


If you stacked twenty-six spools of thread and pushed a long drinking straw down through them to the floor, you'd have built something a lot like your backbone, or spine. Your thread-spool stack would be able to bend a long way, just as your spine joints let you bend your body forward, back, and to the sides.

The joint between each spool in your tower is called a sliding joint. Each spool is free to slide a little bit. The bones in your back--all twenty-six of them--meet in sliding joints like these. To feel them work, just bend over and touch your toes.
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