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Your Poem.

I GIVE UP "I wouldn't do it Mary as it's really quite rude" "Well you would wouldn't you you've always been a bit of a prude."

And with that she took off her blouse and her bra.

Then she shouted "I'm free" ran down the beach and dived into the sea.

A prude, me, a prude? I don't mind if she wants to be free, But it's a little bit late, as she is eighty-three.

A little while later and with complete disregard, she announced rather proudly. "I'm thinking of taking a course to become a lifeguard.

"I can go along with that girl well more or less.

"At least being a lifeguard you won't be topless".

"Ha, but I will but" she replied "Where? for heaven's sake you're a bloody grannie" "Yes, but I can still be a lifeguard in Co-co-cabannie" That's when we heard it, somebody laughing which left us a little confused, as you don't often hear laughter from one of Gormley's statues.

by Joe, l13
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 25, 2014
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