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Your Poems; IT'S QUACKERS!

Where are the ducks? And the graceful white swan Also the geese, even the seagulls have gone Only the pigeons feeding frantic on the ground Seem to be the only birds left The only wild birds around!

Sefton Park Lake was so peaceful, so calm, in my humble opinion It's now lost it's charm Once a lovely retreat to sit and reflect Just to gather one's thoughts The lake was perfect Now with all those pedalos Just money making toys Gone is the tranquility replaced sadly with noise No I'm not an old grump So don't get me wrong Just sink all the boats And give back the bird song Yes all the wild birds have disappeared from the lake By floating the boats Someone's made a mistake So give all the birds a chance To come back, especially the ducks I miss their Quack! Quack!

Well am I being grumpy? I ask with a wink Just write to the ECHO Tell me, what do you think? By Frank Byrne, Widnes
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 24, 2012
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