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Your Guide to Paediatric Anaesthesia.

Your Guide to Paediatric Anaesthesia. C. Sims, C. Johnson (eds). Sydney: McGraw Hill Australia Pty Ltd, 2011; ISBN 978-0-0710-0022-2; pp. 374; $129.95.

This book aims to provide information for specialist exams and an update of current knowledge for consultant anaesthetists. In 374 pages it covers all the important topics in paediatric anaesthesia. It is very easy to read with 'key points', 'tips', 'notes' and clear, simple tables. Each chapter ends with a short conclusion or summary, a short bibliography and a handful of review questions. There are no references.

The book assumes a general understanding of adult anaesthesia and there is a strong emphasis on the simple and the practical, often with suggested anaesthesia techniques. There is no mention of evidence behind stated facts or suggestions and no discussion of the controversy and uncertainty that surrounds much of paediatric anaesthesia practice. This produces an easy-to-read 'safe way to do it' rather than a more indepth understanding of the principles and alternatives. Senior academic paediatric anaesthetists may find this frustrating; however the book is not aimed at them! If the reader wants detail and evidence then there are several large and very detailed paediatric anaesthesia texts available to meet that need. There are also several handbook-sized texts on paediatric anaesthesia. These handbooks often contain little more than lists and are easy to carry, but difficult to read. Sims and Johnson's text fills a niche between the handbook and the tome.

For trainees, this book provides an overview of the important topics and by the end of a paediatric anaesthesia rotation, a trainee should be familiar with most of what is covered in the text; thus it provides a useful summary. For the practising consultant anaesthetist who is not a full-time paediatric anaesthetist, the book serves as a useful update and 'how to' guide.

A. J. Davidson

Melbourne, Victoria
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Author:Davidson, A.J.
Publication:Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2013
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