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Your Letters: Price of political deafeat.

Byline: Rex Makin

SHAFTED by three local Labour MPs, Gideon Ben Tovim was defeated as leader of the Liverpool city council Labour Group.

I am told this had nothing to do with his having been made the chairperson of the Central Primary Health Care Trust (pounds 20,429pa) and that green eyes did not contribute to his defeat.

Perhaps, however, the same cannot be said of Cllr Beatrice Fraenkel, deputy executive member (Lib Dem) who, at pounds 16,117 pa, is chairperson of South Liverpool Primary Health Care Trust.

Meanwhile Mark Dowd, MPTE chairperson and friend of Mersey Tunnel-users, last year drew a total of some pounds 28,000 as chairperson, I am told.

Nice work in public life if you can get it.

THE government is rightly shocked at the pounds 4bn estimate of claims outstanding against the NHS, assisted in my experience by solicitors who act for the NHS. But what about the police?

Locally, they are constantly on the tap for more money, but the biscuit is really taken by Cheshire Police. Here is a sorry tale.

Eric Keogh, an employee of RBNB, applied for a licence to sell drink at the Weaver Hotel, Runcorn. Because the shares in RBNB were held through a series of companies in such a way that the identity of the shareholders was not publicly ascertainable, his application was turned down.

He appealed and Warrington Crown Court turned down his appeal. A High Court judge said the Crown Court had erred in law in turning down the application and appeal.

Any sensible person would have thought enough was enough, but no. Cheshire Police went to the Court of Appeal and were unsuccessful. They then went to the House of Lords, which upheld the Court of Appeal and the judge.

At a rough guess, the costs can be measured in six figures. How many extra bobbies could be put on the beat in Cheshire with this?

AFTER my piece on Williamson Square last week, when I went to see Popcorn at the Playhouse (a lewd but entertaining show), I found that access to the square by car was impossible.

Mr Zimmer was left at home, so my crutches and I had to plod our weary way.

I shudder to think how much was spent remodelling the square, which is again to be remodelled. All that money down the drain when we are now in the era of provision for the disabled.

May the Lord preserve us from our planners.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 12, 2002
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