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Aries March 21 to April 20 This is the week you single Aries have been waiting for.

It's the one when Venus is powerful enough to get her own way, offering herself up to sort out your love life. But what do you do with her? You can start by admitting just who and who isn't in the running and what you truly want, the rest is a process of elimination. Just watch out for an ex who has more to say than you think and on Thursday in particular they may say it publicly.

Cash concerns come to the fore around the seventh and they won't get any easier until you say something rather than keep it to yourself. You have three planets asking for money meetings, indulge them. A full Moon brings travel plans to a head early on. Book it, walk away from it or admit you need it badly. To find out more call 09058 171 461(75p per min).

Cancer June 22 to July 23 Seeking help is a sign of strength not weakness, and while you may not want to it's better to ask than suffer in silence and get something wrong.

From the seventh you have an ally at work, someone who has your best interests at heart. They want nothing in return which may seem a little odd in this day and age but they do exist!

It's a much more social time for you, wash your hair early and don't let it be an excuse for staying in on a Friday night, or any other for that matter. If you're single you may want to sort out more than your hairdo as you get luckier than a sailor on payday. All aboard.

Harsh words are being spoken over a matter you thought was sorted weeks ago; remind everyone you all agreed to never speak of this again. Over. To find out more call 09058 171 464 (75p per min).

Libra Sept 24 to Oct 23

You may have itchy feet but you're not sure where you want to put them to best alleviate the discomfort.

For some it's foreign shores, for others it may be using them to kick someone who won't go along with your plans, but one thing is for sure Libra, you're more inclined to take action after you have reached the point when inaction drives you to it.

In short, you have to fester, you have to wander about, you have to wail at the Moon and moan to your mates before you finally decide what it is you want; so crack on. Once you do decide where you're going it's full steam ahead but tell your friends what's happening, even if you don't want to. To find out more call 09058 171 467 (75p per min).

Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 20 If you're not too busy running up a set of curtains or moving house you may want to think about an offer to get out and about a little more.

Single goats have new ground to graze on and for once the grass actually is greener. Just remember not to trample all over it; going easy will keep it that way. Work gets a lift and hopefully this one will take you all the way to the top floor but first you have to let go of a situation that was more about gossip than reality. The way to deal with that is of course cold hard facts. Travel plans are under review, check them once, check them twice and watch who you take with you. Bon Voyage! To find out more call 09058 171 470 (75p per min).

Taurus April 21 to May 21 Scream if you want to go faster! The roller coaster has just gone up the hill and now it's time for you to let go.

Go with the flow as it takes you to another high. The seventh is an awkward day but it's only making way for better things to come and the more honest you are about the depth of your feelings, the more you will be rewarded when that time comes.

Just remember to be honest and up front with your desires and above all communicate with those who can help make your dreams come true. With Mercury, Venus and Mars in your sign you're not about to be forgotten so use this time to stand out and stand up. Mates and money don't mix. What part of that do you not understand? Avoid mixing them beyond getting the cakes in at teatime. To find out more call 09058 171 462 (75p per min).

Leo July 24 to Aug 23 Keep up the momentum from last week and reinforce things with a push on the career front to get you in with those who can make a difference.

Aggressive as that sounds you will do yourself an injustice if you choose to be the pussycat rather than the king of the jungle you were meant to be.

From the sixth you can send out those CV's and make those calls; in fact, why not ring a few old mates in the know when you are at it, or write the theme tune, sing the theme whatever it takes Leo.

Love is still in the clouds. Fluffy and nice for some, thunder and lightning for others. For all of you it's whether or not you want things to remain the same or if you're looking for a change. To find out more call 09058 171 465 (75p per min).

Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22 You seem more determined than ever and a love pursuit is back on track.

From the sixth you get a helping hand as someone recognises your talent. Offers you can't refuse are in the making but are you going to be too busy with that ever busy working life of yours to notice? This week is your opportunity to make some far reaching changes, just try to make them without the dramas that appear to be heading your way. There really is no need to have them and all it takes is a kind word where you may think three harsh ones would be heard better. To find out more call 09058 171 468 (75p per min).

Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 19 House moves, or moving someone in or out of your home from Sunday, brings changes that can be very positive.

They will provide a stronger foundation than you have had of late, this is your chance to feel at home rather than living somewhere, a huge step forward for some of you. There is a new and flirtier you; fine if you are free, but it may cause problems if you're busy in that department.

Mates are having a moment around Monday, when they may come to some decisions that don't include you. But why? Don't look at me, ask them, but it may have something to do with a secret let out when it shouldn't have stayed been. To find out more call 09058 171 471 (75p per min) Gemini May 22 to June 21

No matter how fast you run you won't be able to outrun your past and that is something you need to face up to sooner rather than later.

That done, you can focus on letting someone know where they stand. Let them react in any way appropriate, their feelings are not yours to judge. Domestic matters are coming to a head, it's my birthday this week too and I am spending it working down under; nothing to do with that operation I had pencilled in and everything to do with being as far away from home and family as I can!

Time on your own is crucial this week Gemini, get away from it all and if you're in Melbourne, say hello then get lost and leave me to my dinner. Only kidding. Not really. To find out more call 09058 171 463 (75p per min).

Virgo Aug 24 to Sep 23 There is nothing like a good mate to keep you on the straight and narrow, do you have one?

Go to them when you are having doubts and they will help you get something into perspective, which is not the same as doing exactly what they say by the way.

Relationships are being shown as an area you really need to concentrate on if you're to reach the nirvana you want. As ever, putting in the effort gets results. That shouldn't be a problem for you, you are hardly shy with this sort of thing, but know when to leave time to breathe too. Opportunities are all around you. To find out more call 09058 171 466 (75ppermin).

Sagittarius Nov 23 to Dec 21 When you have something that works why would you change a thing?

Remember that if your relationship is going along nicely thank you, and stay out of situations that could make things go askew. On the other hand, if it isn't going like clockwork you may want to look at the inner workings. If that's the case this is the week to do it, especially on Sunday.

You may also want to look at your working life. From the sixth you have more to do than a worker bee in pollen season and with little honey to show at the end of it; is that what you want? To find out more call 09058 171 469 (75p per min).

Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20 Can you be in two places at once? Probably not Pisces, so why make those promises when it will be virtually impossible to fulfil them?

In fact, it will be impossible, no virtually about it.Watch what you say and when you say you will do it and you ought to get through the week pretty much untouched.

You are at super human levels are in your career choices and early on this week you're able to see exactly what has to change and how you're going to go about it. As long as you don't fall into the aforementioned trap a sense of reality will see you reach your fantasy career levels. One door must close, before one opens. To find out more call 09058 171 472 (75ppermin).
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