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Aslimmer who transformed her life by losing over 1.5 stone and maintained it for 4 years is using her success to shape a whole new career helping other people change their lives and achieve their weight loss dreams too.

Sam Horton joined her local Slimming World group in Bartley Green dropped from 11 stone 2 lbs to 9 stone 7 lbs.

Now, she has trained as a Consultant for SlimmingWorld,theUK'slargestgroup-based weight loss organisation, at their national training academy in Derbyshire. Members at the group are getting ready to welcome Sam Horton as their new Consultant when she takes over the group on 12th November 2018.

Sam says: "Like a lot of slimmers, I had tried to lose weight so many times before by following numerous diets but they were never sustainable because I'd always get tired of restricting what I ate. I thought I was destined to struggle with my weight for the rest of my life, but when I came to Slimming World it was different. I never felt like I was on a diet. The eating plan encourages you to eat lots of tasty, filling foods like pasta, rice, potatoes and lean meat and fish, you are never hungry and no foods are banned so there's no deprivation.

I couldn't believe I'd found a way to lose weight without starving myself.

it Sam says: "Obesity is becoming such a huge issue across the UK. When I first joined Slimming World as a member, I never dreamed that I would end up helping other people to lose weight but now I just can't wait to get started. After losing over 1.5st and completing my training, it's a privilege for me to be able to pass on the experience, insight and understanding that helped me, so that I can give my members the support they need to get to target.

of "Support is really the most important thing. It all starts with feeling that you're not alone. I couldn't have lost 1.5 stone without the weekly help, encouragement and understanding of my own Consultant and group. Slimming World isn't just about changing what you eat. Becoming more active is important too. Everything counts from walking to gardening to washing the car. I love walking and fitness Pilates to get my Body Magic! As a Consultant it's my role to create that warm, supportive atmosphere to get people sharing their ideas and experiences to help others - it's going to be great fun!" Jess Fitzgerald, who runs Slimming World's Whitnash, Leamington group and manages Sam Horton as a Team Developer, says: "Slimming World Consultants are chosen for their positive outlook and because they genuinely care about the health and happiness of others. With Sam's experience of being a successful Slimming World member and her kind and warm personality and great sense of humour I just know that she'll be an amazing support to members, cheering them all the way to their target weight. We're always looking for members who have passion and a desire to help others, so if you'd like to find out more about the consultant role, give me a call on 07715671657" Sam's Slimming World groups will be held at Bartley Green Social Club every Monday at 5pm & 7 pm from 12th November. For more information or to join Sam's group either pop along on 12th November or call her on 07743020351. Or: For more information visit or call 0344 897 8000.

Victoria Park, Tipton, by Liz Russell
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 9, 2018
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