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Your Baby Can, LLC. is Awarded Judgment in the Excess of $150,000.00 from Internet Counterfeiter.

SAN DIEGO -- Your Baby Can, LLC. has been awarded another judgment against an Internet counterfeiter, proving once again that crime does not pay when it comes to unlawfully duplicating copyrighted materials.

On July 17, 2010 Judge Valerie Baker Fairbank signed judgment in favor of Your Baby Can, LLC. against Ms. Judy Chan in the amount of $155,600. Judy Chan was found guilty of selling counterfeits of Your Baby Can Read! on eBay under the seller ID "fine_treasure4u."

Hundreds of unhappy customers have asked for help from Your Baby Can to get refunds on inferior products purchased from counterfeiters, such as Lift-a-Flap books that do not even have lift-a-flaps or pictures. Unfortunately the company cannot help consumers that are duped by unlawful counterfeiters.

A representative of the Your Baby Can Fraud and Anti-Piracy Division warned, "Anyone involved in producing and selling unlicensed DVDs and other counterfeit or pirated products should be on notice that companies like ours are taking the necessary steps to protect themselves and consumers from such deception."

Copyright infringement is not a victimless crime. Counterfeiting costs American businesses an estimated $200 billion a year. The best way to avoid being scammed into buying counterfeits is by purchasing products only from official websites and distributors.

Don't be a victim of product forgery and beware to all you counterfeiters out there - crime does not pay!

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Dr. Robert Titzer is an expert in infant learning, and a professor whose work has been published in scientific journals such as Psychological Review.
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Date:Aug 12, 2010
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