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The World Today FRIGHTENING is the only word that comes to mind over the world today, You watch the news apprehensively and then you worry and you pray, Our world leaders need to use some common sense, especially North Korea, with China sitting on the fence, And where will it all end? surely these world leaders have seen where confrontations end, Today we have too many volatile and irrational people airing their views, They know the louder they shout, the more they will make the news, We need peace-loving leaders, but they seem to have disappeared into thin air, Somebody needs to talk to the likes of Trump and Kim Jong-un, but there is nobody there, We certainly need to get stability back on the political front, and we need it today, Like never before, we need new leaders of the calibre of Gandhi, Mandela and JFK, In the '60s, people mocked the hippy age of long hair and flower power, Yet they were spreading peace and love; oh, how we could do with some of that now.

A Lowe, Liverpool Billy Green HE WAS eighty-two was Billy Green He married a girl who was sweet sixteen His doctor fearful for his heart Advised a lodger from the start Six months later they did meet One another in the street "How's the wife," the doctor cried "She's having a baby," Bill replied "Oh, and there's something else that I must tell The lodger's having one as well ..."

Doug Sharkey, Birkenhead

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 1, 2017
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