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Your Stars.

Byline: Patrick Arundell

Before you know it, gorgeous Venus will end her back-to-front strop. This will end much of any turmoil and she blows kisses and smiles for your emotional activities. Besides any helpful connections, this paves the way for one or two attractive possibilities. Call for your love scope... Emotional ice will begin to thaw the instant your lovely ruler Venus changes into forward gear. Family and friends will feature largely for various reasons. You're also about to realise just how fussy certain people can be. Don't kowtow too much to their demands Taurus. Call for more... Be sure to enhance your flair for meeting kindred spirits. Other talks suggest that you'll be celebrating something or making a memorable impact on those you wish to influence. Meanwhile, don't be in too much of a hurry to get from one place to another. Call for more astral advice... At one point you'll discover that it's not what you know about someone, but how you respond. It doesn't take much for you to go on the defensive, because you're so anxious to keep everyone happy. Just ensure you have any key and relevant facts to hand. Call me now for your in-depth forecast... Keep a watchful eye over all of your money affairs, and be on your guard against so called bargain offers. Journeys, visits and visitors are likely to be heart-warming and newsy. Prioritise your patience and don't jump to conclusions or overreact on Thursday. Call for more news and advice... If you want to add a smile to your activities, then affections of the heart are charmingly starred. In another sphere of your plans, develop a safety net, in case someone lets you down. Also, you will need to establish a meet-you-halfway strategy for the next few days. Call now for more advice... The next cycle of one-to-one talks will prove that you have got someone thinking, but choose your words tactfully, especially if someone picks a quarrel.

You are the key to open another door of opportunity, and you'll soon attain something that you've set your heart on. Call me now for more... You'll find it hard to compromise, particularly when certain individuals can't seem to get their act together. The golden rule is to wait and see what happens before you take action. Tact and humour will add to your reputation for fair play.

Dig deep and you'll unearth fresh insights. Call for more... As one cycle of events fades, another phase of excitement reveals a chapter of challenge and change. Where work and money are concerned be as watchful as possible. It's what you haven't discovered that makes life tantalising, because whatever you've yet to explore, is an adventure. Call for more... The best way to express your views and feelings is simply to be yourself Capricorn. Whether you desire romance, or just a good time, you will enjoy some harmonious moments where you least expect. A touch of kindly persuasion won't go unnoticed. Call now for your love scope in full... Keep showing that you are willing to co-operate and allow a little more space for specific ideas to develop. Words online or on a pod will tease your heart and mind. If you decide matters are ripe for the plucking, then do it, but at the same time continue to explore other options too. Call for more... A swim-happy week for your graceful Piscean fins. Whether you're a mermaid or robust male fish, rough seas and mellow pools describe a week of romantic, commotional, financial and domestic contrasts. Keep your emotional brakes on, especially on Wednesday. Call now for more advice...
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Apr 19, 2009
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