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Younger Generation, X'd.

Younger Generation, X'd

   Their young blood
   flow freely
   without just cause,
   where it was spilled.
   prime, young blood
   prematurely transformed
   [by human definition]
   into liquid saline
   welling up
   in Black mothers' pregnant eyes--breaking,
   and streaming down
   mothers' sagging cheeks
   on each spent life's celebration day.
   Lives and tears
   resting ...
   six feet deep.
   Mothers' clarion calls, ignored,
   by the solemn moistened
   of recurring, permanent farewells
   now replaced by memories
   of bittersweet youthful memories.
   Lives truncated.
   These are they;
   the continuing days and times
   of the young male bloods
   feigning omnipotence, omniscience.
   They; the unenlightened,
   existing ...
   in that, their land of darkness
   where many dare not,
   fear to enter.

   And Black mothers beseech,
   sounding that ole familiar cultural clarion
   in this,
   ostensibly the era
   of prime, post-enlightenment.
   It's the Black Mothers lament,
   in their tearful, painful moments of darkness.
   Their x'd sons

   social disentanglement,

   their departure from social disenlightment.
   On to the netherworld of permanent darkness.
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Title Annotation:Poetry
Author:Thomas, Novel
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2004
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