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Your Shout.

Byline: FionaPhillips

THANKS, Fiona, for having the balls to speak out against the relentless gushing over the Games Makers.

Yes, they volunteered to do a privileged job that most people would have been happy to do. We are made to feel it's almost sacrilegious to voice an alternative opinion about them.

You said what I'm sure many others feel.

Lee Hobson, Leeds ? FIONA, I have volunteered for 20 years at the gymnastics club my daughter started at when she was five.

She is now 25, a senior coach, and has just racked up her 10th year as a volunteer.

The Games Makers are mes Makers are receiving never-ending praise, but those who volunteer week in week out to deliver something for others get no mention.

or When I read our local newspaper and see scout groups and other community organisations crying out for volunteers, I wonder where the Games Makers are now. I hope that their our local see scout r commucrying out I wonder es Makers that their participation in voluntary work will continue.

voluntary ue.

Diane Hill, by email ? FIONA, my husband and I are both retired. As soon as we learnt of London's successful Olympic bid we wanted to be part of it.

ll, by email band and I As soon as London's pic bid we t of it.

As the 100 metres was out, we volunteered to be Games Makers! Your article re the constant thanks and harping on about them was so true and one I expressed to my husband on numerous occasions. "Volunteering with kudos," I called it as I have been a volunteer in other roles. es was out, o be Games icle re the nd harping was so true sed to my umerous nteering led it as unteer I would say, in defence of the Games Makers, that folk travelled up and down the country at their own cost, many of them paid for their accommodation and some took holidays from work. efence Makers, d up and y at their of them ommodak holidays However, as it was such a great opportunity folk made these sacrifices. Would we have missed it? Not for a minute. No more "thanks" needed.

was such ity folk rifices. ssed it? te. No eded. e Ellis hester Denise Ellis Manchester


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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Jan 19, 2013

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