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IN THE DOGHOUSE Sometimes we dogs do more than pee, and guilty is our shameful plea Please cut some slack, for our small brain has yet to learn to pull the chain Some owners cough and turn their back, leaving we poor mutts to take the flak All dogs get blamed by reflected grief, through a few being vicious with their teeth But fair do's now at least we try to keep at bay that burglar guy It's true we bark and cause complaints, but 'Hey'! you humans aren't all Saints At least we've never fired a gun to kill poor birds and beasts for fun A nasty trick of yours I'll mention, is to mug old folk just for their pension And think about the wars you've started with millions of souls now long departed Don't tell me some don't booze and rob, tell barefaced lies with a smiling gob And who locks creatures in a cage? No wonder those in Heaven rage Can you blame our friends for taking flight when ruthless 'Homo' looms in sight? D'you wonder why we continue to give good company, helping lonely folk live Well we've got sense to take the view,'Don't judge the many by the few' For we know for sure most folk are kind, with a sensible, loving, caring mind Please treat us then just as we treat you, disregarding those transgressing few And in return you'll get from us, a tail-wagging, faithful, 'love you' fuss.

by Bill Backshall, Lydiate
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 26, 2014
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