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Your LIFE: SLIMMER OF THE MONTH ' Slimming Club.

WE'RE proud to present our, slimmer of the month, Janet Reardon, 48, from Plymouth. Janet, an administrator for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution who also cares for her 90-year-old mum, featured in this column just over a month ago when she'd lost a stone.

Now, Janet has lost nearly two stone and is well on the way to hitting her 12 stone target. Janet wins pounds 100 and free membership of www.mirrorslimming until she reaches her target weight.



SO FAR I'VE LOST: 1 stone 11lb

I HAVEN'T always been big - in fact I didn't put on weight until my late 30s after my dad died after a long illness, and I had a hysterectomy.

I turned to food for comfort and the weight steadily piled on. Over the past few years I've tried various diets but always got stuck after losing a stone and a half.

That's why I'm so thrilled to have smashed through this barrier with the weight still coming off.

I love the Mirror's Slimming Club for lots of reasons - not least because there's so much online support from all the girls (and guys!) on the forum. We're all in a similar position, logging on every day and encouraging one another.

It's also the simplest diet I've ever done. Although you have to record everything you eat, it soon becomes second nature and there's no "point" counting or 'sinful' foods to contend with.

I now eat very healthily with lots of fruit and vegetables and homemade meals, but if I want a treat I can have one - as long as it fits within my daily calorie and fat target.

Now I'm looking in the mirror and seeing my waist coming back and my extra chin disappear.

My aim is to have lost all my excess weight by my 50th birthday in December, 2007. I feel so confident that I'll get there' in fact I feel on top of the world. JANET'S TOP TIP: Toffee apple breakfast. Chop up a fresh apple and pour over a pot of Muller Light toffee flavour yogurt. Great for a sweet tooth!


ONLINE: Visit www.mirrorslimming and try the five-day free trial. After that, there are one, two and three-month membership options, costing pounds 7.99, pounds 13.99 and pounds 19.99.

ON YOUR MOBILE: Text "slim" to 60999 to get a food diary and calorie counter downloaded to your phone. We have 6,000 of these to give away (normal price is a one-off payment of pounds 5).

TELL US ABOUT IT: Email or write to Your Life Slimming Club, PO Box 7294, London E14 5DG. Keep us posted on your progress since joining the Your Life Slimming Club (you could be our Slimmer of the Month), share with us your top diet tips, slimming questions or favourite low-cal recipe.


ON A ROLL: Janet before and after shedding the pounds
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 6, 2006
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