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Aries March 21 to April 20 You have one way out this week which involves digging deeper than you've ever dug before - and nobody is talking gardening here.

Domestics are under the eye of your ruler Mars and he has fallen out with the Mercury occupying the love part of your solar chart - have you got that? Enthusiasm for the task in hand is your best bet.

Commit to getting stuck right in and when you do you will get some pretty amazing results out.

Your other half is looking for answers. And if it isn't your other half then it's someone closer to you than just a workmate or friend of a friend.

A new Moon by the end of the week is really suggesting a fresh start at work.

Create it rather than be asked and you get to set the rules as well as the time frame. To find out more call 09058 171 461 (75p per min).

Cancer June 22 to July 23 Mars in your sign is causing havoc around the chart as it does every two years and this fiery planet puts you on red alert This time he's enlisting the help of Mercury to bring some semblance of order to your home or family life, an area so important for your sign.

There seems to be interference from those who have no right to shove their noses in - but shoving it in they are. And here's where you start - keep things between you and those who need to know.

Single Cancers have good news on Monday as the moon helps on the flirting front. But can you get over the first hurdle - starting the conversation? Of course you can and with pushy Mars egging you on you can do just about practically anything you set your mind to. To find out more call 09058 171 464 (75p per min).

Libra Sept 24 to Oct 23 Up until Thursday you still have to be careful with appointments, what you say, who to, and just where you point your mouse.

From the end of the week you are relieved of your burden for carrying Mercury in his bad mood and you can carry on with a new meeting or two that has potential to deliver a new romance or three.

Sounds better, eh? Once that's all under way what's happening with that career of yours? It's on fire. That's what.

As the week comes to a close you realise where you may have forgotten to say thank you or missed a chance to change the rules - go back and sort it. To find out more call 09058 171 467 (75p per min).

Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 20 There's something to be said for keeping your head down - it's one of those weeks where everyone seems to be noisier than ever or should that be nosier? Either way you don't want to be involved - you have things closer to home to deal with as Mars gets you enthusiastic about your love life.

A better word would be heated, warming up to the idea of some changes that could work very well for you but first you have to be prepared to lay yourself bare - emotionally speaking you understand. If you're single this is a very good time to meet someone who has more sparkle than most. To find out more call 09058 171 470 (75p per min).

Taurus April 21 to May 21 Mercury is enticing you out of your shell as he gets some wind beneath your wings and carries you towards a conversation that's flirtier than you've had in a very long time.

Whether it's your other half - or if you're single - someone new, it's time to practice those flattery skills you do so well when you want something. So what is it you want? Just know it won't come quickly as Mercury is in reverse - but it will happen.

Elsewhere, it looks as if you could be relying on promises made by someone with a hidden agenda, one that involves getting you to work that little bit longer before getting round to rewarding your efforts. Don't leave things hanging, particularly at work. Get terms sorted and don't let things slide. To find out more call 09058 171 462 (75p per min).

Leo July 24 to Aug 23 Venus still has cause to ask you to be more romantic towards your other half - have a night at the movies and whisper some serious sweet nothings over the end credits.

Then make a booking for dinner and if you have any reservations you may want to talk them over with your other half rather than half the street.

Mercury is back to look over your accounts from Thursday and as he does so you may want to think about whether or not you have fulfilled some promises to those who helped you last time.

Your career is still well starred if, like your love life, you're prepared to spend time schmoozing your boss into giving you a big break. To find out more call 09058 171 465 (75p per min).

Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22 Can you let yourself be guided or are you so intent upon being in charge that you won't allow anyone to help? You can remain in control and still have those supporting you who actually know what they are doing as well as recognising what it is that you're trying to do. In other words, you're not the only one who wants you to succeed.

There seems to have been a loss of confidence and no matter the reason you should know you have many people cheering you on. By the end of the week you could be on your way to something very special indeed. To find out more call 09058 171 468 (75p per min).

Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 19 With Venus concentrating on romance you may think that's all there is to focus on this week You may have a point but it's still the same old same old with truth and integrity the watchwords so let's see something new to think about? How about a working dilemma that has its peak on Monday when you're in one a situation where your blood may be boiling but you know your boss or your workmate has a point.

Horrible isn't it?Why didn't you see it coming? Because you were too busy looking at yourVenus.

On Thursday, Mercury takes his focus away from the holiday part of your chart and asks you to look into the pool of your emotions. To find out more call 09058 171 471 (75p per min).

Gemini May 22 to June 21 Who or what has you fired up? It could be just you getting yourself at it but that in itself is worth further investigation, it will have come from somewhere - you need to find out where.

There's anger in your chart but that's not a bad thing - if you use it wisely it could get you out of a rut and double your earning ability.

It's truth time - first of all with yourself then with those you feel have let you down.

But beware - stick to the facts. Wandering around in an emotional mess isn't going to do you any favours. By Thursday you must make a home, family or domestic choice. By Friday it's set in motion and there will be no turning back. Quick smart. To find out more call 09058 171 463 (75p per min).

Virgo Aug 24 to Sep 23 Next week you play host to Venus and she's likely to remind you of an encounter you had recently - but is it just a reminder or are you going to do something about it? Don't switch off if you're attached - it does apply to you to - you may have some repairs to make. But that's next week - so why tell you now? You need time to think about what you want, who you want and when you want them, so take it. Mercury visits from Thursday and as he does so you have to address a career battle.

With a new Moon in your sign there could be a new start in love, in work or even just a new set of pens? To find out more call 09058 171 466 (75p per min).

Sagittarius Nov 23 to Dec 21 You and I both know you want something more than you're letting on and we both know if you really set your mind on it then you will get exactly that Hang on. Maybe I should say if you set your feet on it you will get it, your mind is already made up. It seems Mercury is causing you some concerns and from Thursday even more so.

But surely it's concerns that turn out to be the very things that set you aside from those who think everything is rosy and then fall foul of the thorny issues? You're not shy at sorting things out so let's see some of those debating skills. To find out more call 09058 171 469 (75p per min).

Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20 Friends could be suggesting you need a change of pace on the love front and you could do a lot worse than listen to them or indeed follow them out on a Saturday night.

Mars is pushing all you singles out there into a frenzied time, a time when the fish in the sea will be plenty and your bait seems to be more inviting than most so all you have to do is get out and wiggle it - just a little bit.

If you're attached you may want to know that Mercury is about to move back in to offer you another go at what you thought needed more discussion. Work is a little fractious as someone has forgotten a deadline - surely not you? To find out more call 09058 171 472 (75p per min).
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