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Young musicians display passion for art.

His hands flew across the keys as his nimble fingers nearly effortlessly weaved the music into a gentle cascade of rippling water. The notes rose and fell beautifully; climbing up and down, enchanting, spell-binding the captivated audience.

His prowess knew no bounds as he went from passion fuelled pieces to softer ones, almost as if he was stroking it to sleep.

And then, her bow wove majestically across strings; guided by her dexterity and precise agility. Her cello resonated with a majestic bass melody that filled the room and held the audience breathless. Her swift fingers were a mere blur as she progressed through a magnificent symphony flawlessly.

The Young Musicians of the Gulf 2010 was a breathtaking event to say the least. It showcased young aspiring musicians in a variety of instruments and categories, and their artistic expression and musical interpretations, bringing them much needed extolment. On stage, they were spectacular, having mastered their pieces to the very last note.

They make it look so natural and are so at ease that one marvels at the amount of perseverance and hard work they must have put in.

These young musicians have trained for years, some even a decade, playing into the night, regardless of the world around them, just living in the music.

Every little detail had been looked after, every bit of synchronisation had been perfected and every last note and stroke of hand had been honed to precision.

Their performances were awe-inspiring.

The competition also roped in what maybe was just a peek of the vast spectrum of music. There were compositions played out by flutes, euphoniums, cellos, violins, pianos and even pieces of wood. Adding a regional touch to the event was the tabla and the oud; their distinctive melodies making Bahrainis proud.

Whatever instrument they had chosen, they were one with the music, lost to the audience, putting themselves in their pieces, giving them new meaning.

It was amazing to watch their love for music manifest in notes, sung, composed or played; giving the audience merely a peek of their delightful world and the mysterious secrets only they understood.

In a world now filled with fluorescent screens and techno-jargon, an evening of blissfully classical music was a rare and beautiful treat.

It was a reminder of the simple joys of life and that every great musician or any great person, for that matter, has risen to excellence through pure determination and talent, the will to succeed and an undying blazing passion for their art.

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Publication:Gulf Weekly
Date:Feb 21, 2010
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