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Your Stars With Patrick Arundell.

Byline: Patrick Arundell

Few people are completely laidback about money. For most mortals, in the current climate, keeping an eye on expenditure is very important. And the suggestion is that between now and the end of May, you may have to tighten your purse strings. Call me now for your financial forecast in full... No-one likes to feel they're going over the same ground, but then experience teaches us how to deal with situations, so when something comes up that we've seen before, it does have its benefits. So, if something is repeated that you thought was done and dusted, try to be philosophical. Call for more... Someone may invest a secret in you. Whilst you may want to do the right thing by them, and keep this to yourself, you may feel torn, especially if you feel that their welfare would be better served by being more open. Then again, you could find yourself wanting to speak to someone. Call for more... A draft agreement may prove unsatisfactory.

If someone shifts their position on any shared situation, you can lose confidence in them. And yet, if you need to apply detailed thinking to a situation, the rest of May can give you an almost forensic ability to drill down into the facts. Call me for more... When a relationship works well, we develop confidence in how things will flow between the two persons concerned. However, this is not a good time to take things for granted.

After all, people are rather like rivers, with a lot of ebbs and flows which are hidden from sight. Call for more advice... If you attract the unwelcome attention of a busybody at work or a nosey local, it's probably because they will be obsessing about a small detail, which to you is almost too trivial for words. However, life can be like this, and someone else's agenda can compete for your attention now. Call for more...

Anything which is a bit different could appeal to you and be like a breath of fresh air. And friends with a zest for life can certainly play a role before the week is out. Yet business and pleasure do not make for a good fit at the moment. If a novel scheme comes up, bear this in mind. Call for more... If you need to see a professional or have a meeting with a governmental agency, recheck the letter or email, before heading off.

Turning up on time but on the wrong day, will do little for your confidence. However, you can enjoy some property fortune around now. Call me now for more... Flights or a holiday that have already been booked may be subject to some changes beyond your control. Keep in touch with your tour operator or travel agent to ensure that you are fully informed of any developments. With care this situation can be managed positively. Call for more news... In a month's time your whole outlook can be transformed, especially as far as romance is concerned. So, if for the rest of May, you feel that your love life is faltering, be assured that better things are to come. Successes now may be of the fleeting variety, rather than substantive. Call now for more... Aquarian's can be incredibly loyal people, but family life is not always easy for you, because you can find the need for unspoken loyalty runs against your instincts to be full and frank. You may find yourself frustrated again now, but compensations are possible, so try to be patient. Call for more... If something has been circulating around your mind, you have a choice, and that is whether to open up and get this off your chest, or to keep it to yourself. You can be conscious that this may have implications on others, so the trick will be to rehearse your arguments. Call me now for more...
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 14, 2009
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