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Your LETTERS : Just another day.

Byline: Mrs D E Fennah

DAVID Banks blames the low turn out at the recent election on 'voter apathy' and in particular it appears, by his reference to Emily Pankhurst, he blames the female electorate, which is grossly unfair almost to the point of sexual discrimination.

I would suggest that 'candidate apathy' must share some blame for the low turn out. Where I live not a single candidate (or one of their supporters) knocked on my door to canvass my vote. We had the usual brief leaflets, but no opportunity to ask questions in order to decide who to vote for.

My own vote was a postal one but, of course, I have no way of knowing if it was in fact counted. One would think that such a well-paid job would merit some effort on the part of the candidates. All the media cover to which we are subjected is no substitute for the personal touch. The sitting MP made the most effort and so, deservedly retained his seat. Election day in my area was just another day.

Mr Banks is too young to remember the elections in the late 40s and 50s when there were posters everywhere for the different candidates, public meetings, and on election day there were cars rushing around especially in the evenings to round up all those who had not voted Mr Banks suggests that voting should be made a legal requirement. What difference would that make? The candidates would have less reason to canvass the electorate and the voting paper could always be spoiled, making somewhat of a mockery of the 'legal requirement'.

His comments about the percentage of the vote is surely a very good reason to implement proportional representation which might well encourage more people to vote

Mrs D E Fennah, Prestatyn
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 13, 2005
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