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Your Life daily: Dominic Reeves; PARENTS' week.

FOR four-year-old Dominic Reeves there's nothing better than a picturebook to fire his imagination.

From Thomas the Tank to Tigger, Dominic loves a good story.

Mum Esther, 38, who is expecting her second child in March, reads with him every night before bed.

"We'll get 10 or 11 books out and Dominic will choose which ones he wants," explained Esther, who lives with her son and husband Jon in Stoke, Coventry.

"He usually has three stories. He's got a whole shelf-full of books and his favourites change quite a bit.

"I know some children like to hear the same story again and again, but I always wanted different stories and Dominic is like me. At the moment he likes the books by Shirley Hughes."

Esther finds the time spent reading together is useful for calming Dominic before sleep and snatching some quality time with the little whirlwind.

"He's usually off running around so it's nice to have time to sit down and be together. He's fascinated by words and is just starting to learn words phonetically at school. I don't think he'd be so curious if we didn't go through the picturebooks together.

"They really fire his imagination, he'll play out some of the stories or we'll be doing something and he'll remark how that is in a story."

And Dominic has a few favourites he knows line by line.

For Esther, who is dyslexic, this can be a challenge.

"He does memorise the stories and he'll catch me out if I don't read it properly. When I'm tired I tend to read out the meaning of the sentence rather than read it word for word but he always knows and will say 'mummy, it doesn't go like that'."


FAVOURITE STORIES... Esther Reeves with four-year-old Dominic and some of his favourite books. Picture by Richard Nelmes RN291007BOOK3
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Nov 12, 2007
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