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I FEEL about as psychic as a plank of wood but celebrity clairvoyant Mia Dolan assures me that a day at her school will awaken my inner medium.

I thought I'd left lessons far behind me - but the chance to talk to dead people is too much to resist Mia, 46, says: "I love helping people which is one of the reasons I've set up my psychic school.

"I believe everyone has a sixth sense and, by the end of my one-day course, people will be giving accurate readings and seeing auras.

"I get a real cross-section of people here. I've had bank managers, students, grandmothers and police officers. My dream is to have schools all over the country, like Harry Potter's Hogwarts."

As the other wannabe psychics arrive, everyone looks reassuringly normal. Clare, 34, an office administrator tells me she hopes to be able to see auras by the end of the workshop. "I've been practising on the dog," she says laughing.

After the introductions, Mia starts with a warning. "If you think being psychic will help your love life, forget it. The more emotionally attached you are to a person, the harder it is to read for them."

Mia first teaches us how to "prepare to get into the zone". We have to breathe in, hold it, then breath out. We do this three times and I feel calm.

"Imagine you're in a forest, close your eyes and look at your feet," says Mia. "Feel, see and smell what's around you. Intense visualisations unlock the sixth sense."

Next we have to hold our hands four inches apart and bounce them towards one another without touching. I can feel pressure building up - like pressing against sponge. "You can sense your aura," Mia explains. I'm chuffed, even though everyone in the room felt theirs too.

Next we partner up and stand near a blank wall to test if we can see auras. Josie, 24, a full-time mum, can't see anything when she looks at me. When I look half a foot to her side, as instructed by Mia, I can't see hers, either.

But all around me there are exclamations of, "I saw a flash of yellow," or, "I can see blue near your head."

Mia goes through the aura colours and their meanings. She adds: "It's okay if you don't 'see', sometimes you will just 'know'."

I try this new approach as I sit down to give a reading to Sandy, 48, a nurse. She sits opposite me and the colours blue, green and red pop into my head. Blue represents relationships, green is change or growth, and red is anger or illness.

"Er... you're in a relationship that's changing and it's making you angry?" I ask, rather than tell, Sandy. She shakes her head. Oh dear.

For the rest of the afternoon we give readings. Everyone else seems to gain amazing insights into other people's lives.

Then I hit the nail on the head with Betty, 52. I tell her: "You're having real problems at work and it's causing you a lot of stress. There is another person involved and they are sorting out the issue for you and you need to step back. Within six months, everything will be fine."

Betty says: "I'm going through a tribunal at work and it's been hell. I've been getting too involved and have decided to take a step back."

Mia tells me: "You think you're just guessing but this information is real, it's you tapping into your psychic gifts."

Sadly my inner medium mostly stayed very well hidden, but everyone else was adamant they'd had an experience of some kind. And something tells me you'll probably enjoy it too.

WE have four free tickets, worth pounds 95 each, to give away for days at Mia's psychic school in London, Exeter, Birmingham and Cardiff. Send your name and address to Paranormal Productions, 36 Coombe Valley Road, Dover, Kent, CT17 OEX. Closing date is April 18. Winners will be pulled out of a hat and informed in writing by April 21. For more details, go to or call 01304 206399. Tickets valid until September

I felt my aura - but everyone else did too


TAPPING IN: Monica on the psychic workshop Pictures: ROSS PARRY AGENCY; SIDE-KICK: Monica with Mia
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 6, 2007
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