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Your Healthy Body, Your Healthy Life: How to Take Control of Your Medical Destiny.

Physician and futurist Donald B. Louria's latest book is a proactive approach to living a healthy and full life. Rather than focusing on healthyliving activities as a form of preventive medicine, as many current writers on the subject do, Louria aims to help the reader to take charge of his or her "medical destiny."

The keystone of this approach is the Health-Full-Life Program," a 17point lifestyle regimen that is simple, comprehensive, inexpensive, flexible, and gimmick-free. Included in the 17 points are specific medical tests (e.g., blood pressure, cholesterol level, mammograms) and the recommended frequencey that these tests should be taken. To these tests, Louria adds a number of actions that individuals should take themselves, such as testicular or breast selfexamination, daily back exercises, and seat-belt use.

Louria further refines his HealthFull-Life Program for the growing number of persons over age 65. "Health-Full-Life for Seniors- thus includes such recommendations as yearly tests for taste, smell, hearing, and vision and a yearly evaluation of social-support systems and disabilities. Loneliness and depression often become debilitating problems for the elderly, Louria notes. For seniors, a Health-Full-Life Program might include increased involvement in church groups or community centers.

Louria also includes a chapter on the AIDS epidemic and its potential impacts on society. Prevention is the key to stopping AIDS, and preventing infection begins with education. Louria provides a short course on AIDS and concludes with some possible scenarios of a future AIDS-fearing society, such as:

* Massive job and other discrimination against HIV-positive individuals.

* A barrage of legal actions against HIV-positive persons for allegedly endangering others in one way or another.

* Increased pressure on young people to conform to "proper" standards of sexual behavior.

Sandwiched between these sections on medical advice are "healthfull-life" recipes that meet the same basic criteria as the program itself: simple, inexpensive, reasonably pleasant, gimmick-free, etc. Following each recipe is an evaluation of the dish's cost, calories, and ease of preparation, along with a brief comment.

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Date:May 1, 1991
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