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Your LETTERS : Blame Tories.

Byline: J. Trefor Williams

MAY I reply to the letter from Rhuthin councillor Jackie Jones defending Mrs Thatcher's era in power?

Mrs. Jones is sadly misinformed for believing that Harold Wilson (and the trade unions) were destroying Britain.

It was Harold Macmillan who allowed the people of Wales a referendum which allowed public houses in Wales to open on Sundays and who also established betting shops. The closure of these would result in a decrease in crime. My impression of Harold Wilson's premiership is that during this period the balance of trade statistic were published every month, showing that Britain was paying the way in the world. (In May or June, 1970, there was a slight 'blip' which caused labour to lose the general election that year). During Mrs Thatcher's premiership, during her first year in office, inflation doubled and unemployment trebled.

It was not necessarily the most greedy trade unionists who became unemployed.

North Sea Oil revenues were squandered by Mrs Thatcher in order to give some relief to the unemployed.

My understanding is that the Labour government has not signed the European Social Chapter which actually has increased the legal rights of employed people

J. Trefor Williams Moreton
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 2, 2005
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