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Your Stars With Patrick Arundell.

Byline: Patrick Arundell

As you look back on April you will probably figure Aries that it has been an up and down time. Fortunately the end of the month coincides with the Moon in your sign, helping to rekindle the concept of new starts, and refreshing recent strands. Call your prediction line for more news... This week Venus has been under pressure from Pluto. Today it is opposed by Saturn, ironically located in your own sign. Venus in Aries is a 'go get the girl', 'go get the man' kind of influence, but this aspect just reminds you, that with love, always comes responsibility. Call me for more... At times this week, you may have found yourself doubting yourself or feeling that you don't quite come up to the mark, especially at work. The truth is, however tricky anyone else has been, your self-esteem is there for you to nurture. So, if there are any issues, look in not out. Call for more... One of the trickier sides of this week has been to understand truly, what someone's motives have been, and quite frankly even your own. There is more of this now, and it just serves to ask you what hidden or undiscovered grievances are preventing true harmony? Call for more news... Perhaps you have put down deeper roots or a weaker tie has faded from your life. Relationships with an offspring may not have always been harmonious either. Today, it'd be easy to feel low about this, but there is an upside, you just need to access it. Call for your love scope in full... Tensions can creep into even the best of relationships from time to time, not least when people are tired or have been working long hours. Something could happen this weekend which concentrates your mind on the type of love tie or friendships you want. Call for more advice... Someone close to you may need your undivided attention. If you are able to give them this, all well and good. If however, this is not so possible, then you can feel compromised. This could be a youngster going through a delicate stage or an older relative. Call for your in-depth forecast... The cost of a refurbishment scheme may be proving much higher than you first thought. If you have set aside a contingency fund in anticipation of this, all well and good. If you haven't, you may have to consider making some economies. Call your special prediction line for more... If you say something to someone today, and especially someone you don't know very well, you need to be sincere. So, if you are on that first date, or getting to know someone better, don't force the pace. Say what you mean, and no-one can have any grumble with this. Call me for more... A variety of planets and influences has made you something of a chatterbox this month. This may have led to some sparkling encounters, or your tendency to say how you feel, may have proved hard for those on the end of your directness. There can be more of this now. Call for more...

Not a day to take your eye off your expenditure. And anyway, if you drink too much alcohol or binge on sweet or convenience foods, it is unlikely to be good for your constitution or digestion, as much as your bank account. A good day to be very grounded and realistic. Call for more... You may be in the mood to live very much in the moment, and there is a part of this in many a Pisces. However, many wonderful things don't cost a cent, so bear this in mind, especially if you find yourself making comparisons of how other people seem to be faring. Call for more advice...
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 30, 2011
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