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At this moment I am just a bulb my colour Muddy Brown I haven't felt very much as yet as I am still in the ground.

What is this feeling that has come over me I feel very warm? And light and my lovely green shoot has just moved the earth And everything looks bright.

Slowly, slowly the earth moves away and I can stretch some More I love this awakening feeling and the Sun that opened my door.

I am growing taller by the day, now I need to awaken my bud for now Is the time and I felt that I should? Gently unfurling, with a rich Yellow glow that can not be mistaken My flower is golden and beautiful from the bud I did awaken.

I have stood majestically for some time now, my flower dazzling And aglow awakening all to spring and heralding a summer Yet to be, I won't be around then as my flower has now bowed her head My stem is less than sturdy now and soon I will be dead.

The Gardener is here he has his rake I think this signifies my wake.

I softly fall I have no will time to go for this Daffodil.

He is now upon me doing his raking, but before I go can I just Say thanks for my beautiful awakening.

Margie Cleary, Liverpool 4

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 27, 2015
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