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Young loyalists' page.

Using the items shown beside this picture, find where they are hidden in the Loyalist's blacksmith shop.

Hidden items;

1. Gunpowder cartridge.

2. Duck.

3. Teapot.

4. Powder horn.

5. One-hand adze.

6. Fish.

7. Feather.

This page is for Young Loyalists of all ages.

A variety of puzzles, designed for Young Loyalists of all ages, are in the book, Celebrating Our Loyalist Past: An Activity Book For All Ages, ISBN 0-9731215-0-5 [c] 2002, 2006, by Grieje McBride and Robert McBride, The Wee Oak Press, Grietje & Bob McBride, Maple Grove Farms, R.R. # 1, Indian River, Ontario. K0L 2B0. Phone: 1-705-295-4556. E-mail: or This activity book can be purchased from Kawartha Branch for only $5.00, as a fund-raiser for the Branch.


Young Loyalists' Page by Grietje Renskea (Purdy) McBride UE, B.Sc. and Robert Collins McBride UE, B.Sc., M.Ed.
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Author:McBride, Grietje Renskea; McBride, Robert Collins
Publication:The Loyalist Gazette
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Sep 22, 2006
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