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Your Stars With Patrick Arundell.

Byline: Patrick Arundell

The Moon squares Uranus, and the Sun continues to oppose Neptune. To get around this potentially confusing mix, deal in facts. Get people to write down what they say. Don't accept anything verbally which is important or even with a handshake. Call for more astral advice... Romance can take on a fantastical quality.

You might even find yourself in love with the concept of love. If you have a first date with someone new, take a slightly jaundiced view of what you're told. It can pay to hold back a little, just for now Libra. Call me now for your love scope in full... Keep the lines of communications open with a tricky family member. This individual may at the best of times struggle to see much beyond their own needs, but if they start to gossip with others in your clan, things could get even more bogged down. Call me now for your in-depth forecast... Personal confusion or uncertainties can in turn affect your thinking about work, your role in life or your worldly interactions. If something isn't working out very well for you, you could feel deflated and de-motivated. If so, try to rest rather than beating yourself up Scorpio. Call for more advice... Hazy conditions can affect us all. And it's not as if you will deliberately try to mislead anyone, but you could do so completely by accident, by passing on some information which is inaccurate. Look out for what you are told too. Music can be incredibly inspiring today. Call for more news... If you have young children you can make up a wonderful fairytale to read to them, when they go to bed tonight. But if you stray away from the facts in more important situations, your audience can be less than rapt. This is not a good day to exaggerate, but to be factual. Call for more advice... Check your receipt when you leave the supermarket. Look through your bank statement, here too there may be some errors. Being eagle eyed can save you some money, but also more mindful of what you currently spend. If you can find ways to chop back on non-essentials. Call for more... You can be one of the most practical signs, and it will be to your advantage to continue in this vein now. A swirling fog of uncertainty surrounds finances for Capricorns just now, so the more you can keep your head screwed on and your feet on the floor, the better you'll do. Call for more... Someone could fall for you! Now, that sounds rather wonderful does it not? Umm, well, maybe, but if this is a person whose interest you wouldn't welcome then you need to be conscious of choosing your words very carefully so that no one gets the wrong impression. Call for more... However seriously or straightforwardly you approach other people, the chances of someone not understanding where you're coming from are high. If you're an eccentric Aquarian, this may give you delight. If you don't like to rock the boat, take the least line of resistance. Call for more... Someone can give you a sob story today. If you are a Virgo with flinty inclinations you may not be swayed by this. If however, you're someone who tends to be caring and sympathetic, ask yourself if you are getting drawn into their woes more than would be good for you. Call for more advice... Your kindliness puts you close to godliness, but at times it can also see you take on other people's problems too much. Pursue some healing activities, ones which help to protect your space and give you a sense of tranquility and the calmer the better Pisces. Call for more news and astral advice...
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 19, 2010
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