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Your LIFE: I was clinging to a small ledge; SPIRIT & FATE DREAM DETECTIVE.

Byline: By Joan Hanger

I WAS sitting by my open office window when a strong wind blew, and papers started to fly off my desk and out into the air.

I threw myself across the desk in an attempt to save them, and then tried to close the window, but it was stuck.

I flung myself through it to catch the sheets. But instead of being on the ground floor as it really is, my office in the dream was high up, and I found myself clinging to a small ledge outside.

Far below I could see my precious documents floating towards the ground.

I called for help but nobody came and I found myself falling and falling.

John Smyth, Battersea

JOAN SAYS: This dream reflects your feelings of powerlessness at work.

The papers on your desk were disrupted by the wind about which you could do nothing.

In trying to assert yourself you risked your professional position, which I feel is already insecure. As there was no one to help you I wonder if you only have a few friends at your work.

However, you frantically held on, even though you lost everything.

Your dream's message is prompting you to take stock of your situation and deal more efficiently with the problems that most trouble you.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 27, 2007
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