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Make ourselves great again

If any of us want to rid the nation of this President's mindset or personality, it might be good to examine our own.

How easily do we mimic his despicable character traits? How do we use Mr. Trump's misbehavior as permission for our own lack of civility? How readily do we support candidates who use Mr. Trump's tactics to divide, to conquer mindfulness with anger?

How readily do we let our spirits be drained?

Each of us can find fault with this president. Perhaps between now and November, though, we can clear lesser angels out of our own souls, seek again the greater good and work for a return to values that have made us a great nation.

Bob Sitze


Start now to be prepared for Election Day

Election Day is Nov. 6. It's not too early to start making your plan to get to the polls.

First, confirm you are a registered voter.

There are several websites where you can confirm your status. For example,, or your county elections website.

Second, confirm your polling place. Don't assume that you will vote at the same location you voted at the last several elections.

Precinct maps are changed often. You should receive notification in the mail stating your polling place. Review this notification.

If you haven't received notification, you can confirm the information by checking one of the websites mentioned above.

A word of caution if you try to wing it on Election Day: Only select polls will have on-site registration. If you do register the same day, prepare by bringing two forms of identification with you.

If you show up at the wrong polling place, an election judge can direct you to the correct one.

Another option is that you can vote provisionally.

If you do so, know this vote comes with stipulations.

Provisional voting allows for a voter, whose eligibility has been questioned (such as a wrong polling place), to vote. It is kept separate from the other ballots and will be counted once the voter's eligibility has been determined.

In most cases, you will be required to submit proof of eligibility to an election authority during a certain time frame after the election. This means your vote is counted AFTER Election Day.

Elections are important. An elected official's decisions will affect your way of life.

Research and prepare for an election as much as you would for any major event in your life.

Amy Hussain


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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Oct 2, 2018
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