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A NEW booklet has been compiled for women facing the menopause. More than 40 treatments are now available and The Amarant Trust, an independent charity, has listed them all together in one easy read. The booklet, costing pounds 6, is available by calling 020 7608 3222.

EATING sweetcorn, Brussels sprouts and spinach could save your sight, say scientists investigating the link between eye disease and nutrition. They have found evidence that lutein, an anti-oxidant found mainly in green vegetables, prevents eye disease. A further three-year study will be carried out in seven European countries starting next month.

THERE'S good news for heart patients - the beta-blocker drug carvedilol, currently prescribed to patients with advanced heart failure, has been found to cut the death rate by 35 per cent. Over 2,000 patients took part in a trial on carvedilol, which works by decreasing the activity of the heart.

A NEW treatment is now available for women with advanced breast cancer who have developed the disease because of their genetic make-up. Herceptin is the first drug of its kind to be licensed in the UK. These women overproduce a naturally occurring hormone called HER2. Excess amounts stimulate uncontrolled cell growth leading to a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

A CLINICAL trial is under way to prove that a daily dose of cod liver oil can prevent the joint degeneration that causes arthritic pain and joint stiffness. Scientists at Cardiff University have already shown in the laboratory that the fats present in cod liver oil work in various ways to protect cartilage and combat inflammation.

SHORT, sharp bouts of exercise are as good for the heart as longer workouts. Increasing your heart rate is the key factor, according to two new American studies.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Collins, Sharon
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 17, 2000
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