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'Moral catastrophes' and college sports

The sexual abuse scandals and hierarchical cover-ups in the Catholic Church have torn at the faith of many devoted Catholics. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this wrongdoing would eventually be described as a moral catastrophe. So it was when an Editor's Note in the Oct. 5, issue of The National Catholic Reporter focused on Georgetown University's Sept. 25 panel discussion "Confronting a Moral Catastrophe: Lay Leadership, Catholic Social Teaching, and the Sexual Abuse Crisis." The Editor's Note was aptly headlined "Church's 'moral catastrophe.'"

Here's another circumstance that somehow has escaped the same level of scrutiny and publicity as that afforded the Catholic Church. The moral wrongdoings associated with cover-ups of sports-related corruption, sexual abuse and alcohol abuse in our nation's colleges and universities are of such a serious nature and wide scale as to collectively qualify as a moral catastrophe somewhat on par with the sexual abuse cover-ups in the church.

What a dilemma that is for Catholic and other Christian colleges and universities that tend to claim the moral high ground in higher education. For more, see "How Colleges Cope with a Perfect Storm" at the website of

Frank G. Splitt

Mount Prospect

Purge government of NRA influence

Helene Miller Walsh is running for re-election in the Illinois 51st district. The Republican Party appointed her to complete the term of its prior representative, who was dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct. Helene's positions are as erratic as those of her husband, Tea Party advocate Joe Walsh.

For example, she is a member of Project Hood, an organization which aims to deter violence -- and the NRA, an organization which promotes the sale of violent weapons. That makes no sense. It also conflicts with the top priority of suburban citizens: the prevention of school shootings.

We owe it to our children, and to the survivors from Parkland, to purge ourselves of the influence of the NRA.

Chris Rudolph


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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Oct 18, 2018
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