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Your Life: Dear Miriam - Women snub me now I'm jobless; ADVICE.


Dear Miriam,

I don't want to sound sorry for myself but I've had a run of bad luck lately. First my girlfriend dumped me after a year, then I lost my job and I haven't managed to find another one yet.

Since I've been unemployed, I've noticed women are not interested if you don't have money. As soon as I mention I'm out of work, they glaze over. I'm not poor, I have my redundancy money, but I don't see why I should splash that around. Are all women gold-diggers or has it just been my experience?


Dear Richard,

Don't let your bad luck make you jaded. Some women are only interested in men who splash their cash about but most prefer to be financially independent and want boyfriends for love, emotional support and companionship.

However, it can't be wrong for women to value a man with similar work ethics and priorities. One recent survey also discovered nearly twice as many men as women would consider marrying someone for their money. Keep focusing on friendship and communication, and you'll find the right woman.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 7, 2008
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