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Your LETTERS: Threat of death for drug dealers.

Byline: L Phillips

WHILE the nation is held captive by the intellectuals who see any introduction of moral constraint or legal control as being authoritarian, then comments like those made by Richard Brunstrom will be the inevitable outcome.

In addressing the problem of the proliferation of drug traffickers -now down to children aged 10 and 11 -he seems to be suggesting that in order to deprive the trafficker of a lucrative market, that we make the drugs legally available through official stores.

In doing so,he is giving up on the addict and hoping that their early demise will close the door on the traffickers' outlets. If that is his logic, then he fails to understand human nature.

Had he been brave,he could have bucked the trend by suggesting death to the trafficker by the introduction of capital punishment.

It would be a painful exercise for a while as there are probably thousands who would come under this law but eventually when a person finds the selling of drugs may bring about their own demise, then eventually the sources will dry up.

On a radio chat show last Friday,I heard the Berkshire Constabulary have had considerable success in Reading through a zero tolerance policy. By systematically going through each district of the town and making it a no- go area for traffickers they have managed to ``clear'' the town of drugs.

Might I suggest that the Police Authority exchange our Chief Constable with the man in Berkshire. Ours could take his successful road traffic policy down to them and their Chief could bring his successful drug policy to us.

Logic suggests that we would both benefit from the proposal.

L Phillips Llandudno
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 13, 2004
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