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Your Letter: Rising cost of justice; THE VOICEOF MERSEYSIDE.

Byline: Rex Makin

THE cost of outside advisers hired by the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine,has risen from pounds 400,000, whenLabour came to power to pounds 2.05m,a six-fold rise.

At the same time the government sought to push through a Bill which requiredcivil courts to be financed by court fees charged to litigants.It has hiked court fees in a way which can only be described as astronomical, yet the service given by courts is less than satisfactory.

Thank goodness the House of Lords defeated this,if only by one vote,following the diabolical way Tony and his mates sought to bring this about. Cherie Booth, who privately heads civil rights claims, is obviously not involved. But is she deaf?

David Hunt,now Lord Hunt of Wirral, was responsible for inflicting defeat on this cronyised government.Good on him.

In Scotland, where theLord Chancellor has a holiday home,he is a member of the Co-opand according to reports never fails to claim his divi,in marked contrast to the cost of his Pugin wallpaper at pounds 300 per roll.

AT a performance of ``Peter Pan'' in Birmingham, two police officers sat through to the curtain call in order to dramatically arrest TV star Matthew Kelly.There was enormous media interest - but who tipped them off?

I represented a Labour city councillor some years ago who was arrested in a dawn raid with immediate media interest.She was later not proceeded against,just as Matthew Kelly was exonerated.

Britain's police, under pressure over poor clear up rates,are participating in a corrosive culture where information and tip-offs are routinely peddled to journalists for stitch ups - damaging the interests of justice and inflict incalculable damage on victims.

RUNNING Liverpool is a very big job and it is becoming more demanding.David Henshaw, whether you lovehim or loath him,is an efficient blade and has helped Liverpool's renaissance enormously.

He could get a job in the private sector to far exceed any rise that has been published for his salary, which when you strip it down and do not play games with the figures, is not that much more than the job entitles him to receive.

When you look at the figures that Housing Associations are paying their people the picture falls into perspective.

Professor Michael Parkinson, the much respected director of the European Institute for Urban Affairs at JM University believes Mr Henshaw is worth every penny.

THERE were red faces at a glitzy reception at the House of Commons in support of Liverpool's bid for Capital of Culture.

Sir Bob Scott, whohas recently been ill, referred toManchester twice instead of Liverpool.Oops!
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 7, 2003
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