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Your Star guide; AS the nights draw in our lives take on a new dimension. Find out how planetary action affects key areas of our life in these eight pages of relationships, work, money and health.

Byline: Claire Petulengro


September 24 -October 23


THE social sector of your chart is highlighted and will be offering you the chance to blow off some steam.

Try to be patient with an older family member who will be trying their best to get a reaction from you this month.

In fact the need to sort out your relationship with a family member has become a necessity as close ones can no longer play the role of go between.

Ask yourself if your differences are really as serious as you're making out and think of a way to resolve what are really very minor personality clashes.

You don't seem to be too happy about the changes that an older face is thinking of making to both your lives.

Try to explain your feelings accurately or you will appear not only immature but also unsure of what you want in life.

The best time for talks is between the 5th and the 9th so take full advantage. Romance starts off as a fun flirtation but is sure to end up making a major impact on your life. You realise that you want to spend as much time as you can with the person concerned.


YOU are a sign who loves to enjoy the finer things in life, which is why you need to be earning a decent wage to indulge yourself.

You have been suffering from an uncharacteristic impatient streak of late, which has made it more than a little tempting for you to cut corners.

Don't make that mistake this month though Libra, or it could well be your undoing financially.

Playing all things with a financial connection by the book can be your greatest asset and can help you to achieve not just short-term but also longterm financial security. You should also think about turning your working hand to things which you know you really enjoy doing.

You will get far more satisfaction from success in a pleasurable activity rather than trying to fast track your way to riches through things which you know you don't really have your heart and soul in.

Mercury both helps and hinders you this month and you would be far better off to let events play out under their own steam rather than force an outcome.

If you don't it could end up costing you both financially and professionally.

It would be a massive shame to waste all of the hard work you have put into your life of late. That hard work has not gone unnoticed so it would be doubly disappointing to fail now.

Gambles with finances are another no-no, particularly if they involve a Piscean.


WHAT do you really want to do as a job Libra? I don't mean to bring money in, but I mean, if you could guarantee that money matters would be secure, what would you choose to do as a career?

This is a question you need to ask yourself over the coming weeks for it is only by making your job something that suits you and your very individual character that you will be able to find success.

You are a social master with people and could sell ice to the Eskimos should you need to. There is no ambition, which is too extreme or too above your station, so stop setting limitations and start working on getting your heart and head to communicate.

It's sure to make for a far happier Libra that we see emerge over the coming months. Faces you meet socially between the 11th and 15th can also help you to realise a dream and to find out that you have friends in high places.

Training and learning new skills are also favoured. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself. You could just pleasantly surprise yourself when you find out how very able you are.


THOSE little niggly health problems which were getting the better of you earlier in the year can become a thing of the past from this month.

You have come a long way so don't pretend you've allowed your standards to drop when you have excelled given the setbacks you faced in January and March.

Promises for a healthier lifestyle from a close one may not be as billed, so make sure you set your won goals. When you want to be, you are one of the most determined signs in the zodiac. Have faith in yourself to make the changes that you want to.

You'll soon see that you were underestimating yourself. Fellow air signs - Gemini's, Aquarians and Librans - can help you to reach your full potential so make sure you seek them out.

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October 24 -November 22


YOU will be forced to put your family at the top of your list of priorities if you are to avoid any kind of fallout.

Certain people in your social circle have been making you forget how good things can be.

So if you can find the motivation to spend some time with your nearest and dearest you will realise what you have been missing out on of late.

However an attraction that you are feeling for a certain person may not be all it seems.

You would be wise to slow down with any new affiliations that are affecting you at this time.

You still have a lot of old ties that need sorting out or concluding before you can even think about entering into new ones.

You are attracting new admirers in hoards and it may be becoming increasingly difficult to recognise who is really right for you.

Don't make any choices just yet. Events are about to occur which will show you exactly to whom your heart and loyalties should lie with.

Arguments come with the full moon on the 23rd, as you find it impossible to hold back any longer on your feelings on a certain personal matter.

Your ruling planet Mars has always given you a strong hand in debates.

However, this is one time where you may want to check facts before you throw around what could be unfounded accusations.


IGNORING a debt or a problem will always get the better of you.

So if you contact anyone you owe money to then at least you will know how they feel and what they intend to do. You will also earn their respect by not hiding away from any issues.

Use helpful aspects in the first week of October to pick up the phone and call any one you've been avoiding or to email or send off the appropriate paperwork. Compromise is able to be made and new and fresh agreements are all part of the bigger plan, which the stars want to help you to make.

With Venus retrograde you will also be willing to lend money to loved ones who have fallen on hard times. And this very vulnerable period which sees you giving in to those who would not do the same in return is one to be watched.

Particularly as you have your own debts to settle to end this month on a high.


THERE comes a time when you have to give yourself a break and not continue to wear yourself out.

This is one of those months to recharge your batteries.

Why does it make you less than perfect to want to take time out? It doesn't and it shouldn't. Trust me, you'll feel a lot better for it and you'll also have a much clearer view of where you're going. Don't put off the little appointments, which you have made or should make to keep your health in check. If nothing else, it's certain to give you peace of mind.

A run in with an ex recently seems to have affected your health too and you would be wise to put the past behind you once and for all. They weren't right or good for you back then and they can't be now either.


A MORE independent path in your career opens up from the 5th and you start to feel more in control of where you are going.

You also start to see which members of your inner circle and family are there for you.

Don't pay for work related matters which others may be willing to put up the cash for.

You underestimate what longterm investment powerful faces see in you. Listen don't talk and you'll soon discover you can afford to ask for more and to be more in control of your work too.

Putting in overtime from the 19th can pay dividends. A forced change to travel plans will show who has been plotting behind your back and will also offer you the chance to show those in charge how good you are at thinking on the spot.

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November 23 -December 21


THE tension is building in your love life, as a certain person finally demands an answer from you on your plans for the future and whether or not they are set to be a part of the picture.

Don't talk down to family anymore as you have been doing, they may be going through more than you realise.

You're allowing certain people to make choices for you when really it is only you who can make those decisions.

Stop and look around, you must be the one in the driving seat if you are to get to the destination you are seeking.

Your dreams are far bigger than you have been admitting and it's time you took control of the situations affecting your life.

Maybe this is why arrogance has been apparent in your chart of late.

Try to find the confidence to let the real you show through.

Venus promises the match of a lifetime if you do.

All you have to do is be willing to let down some of those defences you seem to have learnt to put up over the last three years.

An ex still has a hold of you and it's important you take steps to realise that there is nothing they can do any longer to control you and make you do things their way.


YOU are your own worst taskmaster and there comes a point when you have to cut yourself some slack.

With the solar energy heading your way next month you're starting to see what is possible in life rather than what isn't.

This should see you start your days with a more positive attitude and should also have a knock-on effect with certain relationships which have been under some strain.

If you've been thinking about taking up a new sport or hobby then make this the month to do so.

Someone from your past has been affecting the way you feel and you would be well advised to cut them out of your life if you cannot learn to ignore what they say.


YOU haven't always been a fair sign to work with - indeed, there have been times when the rest of the zodiac have thought you were the worst to do business with.

This is because you become so obsessed with getting what you want that you don't always mind who you step on or over on your way there. Why not show those you deal with on a professional basis how fair you can be. It could just make a big problem easier to deal with.

Don't be too quick to mix business with pleasure around the 14th or it could be your undoing.

Instead enjoy the flirting and weigh up the pros and cons before you end up getting involved in something you'll regret. Contacts from many years ago hold the key to you finding out whether a rumour is true.

Just make sure you keep the source private or you could end up damaging their reputation when they were only trying to do you a favour.


IDEAS you have about dealing with your finances are just what you need to get you back in the black.

You realise if you are honest with your figures then you can work out a plan that will succeed this time round.

A good way for you to find success with all matters monetary also seem to relate to property.

You'll end 2010 on a high but up until that time the stars have a few lessons to teach you which may include you having to deal with last minute financial crisis.

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December 22 -January 20


YOU are going to have to give up some spare time, as a loved one demands your attention on an important matter.

Show support. You would expect the same when if you were going through a drama wouldn't you? Certain gossip you have in your possession seems to be proving impossible to contain and you may find yourself going out of your way to tell anyone this intriguing piece of tittle-tattle.

Watch out though, as we all know you have more than your fair share of secrets that could be used in return! You must be careful that you don't say or do something you'll regret, as a romantic and somewhat overemotional mood sees you turning to people you wouldn't normally trust.

It is important you don't act in a way you may be regretting next month, so think before you act please.

Love affairs come to the fore around the 22nd when many of your sign will have the chance for a make or break situation, which is set to change the entire course of your life.

Make sure you decide not others, as you're the one who will have to live with the consequences.


FAMILY difficulties have led to a lot of health problems for you recently.

It may be wise to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

You may think you owe it to a close one to give in to what they are asking but how far do you have to go before you start to lose your own identity in the process? As long as you know you have played fair, then also know where to draw the line before you end up dropping those usually high standards.

With the amount you have had on your mind of late it is no surprise that you've got yourself a reputation for being clumsy.

That's why it would be a good idea for you to slow down, in case you end up a victim of silly and unnecessary injuries. You are living in tomorrow when you should be thinking about today.


MANY of you will have to work as part of a team this month and will gain a reputation for maturity which eluded you last month.

This a time to be led and allow others to shine. Time will show those you need to impress what sacrifices you made and you must not attempt to rush any career related matters either.

A fall out mid-month professionally could be your undoing if you don't recognize the fact of when you need to say sorry. Remember that by showing your flexibility you can excel in the very areas you have previously failed in.


DEALS you make for large sums of money all come under the spotlight.

But your house of finances looks more promising than it has in quite a while.

Your job is to make sure that you know where your time and energy would be best spent.

If you take on too much then you will miss out on building up your funds to make the most of next month's exciting travel opportunities.

Money spent on love is also evident and you may find yourself having to spend more than you should in order to get time alone with someone special. Just remember how much is too much to lay out or you'll lose the romantic pleasure.

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January 21 -February 19


KEEP out the way of a face that you have upset - the aspects indicate that you may very well have been in the wrong It would be to your advantage to put some space between you so that they can calm down and accept the apology I hope you're planning to make.

Some sort of a favour is going to be asked of you but by a close one and it may entail more than you think, so find out all that is expected of you before giving your answer written or verbal.

You could just be committing to something you'll regret.

It would be to your advan-tage to keep all options open at this time! Why? Because slowly but surely this month your confidence is growing and you will find it possible to commit to things, which previously you were too scared, would fail to attempt.

No longer is that the case and we may even hear some wedding bells for some of you too.

You've done a lot of growing up and the harsh experiences of the last year have made you a wiser, happier and more courageous person.

But be on your guard - don't let a phone call from an ex throw you.

Find out the facts before you believe or act on anything that they may have to say.


YOU are spending cash fast and if you don't slow down you will miss out on something you have long desired.

You are set to learn much about money from the younger generation who are going to be doing all they can to save for something they want.

Beware of lending money to someone who you know has an emotional hold over you. Money spent on travel may be unnecessary.

Check to see if the person you're seeing should be the one doing the travelling if it links to business mid month.


AT last you are starting to feel stronger and more positive.

You have realised you cannot change the past but you can shape your future to ensure you feel good about life again.

Yes, you've been put through some major tests, but do you know what? Each and every one of them you have passed with flying colours.

I love the way you try to help other people but by concentrating on making yourself a priority you will start to get the reaction and support you deserve.

A contract or letter received around the 23rd should help you to sleep far easier and resolve a matter that has been completely out of your control.

Stop refusing friends' offers of social time. Talking things through is often the key to dealing with issues you are so good at ignoring.


DECISIONS you make now are the foundation for a new and secure future.

Don't ruin this month by bringing up a past situation you still have not dealt with.

Silly confrontations at work are likely to occur due to the personal problems you've been avoiding dealing with.

If you find yourself shouting at strangers, then stop and think and try dealing with what's really on your mind. The way you view your career is changing and many of your sign will be thinking of making some sort of a career change. Study and training undertaken from the 19th onwards should prove very successful.

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Pisces February 20 -March 20


INFORMATION you have may be more confidential that you realise, so try to use caution when offering news or gossip to friends and family.

Revelations are set to come your way concerning some sort of a romantic offer that you thought was no longer valid.

You can at times be so open and yet at others so secretive. Your emotions at this time however are undecided and you may find yourself saying one thing and in the same breath retracting it.

Say nothing until your emotions level out and you can really understand how you are feeling about your situation.

You have spent most of your time trying to understand and deal with the emotions you are feeling.

You should now have realised that you were overreacting and the situation is not as serious as you thought. Don't let the words of a dry humoured Aries upset you, you're stronger than that now.

The planets are going to offer you the chance to do something that others will not approve of - and you may be feeling in two minds about what to do.

Only you can know your standards, so make sure that you live by them and not by what you think impresses those around who probably aren't even watching.


YOU are and continue to allow others to use your money for their own.

Why are you doing this? Some aspects suggest you feel you owe them in some way while others give the impression you want to see what will happen if you put all of your faith in them.

Don't let fall outs with family over money stand in the way of what was and can continue to be a really constructive relationship.

Talk things through with them without using a third party and also before the 10th after which Venus could well see you both saying things you will regret.

Training up a skill which you never finished is also the key to your riches.

Don't hide from debt. Many of your sign could have their longterm credit rating affected. You have the ability to communicate better than most, so ensure that you use it to your full advantage.


YOUR health has been a mirror image of your emotional state and you would be wise to start to devise a better regime for yourself.

Without a fit body, we cannot expect a fit mind and some of the decisions which you will have to make in the days and weeks ahead could well change the entire course of your life. Choose the healthy foods, which you know you enjoy and stop using your lifestyle as a way of punishing yourself for any mistakes you have made.

As you approach the end of this year you have to make your mind up about what kind of a person you are going to be. Stop looking at the negatives and start focusing on all that is positive.


THE chance to become more competent in your work is going to be offered but may involve using cash of your own.

Only you can decide how much your work means to you, but don't spend too much time deliberating, as this opening may not be around for as long as you think.

You don't seem to be too happy about the responsibilities that seem to have crept into your life of late.

The truth is that they have been there for some time, you just haven't noticed them.

All you are suffering from is a case of stage fright, as a talk with a familiar face should prove later this month.

The career of a Pisces has to be something, which they would do, even if they weren't getting paid for it.

If you're not doing something you love then Mercury will be pushing you during October to find out exactly what does give you enjoyment as a job.

Major changes beckon for many of you and all link to confrontations, which take place around the 22nd.

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March 21 -April 20


YOU are listening too much to gossip about a new face and unless you make up your own mind you are going to miss out on something that could be very special.

The introduction of a new colleague is set to make your job far easier, but for some of your sign there could also be an instant attraction.

Go slow. The connection would have to be extra special for you to mix personal and professional lives.

You may feel as if the whole world is against you as you battle to understand the reasons behind certain friend's comments on recent events. They wouldn't say the things they do if they didn't care, so try to talk through any differences and let them know how you are feeling.

Use the constructive aspects between the 11th and 18th to get the best results where this is concerned. The planets are going to be doing you quite a few favours from the 22nd and the trend is definitely towards romance.

What will occur? That's for me to know and you to find out, but let me just tell you that if you're willing to act from the heart and forget about what happened to you in the past, then taking chances can change the entire course of your life.


IT'S going to be quite a month for you as you are set to meet with an array of different people with opportunities to solve any financial worries you have been experiencing.

Don't forget to fulfil a monetary obligation that a loved one has asked of you, or they may not give in to your whims later this month.

The little things you say are going to be taken more to heart than you realise as the planets make the majority of star signs more sensitive.

Don't be afraid to try your hand at something new, you may just discover a new talent to make you a tidy sum.

Many of your sign have been ignoring crucial financial issues over the last few weeks, but October doesn't allow you to do this any longer.

Don't worry though, this is a good thing not bad.


YOU have not been feeling as strong or as positive about life as you should.

Life is about to get a lot more interesting and things, which you thought you could not change, can in fact be made far more flexible than you had imagined.

Mars, which is your ruling planet, has left you feeling more than a little edgy of late. Taking back control of your life is the key to you looking and feeling as good as you should. Don't be afraid to delegate. Sometimes a ram such as you can take on more than they should, just to show the world that they are coping.

Others may comment on your life and may say things, which offend you but bear in mind that you make the choices, which suit you, not them.

If you are happy then that should be and is, all that matters. Trying to live your life to please others never did work for you so promise yourself from here on in that you will work towards your goals for you and not just act to please others.

It can lead you to the happiness and good health I know you are seeking.

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YOU'RE inventive, imaginative and a sign that needs constant change and stimulation within their work to keep them motivated.

To have to do the same nine to five job every day can begin to wear a sign such as you down and can even lead to depression. That's why it's important that you have a say in what you do as a career and are not easily led by others.

From the 22nd onwards the career sector of your chart promises major change and excitement, so use your time up until then to get yourself motivated and to think about your long term career goals. Confidence is key to your success.


April 21 -May 21


SOMEONE has their heart set on seducing you and you don't seem to be putting up too much of a fight.

Try to ask yourself if this is a long or short-term situation. If it is the latter you may want to weigh up the consequences on your emotions of any heartache you could be putting yourself up for.

You also need to make sure that you are not lowering your high standards.

For a perfect match you need to have a mental and a physical attraction together.

Foreign links are favoured in love for many of your sign too, and you mustn't rule out holiday romances, not just being a case of summer loving, but it could well be October that is your perfect month to find a love match.

Try to avoid disputes or arguments family during October - the aspects are going to make love and hate seem very close together.

If you concentrate on your family's good points you'll find you can grow closer than you have in years. It's time you put any past issues behind you all and got on with being the unit you need to form a successful and enjoyable future.


IF you can work hard and show superiors how capable you are, you should find yourself with a whole new array of opportunities.

For some time now you've been sending out mixed signals to those around and they may not be sure if your heart is really in your work, it's up to you to prove otherwise.

No matter how strong the temptation, you must not allow other's to do your work for you during October. Even the menial tasks or errands, must be completed by you and you alone.

You see the best opportunities are set to come when you least expect it and you must stick to the routine you have already made.

The need for a change to your work kicks in after the 19th and will see many of your sign going out of their way for adventure.

For some of you that could be a different job and for others it could be something, which is travel and experience in your current profession. There is a project or offer which will be resolved next month.


YOU are tired and it shows. Why not try to take some time out for yourself during October?

If you don't put yourself first then why should others? Surely you would be far better off to work on the important things and leave trivial matters for later? Not even you can do everything. From the 12th onwards you start to see what and who really matters and this is set to go a really long way to you starting to feel better, both mentally and physically.

Taking care of the little health ailments can also save you a small fortune as you fine tune your mind and body for what is about to be a very major romantic period of your life. Neptune brings strange dreams but can also help you to make sense of a mixed emotion you've been experiencing about a person or situation.


MONETARY matters are going to be demanding your attention as some sort of an unpaid bill or debt refuses to be put on the back-burner any longer.

The stars are indicating that there is no problem you cannot overcome with some application.

And a positive and mature attitude will pay dividends over the coming days and weeks.

Don't hide from your financial worries, but face up to them head on.

This is the month in which you can work through to reach a compromise to suit both parties.

Just remember though to keep an eye on how much you are spending as some sort of a major outlay is predicted at the end of the month or you could be burning your bridges on an unmissable opportunity.

Libran's have the information you are seeking on a new way to deal with an old financial problem.

Don't give in to rebellious friend's demands on your resources.

If they can't afford something themselves then they can go without.

You have priorities of your own during October.

You must decide with whom your loyalties lay and if you continue to allow yourself to be bullied in this way you will never shape your life in the way you really desire.

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May 22 -June 21


THE Sun is going to be bringing out your optimistic nature and you will see the good side in all you meet.

You may even find yourself giving a chance to the person whom last month you couldn't even converse with, making a loved one happy at last.

Look out for a so-called friend trying to get you in trouble with loved ones.

Jealousy appears toberife in your social circle and the time has come to take the bull by the horns and to let loved ones know whom your loyalty is with, before these silly games get you into trouble.

If you don't you could find yourself out of luck or out of a relationship before this month is out.

For those of you who are single try to take all new associations in your life as slowly as possible.

Your sign is prone to diving headfirst into things but a careful attitude will pay dividends as it will provide you with all of the proof you need that the person concerned has serious intentions towards you.

Attached Geminis need to try to give loved ones the space that they are seeking.

A somewhat insecure mood is making you appear more demanding than usual to new faces and you and I know this is not the real you.

Take a step back and you will see that the love you are seeking is right in front of you and has been all along.


IF you can take a fresh view of an old health problem this month then you should be able to start to see a real difference.

It's time to think about life with a little more thought and to make yourself a priority. After all, if you don't look after yourself, why should anyone else? If you can get that selfesteem back up where it belongs you stand a good chance of attracting the kind of faces into your life who will treat you as you've always desired.

A past relationship looks responsible for down spells. But without your past you would not be able to make the major decisions, which affect the rest of this year.


YOU don't seem to have done everything that you needed in order to prepare for some sort of a test or task that has been asked of you.

You must ask yourself if the alternative is worth the opportunity you could be turning down if you don't catch up with your much needed preparation!

Try not to pry too much into a colleague's life that you know is somewhat delicate at the moment. It is vital that you keep things on a professional footing at the moment.

Reasons why will become apparent after the 12th. Travel plans linking to your work may face problems as you try to make sure that your time can stretch to do all you desire. If you're going for a job interview mid-month then make sure you leave yourself more time to get there.

Many of you are going to feel as if you are taking two steps forwards and one step back as everything you do seems to face delay or confusion.

Contact from a good friend should give you the motivation you need to push though any difficulties and should provide you with a most pleasurable month.

Just remember you have to persevere during October and push harder for your dreams and goals. Incredible breakthroughs and success can be yours if you do.


ONE thing is for sure - you are going to need more than your usual share of cash this month.

The first week of the month is your most fragile time when you must be careful of signing forms and contracts you have not sought a professional opinion on.

If you can keep hold of all things financial then this should be one of your best months ever, but let go and you may lose control.

Love is the icing on the cake and for many should be the basis of the most lasting relationship in your lives.

Why does this relate to love? Because money you put into relationships during October will be a sure sign both to others and yourself of how you really feel.

You have never been a sign who commits easily, because you always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, so if you do commit then it's because you're in love so you're confident enough to push the boundaries.

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June 22 -July 23


IT will be extremely easy for you to lose things and misplace possessions because your mind's clearly on emotional matters rather than anything practical.

But try to concentrate during the first week of October - a conversation may have more constructive consequences than you realise. A family problem seems to be taking up much of your time but talking things through, as you previously failed to do, can bring you closer together than ever.

No matter how much you feel you can help a friend with their personal problems, you must leave them to sort out their own life - if you don't, you will be blamed should the situation turn sour.

Besides, you will miss out on the gorgeous face trying to catch your eye!

Romance is now in the spotlight and you finally realise you've been aiming too low when you should have been raising the stakes in the game of love.

Someone from your past is on your mind more than usual and is linked to a change you seem unable to make without some input from them.

A third party is your key to sorting this out.


NO matter how tempting it may be to blow money, hold back - impulse buys, especially between the 3rd and 18th, could see a lot of broke Cancerians by the end of the month.

But property gambles pay off and many of you could move home - which might make you a small fortune in the future.

Uranus will try to convince you the grass is greener as far as work goes. But career choices that seem appealing may be wrong.

The advice of close ones can help you avoid mistakes, so keep your ears open, especially at the beginning of the month when you'll be tempted by the offer of figures that look great.

Investing money in your career will always be good but don't pay for anything you may be able to learn on the job.

Time is of the essence with one of your dreams, so don't create unnecessary obstacles.


YOU can exist on the most stress, the least sleep and the most work of any sign in the zodiac.

But you've been pushing the limits, so start the month with a more sensible schedule.

Making yourself the priority will earn you respect.

Events around the 5th prove stressful and you'll struggle to know what to say to stay in the good books of close ones. But be honest - even if it costs you dear.

Good health relies on you being true to yourself, no matter how harsh it may seem to others.

After the 15th you start to relax and your health improves.

Don't be emotionally blackmailed by Librans and Aquarians. Stand up to them or you'll undo the progress you've made.


A SLOW start to the month may well see you running late as you try to do your work and a colleague's too.

Don't plan anything too hectic too soon - the stars show your batteries need a recharge if you are to do all that's on offer during October.

From the 6th, the new moon helps you work out what and who is really important and you start to prioritise.

Try to concentrate on everything you do before that because mistakes are likely and you could create more work than necessary.

If you face any dead-ends, don't be afraid to ask for help.

Even you can't possibly know everything and colleagues should be only too pleased of this chance to help you.

Many of your sign will be discovering their nurturing instincts as you take those less capable than you under your wing.

But don't be too generous with your time or they may take advantage and ask for things they don't need.

Show your care through emotions and make sure you achieve everything you had promised yourself.

Then you'll end the month on a high - and with a smile on your face.

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July 24 -August 23


A SOMEWHAT lethargic mood will see you taking longer than usual with even the simplest of tasks.

Your mind seems to be overflowing with matters of the heart - and the sooner you confront them, the sooner you can get on with what should be a most productive month.

The aspects at the moment are giving you the opportunity to turn any challenge or difficulty to your advantage because you are currently at your clear-thinking best.

That means this is a great time to sort out any long-standing problems which have been weighing heavily on your mind of late.

You and a friend may be finding it difficult to get along - but I'm afraid it is you who must make the first move if you are to ever see the reconciliation you want.

A gift is on its way to you as someone tries to show their feelings for you through actions and not words.

You are in for a revealing and exciting few weeks.

Settling down, moving in together and even marriage will no longer seem like a scary thought.

You know what you want and you'll be going all out to get it from the 18th onwards.


YOUR ability to go from being an absolute party animal to a homelover who wants nothing more than to relax is typical of your sign.

You don't seem as happy with your home as you'd like but try not to force close ones into spending money they perhaps cannot spare.

One thing is clear, though - you are very good at digging in your heels when close ones decide to use your money as their own.

Take a stand this month or you could well miss out on gaining their respect, which is so important to your sign.

There are some tricky aspects mid-month which may make it hard to get a straight answer about what's happening with an important financial matter.

But bide your time - there really doesn't need to be any hurry.

The best order for your life over the coming weeks is to remember to use the art of communication in all monetary matters.

Ways to improve your bank balance involve you asking for help and not sweeping such affairs under the carpet - as you have been doing so far.

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YOU'VE been through more in the past nine months than most other signs have faced in two years - and it has really taken its toll on you.

Younger faces in particular seem to have caused concern and stress.

But this month you'll finally be able to turn things around.

How do you do that? You start by making an independent stand, which has nothing to do with anyone but you.

You've used up so much time and energy you were beginning to forget who you were and what you need to make you happy.

Those of you with back problems should find making decisions solely for yourself will make you feel healthier too. Leo rules the back, so problems here are often your body's way of letting you know you need to make changes.

A shorter working week will kick in for many lions from the 18th and it will be a case of quality taking over from quantity.

You are going to be treated like an adult at last. But you've earned it - so enjoy it.


TRY to be patient about work. You don't feel appreciated and a certain amount of frustration is evident in your chart.

A new approach is called for and a few good nights will be just what the doctor ordered - as you're about to find out.

You seem to have made promises you now regret and are in danger of spending too long at work considering ways to get out of them and thinking about the person who is really on your mind and in your heart.

But be honest - it's the only way to keep your professional reputation intact.

You could find yourself in trouble because tasks which you think have no deadline need to be handed in.

Try to be understanding to Cancerians whose emotions will be dramatic, to say the least.

Changes are coming in your career and you're going to be more than a little pleased when you find out what they are - even though the start of this phase sees you forced into making the decision for a professional move. Proof of this comes around the 20th.


August 24 - September 23


YOU may be blamed for things you didn't do. But be careful - if you argue you may cause problems through your candour.

Good times are forecast as you realise you have who you want in your life.

But watch you don't sour the moment by spending more than you can afford as a spendthrift mood kicks in after the 18th.

Travel is in the stars but you may face delays because you have more tasks and obligations than you'd thought.

An old friend is set to come back into your life. But beware - the aspects show they may want more than just companionship.

You now know what you need from a relationship and if something doesn't work you have the courage to remove it.

Great things are coming to your house of love - as you're about to find out.


YOU don't seem to know what your boss expects of you or who should pay for what.

But shake off this emotional haze by sorting out exactly what your duties are and what you should give in return before it's too late.

From the 6th, though, you should have the confidence to know you are doing your best.

But don't expect praise - your superiors always suspected you were this good. Competition is evident in your chart but rather than see this as a threat, see it as an opportunity to work in a team.

You could find you're a winning combination.

Joint ventures overseas are particularly favoured and many Virgos could well find foreign links will make their fortune.

Your past comes to the fore this month and you may be asked to go back to a task you no longer enjoy.

So say how you feel sooner rather than later - and before your silence is taken as acceptance or submission.


THE majority of your sign have really been feeling the financial strain recently and monetary setbacks may also have upset some important relationships in your life.

If you're planning to talk to those concerned, it would be best to do it before the 10th.

In the meantime, you should take the opportunity to lay all your cards on the table and tell the truth, rather than attempt to glamorise things to make them sound better.

News of a change in your immediate family may give you a reason to spend a large amount of cash on going to an event or visiting someone.

You want to see your finances boosted - who wouldn't? But you haven't been going about it entirely the right way.

And you may be relying on people who really don't have any responsibility to help you out.

Don't underestimate yourself - you have the ability to make your fortune.

All you have to do is develop a little more confidence in yourself.

Meetings you have mid-month can help you find it - so arrange face-to-face business confrontations for then.

You will start to see that not only were you aiming too low in monetary affairs, you were in fact not aiming high enough.

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YOUR need to make sure those close to you are OK often sees you feeling the strain.

But how can you take on the world's problems if you're not dealing with your own first? Sort out your life first - then you'll be better qualified to help because experience is what makes us wise and gives us the edge.

Use October to work out what and who will make you happy.

Many of you deny yourself - but that only prolongs the inevitable dramas caused by living a lie.

What harm is there in admitting what will make you happy? You wouldn't put as many people's noses out of joint as you may fear.

Accept an invite from a face you haven't seen for a while. It will help you feel more positive about yourself and make a big difference to how you feel about the world.
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