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Your Health: News in brief.

ARTHRITIS hits 14,500 children and young people in the UK, half of whom will suffer with this crippling condition throughout their lives. This week the Arthritis Research Campaign are drawing attention to the problems they face and is calling for clinics to be set up to meet their needs.

GPs who badger smokers to give up each time they visit the surgery are risking rubbing them up the wrong way. Researchers at the University of Wales in Cardiff discovered that many patients felt irritated by the advice, which they regarded as an invasion of privacy. Some changed GPs.

PEOPLE who worry about trivial matters - such as queuing - are four to seven times more likely to die prematurely, says psychiatrist Redford Williams of Duke University in North Carolina.

MICROWAVE meals could be more harmful than you think. The Food And Drug Administration in America have warned that chemicals in some plastics may leak into food when microwaved. They say that you should only cook in containers labelled "microwave safe", and never re-use trays from microwave dinners.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 3, 1999
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