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Your Poem; A Day Excursion To Heaven.

Byline: by Joe Liasides

I was standing at a bus stop Awaiting the number seven Daydreaming, I thought about a trip A day excursion to heaven.

The first person I would probably see Is St Peter at the gate He'd say to me 'hop on this bus Up here you never wait'.

'I'm taking you to the big house Is everyone on board?

When we get to the big house It's then you'll meet the Lord'.

The Lord would speak and say to me 'What would you like to do?' 'I'd like to seemy family and friends If that's alright with you'.

'That's OK Joe,' he would say 'I'll show you all around I've got quite a big place up here So I'll show you where they can be found'.

I'll meet all the people once again Whom I haven't seen for so long Whilst over in the corner Elvis was giving us a song.

My trip was nearly over But the best part that I had Was the hug and the kiss that I received From my mam and dad.

Then quick as a wink and like a flash And with the minimum of fuss I'm back on earth and in Edge Lane Still waiting for a bus.

by Joe Liasides, Old Swan
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 8, 2008
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