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Your LETTERS: Derision here for Royal baubles.

Byline: Dr Robyn Lewis

IT was refreshing to read Tom Bodden's headline `Bang the drum if it's gongs you want' (February 18) telling us of the apparent concern in high places that only six people from North Wales were given awards in the New Year's Honours List.

It seems that our great leader, Rhodri Morgan, is concerned about the situation,as is Tory AM Mark Isherwood.

Mr Isherwood is urging individuals and organisations to nominate anyone at all, so that they can have more names from the North here in future lists. Never mind the quality,feel the width,Mr Isherwood.

In view of the derision which many now have for these Royal baubles,and the numerous celebrities who are known to have refused them,it is surely scraping the bottom of the barrel for the great and the good to go out touting for people who are willing to accept membership or commandership of the long-defunct BritishEmpire.

Perhaps the reason for the small number of those ``honoured'' here is that the people of North Wales have too much pride to lend themselves to such an outdated system and to the ridicule in which these so- called honours have come to be held.

Dr Robyn Lewis,Nefyn
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 20, 2004
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