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What causes high blood pressure? High blood pressure is not necessarily a condition, but a symptom, a whole range of different factors can cause changes in blood pressure - even down to what time of day it is, if someone has recently eaten or if someone smokes regularly. Many of these fluctuations are normal but certain lifestyle choices and medical conditions can lead to changes in blood pressure. Your GP can help with treatment of abnormal blood pressure.

What are the risks with high blood pressure? High blood pressure has an impact on the cardiovascular system, which can increase the risk of things like stroke or heart attacks as well as a whole host of other conditions (as blood pressure affects the functioning of most of the main organ systems). This is why it is so important to keep a close eye on high blood pressure and manage it appropriately if possible.

What can I do to reduce high blood pressure? If your blood pressure is very high regularly, you will need some support from your doctor with medication to help keep it in check. On a day-to-day basis, however, things like regular exercise, stopping smoking and a healthy diet (which is low in salt) can all help to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 24, 2015
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