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Your Stars.


TODAY romance comes under the spotlight and you get the chance to ask for what you want. It's been a while and so you may be out of practice but take full advantage.

CALL MY ARIES LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0721 ARROGANCE is not an attractive trait, even though you may disagree. Know how far is too far to go in love. It could be make or break if you don't ensure you're in control.

CALL MY TAURUS LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0722 DON'T talk about people that you do not really know. All you are doing is casting yourself in a bad light. Keep conversations of a positive nature and miracles will occur.

CALL MY GEMINI LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0723 YOU'RE going to have to slow down. You have spent so much time and energy working towards your dreams that you are not leaving yourself with any time to enjoy the view.

CALL MY CANCER LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0724 YOU have a lot on your mind so why don't you try dealing with your own issues instead of everyone else's? Focusing on what's most challenging can go in your favour if you do.

CALL MY LEO LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0725 DON'T be late for friends don't plan on waiting for the walking wounded. A good social interaction is what you need to put life back into perspective.

CALL MY VIRGO LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0726 THERE'S an air of excitement. You know something big is going to happen you just can't say exactly what it is. This ride you are on is certain to be memorable.

CALL MY LIBRA LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0727 A GUILTY conscience needs no accuser. Come on my friend sort out the drama that took place last night. There is too much at stake for both parties not to deal head on.

CALL MY SCORPIO LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0728 YOU have much to offer your close ones, so please don't underestimate the value you give to their lives. Neptune's retrograde action is making you unnecessarily paranoid.

CALL MY SAGITTARIUS LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0729 LEGAL links can go in your favour, but honesty is the key to really turning events around. Don't be frightened of what is occurring.

The stars suggest it's the only way.

CALL MY CAPRICORN LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0730 DON'T take what a loved one says the wrong way. Your sense of humour seems to have gone astray. They're trying to get you to look at the lighter side of life.

CALL MY AQUARIUS LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0731 A CLEAR conscience can come with a meeting that takes place at this time and clears up more than a few questions you have had on your mind regarding your future.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 25, 2011
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