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Youngest grandad DUMPED over his 14-PINT benders; 'BOOZE ALWAYS COMES FIRST WITH HIM'.

Byline: James Davies

THE fed-up girlfriend of Britain's youngest grandad has dumped him, saying he is a useless parent too fond of 14-pint lager binges.

Single mum Robyn Thomas has moved into a hostel with their baby boy Eli, aged one, after losing patience with Shem Davies, 30.

She claimed their three-year relationship has been destroyed by his love of brainless boozing.

Exasperated Robyn, 22, said: "He chose the pub over me and our son. Shem would drink pints of Carling lager, maybe 12, 13 or 14 pints during a day.

"He'd start early in the afternoon and finish when the pub closed. He wasn't willing to change. It was hard and it was too much."

Jobless Davies hit the headlines last July when we revealed how his daughter Tia had given birth to a girl a week before her 15th birthday. It made him the UK's youngest grandad at 29.

The baby Ava Grace was fathered by Jordan Williams, 15. At the time Davies pledged to be a doting grandfather. He said: "I will do everything I can to make sure Ava, Tia and Jordan have the best start they can."

But his words turned out to be worthless, empty promises, according to Robyn.

She said: "Shem's out Friday, Saturday and then in bed all day Sunday - it's not nice. I thought he should have been at home with Eli and me not wasting his money in the pub."


Robyn says she was left with no choice but to leave the relationship even though it left her and their son homeless.

She explained: "It was very harsh for me because the house was in his name and I had to leave with the baby because we couldn't stay there.

"We stayed with my dad for a bit - five weeks I think - and then with some of my friends. I'm now in a hostel because it's hard to get a house these days.

"First of all I was frightened and disgusted that I had to go into a hostel.

"I was very down and thought 'what sort of person am I to go into a hostel?'. I tried to rent privately but I didn't get anywhere because they wanted references and a huge deposit up front - between pounds 800-pounds 900 - and I didn't have it.

"I've been in the hostel for five weeks. There's not enough room in my parents' home really.

"I want to have the baby full-time because I'm his mother. Shem wouldn't want Eli all the time anyway. He likes his space too much.

"We've come to an arrangement now where he has him one day a week.

"I'd like him to have Eli one night on the weekends, once a fortnight, so I get to have some free time. But he doesn't want to do that. He wants to go to the pub and socialise. He can be a brilliant dad when he wants to but booze comes first with him. It's heartbreaking.

"Shem wants to be with the boys rather than with his family. He's a fabulous person but when he's had a drink he's terrible to be around. Drink changes him so much it isn't nice."

Robyn revealed the relationship had started so well. She said: "I met Shem at Llangeinor Football Club in Bridgend when I was working behind the bar.

"We went for a drink and took it from there. We had a bit of a fling at first and then we didn't see each other for a few months or so and then we got together again. That was in January 2008 well before he made headlines for becoming a grandfather so young.

"Our relationship was brilliant at first, he was fabulous but then things started changing. We were winding each other up the wrong way all the time."


Even though their relationship is over Robyn still keeps an eye out for her ex.

She said: "I don't think Shem has a new girlfriend yet but I don't know. I'd be quite upset if he did have someone else.

"I really wanted to get back with him but he wasn't willing to change.

"I did ask Shem if we could go out, get dressed up and see if we could rekindle things but he didn't want to. He let me down, really.

"If he wasn't in my life I wouldn't care but he is, so I wish he would be more responsible.

"I'm a full-time mum at the moment but I was studying law and criminology at university.

"When I had Eli I had to leave the course. I could go back if I wanted but the problem is finding someone to look after Eli."

Davies's daughter Tia was born as the result of a relationship with shop worker Kelly John, now 30.

Davies, who was only 14 when he became a father, was stunned when he become a grandad.

Robyn said: "Shem was shocked when Tia got pregnant.

"He didn't think she was like that because she's incredibly shy."

Kelly and Davies split when Tia was only three months old.

Robyn said: "Tia and Ava live nearby with Tia's mother Kelly, Shem's ex. I don't think he's allowed to see his grandchild as much as he'd like. Shem does try to go but there's always an excuse for why he can't go.

"I do feel sorry for him because he's always knocked back. Now he thinks, 'What's the point in trying,' so he doesn't see Ava much."

When asked about claims from Robyn that Shem was unable to see much of Tia and Ava, Kelly said: "I've said everything I want to on the matter previously. We are trying to bring up a young baby so I don't want to comment any further."

Shem refused to comment on the claims.

For the sake of little Eli, Robyn and Davies spent Christmas together. She said: "We got him a little motorised quad bike.


"It's hard because I love Shem but I hate him as well. He feels the same about me, I think. He wishes I'd shut up about him going out all the time.

"He will argue about things for hours and hours. He's a lovely bloke but it's just his drinking.

"I wouldn't mind if he had three or four pints but he can't hold back and doesn't know when to stop. The only time he stops is if the pub says, 'We're closed now - ta-ta'."

A neighbour of Davies who did not want to be named, in Bridgend, South Wales, was less sympathetic and said: "Shem is a scumbag. A total waste of space. I don't think he has done a day's work in his entire life. All he seems to do is go to the pub and drink, which he obviously cannot handle. When he has been drinking he is loud and aggressive and in your face."

When we asked Davies about Robyn's claims he said: "Whatever she says is just lies because we have split up. She wants to make a few quid obviously. That's her choice not mine to live in a hostel."

He then hung up.

A friend of Davies's said: "It's all very sad. He's a good dad at heart but everything has become too much for him. He loves his children and granddaughter.

"I know he wants to see as much of them as he can once things have calmed down."

Happy families

Shem poses for a snap with daughter Tia, her partner Jordan, his grandaughter Ava and Tia's mum Kelly to celebrate becoming the UK's youngest grandad


GENERATION GAME: Tia with Ava and Shem PUSHED AWAY : Robyn and Eli have left Shem behind KEEPING IT UNDER HIS HAT Shem refused to comment on ex-partner Robyn's claims and (right) how we broke the story
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jan 15, 2012
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